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ALSO CALLED: Process Management, BPM
DEFINITION: Business process management (BPM) is a systematic approach to improving an organization's business processes. BPM activities seek to make business processes more effective, more efficient, and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment. BPM is a subset of infrastructure management, the administrative area of concern dealing with maintenance and optimization of an organization's equipment  … 

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Business Process Management Reports
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Red Hat Process Automation
sponsored by Red Hat
WHITE PAPER: The inclusion of business users in the application development process presents some challenges—but Red Hat Process Automation can provide you with the right tools to support your business. In this overview, find everything you need to know about Red Hat Process Automation.
Posted: 14 Sep 2020 | Published: 14 Sep 2020

Red Hat

Deep Dive Alfresco Process Services
sponsored by AWS & Alfresco
WEBCAST: Alfresco Process Services, powered by Activiti, is an enterprise Business Process Management (BPM) solution targeted at business people and developers. Explore the differences between traditional BPM and Alfresco’s modern solution, as well as the benefits of using it in this brief demo video.
Posted: 08 Sep 2020 | Premiered: Sep 8, 2020

AWS & Alfresco

Red Hat Process Automation Manager
sponsored by Red Hat
DATA SHEET: In this datasheet, find everything you need to know about the Red Hat Process Automation Manager, a platform for developing containerized microservices and applications. Download the datasheet for the details.
Posted: 08 Sep 2020 | Published: 08 Sep 2020

Red Hat

Process Mining for Insurance: Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency
sponsored by TIBCO
WHITE PAPER: Businesses in the insurance industry are well suited to using best practices and KPI to ensure that they’re running the way it should. But how can you truly evaluate the performance of big data architectures? Read on to learn how you can use process mining to ensure your data operations, and costs, are where you want them to be.
Posted: 31 Aug 2020 | Published: 31 Aug 2020


Rapid Response IT Business Continuity Checklist
sponsored by Habour IT
RESOURCE: As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to escalate, businesses worldwide are adapting to meet unprecedented challenges. If you’re looking for an effective framework for identifying these challenges and setting priorities, read this rapid response IT business continuity checklist. It may help you get a technical sense of where your organization stands.
Posted: 25 Aug 2020 | Published: 25 Aug 2020

Habour IT

How to use Practices to Lead an Effective Enterprise
sponsored by Atlassian
WHITE PAPER: It can be tempting for a business leader to fall into the “speed trap,” where an over-fixation on efficiency and better time-to-market eclipses the core ideas behind your business. Read on to learn how businesses can use the right kind of best practices to implement business alignment and provide effective solutions, not just efficient ones.
Posted: 18 Aug 2020 | Published: 07 Jul 2020


Demystifying the ServiceNow Journey to Digital Transformation
sponsored by Covestic
WEBCAST: Access this webinar to hear about key concepts around digital transformation, why your organization should care, how effective adoption of ServiceNow can enable this journey, and how a simple, living roadmap is critical to ServiceNow success.
Posted: 06 Aug 2020 | Premiered: Jun 25, 2020


Four Proven Steps to Staffing Your ServiceNow Team for Success
sponsored by Covestic
WHITE PAPER: Access this white paper to discover the 4 steps for creating an optimal operating model and learn how Covestic can create a tailored and balanced approach to in-house, managed services and project-based models.
Posted: 06 Aug 2020 | Published: 06 Aug 2020


Cloud Native Network e-book
sponsored by Citrix
EBOOK: The era of digital transformation is driving demand for agility. Microservices-based applications are delivering just that. But transitioning to microservices-based applications is filled with complexities and challenges. In this e-book, learn how to overcome the obstacles and accelerate your journey to microservices-based applications.
Posted: 03 Aug 2020 | Published: 03 Aug 2020


Process Automation the Benefits and Realities for Shared Service Centers
sponsored by Winshuttle
WHITE PAPER: Many shared service centers are seeking to reduce costs and improve the lives of their employees by automating certain tasks, even as they struggle with data duplication, errors, and erasure. Read on to learn how process automation can help your business cut costs and improve productivity even as it helps ease the burden of data management.
Posted: 17 Jul 2020 | Published: 17 Jul 2020


Back Office Automation Starter Kit
sponsored by Blue Prism Cloud
WHITE PAPER: In this back office automation starter kit, learn about the 5 characteristics of ideal back-office candidates and how to take the next step in your automation strategy planning.
Posted: 17 Jun 2020 | Published: 17 Jun 2020

Blue Prism Cloud

How Industrial Companies Can Achieve Transformative Outcomes With DataOps
sponsored by Hitachi Vantara
CASE STUDY: Companies like Logan Aluminum have successful business processes that they’re seeking to improve by embarking on digital transformation. But knowing what to change and where to start isn’t easy. Read on to learn how Hitachi Vantara developed a complete digital transformation plan after a two-day workshop with Logan Aluminum.
Posted: 08 May 2020 | Published: 21 Nov 2019

Hitachi Vantara

Simplify and accelerate SAP HANA deployments now
sponsored by TechTarget
RESOURCE: Organizations are deploying SAP HANA to get faster insights from their data. As more applications migrate to the platform, the demands on SAP HANA environments will continue to change.  Take this 2 minute survey to access a guide that tells you exactly how to provision faster, scale affordably and maximize uptime.
Posted: 23 Apr 2020 | Published: 20 Sep 2019


Driving Business Outcomes with IBM Power Systems for SAP HANA
sponsored by TechTarget
RESOURCE: Gain the unmatched flexibility, reliability and performance of IBM Power Systems for your SAP HANA workloads.  Take this short multiple choice survey to access our give on harnessing IBM for your SAP migration.
Posted: 23 Apr 2020 | Published: 20 Sep 2019


Key Findings from the Economist Automation Maturity Survey
sponsored by UiPath
WHITE PAPER: Automation, RPA initiatives, and introducing robotics into business is a high priority of many companies right now. Check out this Economist automation maturity survey to learn what the state of the automation market is, how businesses see their progress so far, and automation plans for the future.
Posted: 16 Apr 2020 | Published: 23 Mar 2020


Creating a More Effective Legal Department Through Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
sponsored by UiPath
WHITE PAPER: Legal divisions are often saddled with tedious tasks, necessary for compliance, that they end up performing manually. Automation can help improve this process and ensure law firms spend time doing more valuable tasks, but it can be hard to choose the right automation program. Read on to learn more about automation in the legal sector.
Posted: 09 Apr 2020 | Published: 09 Apr 2020


The Advance of Automation— Business Hopes, Fears and Realities
sponsored by UiPath
WHITE PAPER: Automation has already seen widespread adoption by a variety of businesses in many industries, and good rates of customer satisfaction and success. But these substantial gains can be improved upon. Read on to learn how AI is the next stage of RPA and automation—and how your business can benefit from it.
Posted: 09 Apr 2020 | Published: 09 Apr 2020


The UiPath Platform: An End-to-End Hyperautomation Suite
sponsored by UiPath
WHITE PAPER: When you look to automate parts of your business, you shouldn’t have to be looking at preexisting bots that seem somewhat similar to what you’re looking for. Inside this white paper, discover the 6 key areas where automation should fit your business processes and create real value for your enterprise.
Posted: 08 Apr 2020 | Published: 08 Apr 2020


How UiPath is Powering Digital Transformation in the Public Sector
sponsored by UiPath
CASE STUDY: While the public sector sometimes has the reputation of being slow to adopt cutting-edge technologies, the fact of the matter is that they often stand to gain more from the innovative use of tech. Read on to learn more about how RPA can fit into the public sector, reducing costs and time lost on menial tasks.
Posted: 07 Apr 2020 | Published: 07 Apr 2020


The Advance of Automation Business Hopes, Fears and Realities
sponsored by UiPath
WHITE PAPER: Automation, AI, and other similar buzzwords often conjure up a variety of emotions in people, but the realities of automation are often unclear—despite the fact that it is now seeing widespread adoption. Read this Economist Intelligence Unit briefing to learn what goals, threats, and realities surround AI and automation.
Posted: 06 Apr 2020 | Published: 06 Apr 2019


The Advance of Automation Business Hopes, Fears and Realities
sponsored by UiPath
ANALYST REPORT: In an Everest Group market report analyzing RPA vendors and the RPA marketplace, UiPath emerged as a Leader and Star Performer. But what exactly sets UiPath from other vendors? Read this Everest Group focus report on UiPath to learn where UiPath’s strengths are, how their business is growing, and what you can expect from them.
Posted: 06 Apr 2020 | Published: 06 Apr 2018


Robotic Process Automation and IT Compliance
sponsored by UiPath
WHITE PAPER: One of the main appeals of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is since these software bots are not human, they don’t err in the same ways. While it may be tempting to think that an RPA system means IT will have less security issues to worry about, that’s not always the case. Read on to learn more about RPA and IT compliance.
Posted: 03 Apr 2020 | Published: 03 Apr 2020


Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Character Recognition: Smart Data Capture
sponsored by UiPath
WHITE PAPER: While basic Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools free your employees from menial tasks like data entry, are they able to handle truly complex tasks? Read on to learn how intelligent process automation could be the next way to integrate AI into your business processes.
Posted: 02 Apr 2020 | Published: 02 Apr 2018


Insurance in the Age of Intelligent Automation
sponsored by UiPath
WHITE PAPER: As the insurance industry changes with the world around it, it is increasingly burdened with menial, repetitive administrative tasks. Read on to learn how Robotic Process Automation and AI adoption can alleviate the repetitive tasks plaguing today’s insurance enterprises.
Posted: 02 Apr 2020 | Published: 02 Apr 2020


Harness RPA To Optimize Customer Outcomes
sponsored by UiPath
WHITE PAPER: Even though your business’s efficiency and bottom line could be positively impacted by Robotic Process Automation (RPA), there are still some significant barriers to the adoption of these technologies. Read on to learn how RPA can improve your business processes, and how to ensure your RPA implementation results in successful adoption.
Posted: 01 Apr 2020 | Published: 01 Apr 2018

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