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ALSO CALLED: CI, eBusiness Intelligence, BI, EBI, Enterprise Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Business Knowledge
DEFINITION: We all know time is money. To save precious time, we use a lot of TLAs (three-letter acronyms) and other abbreviations. Take this short quiz to test your knowledge of N2K (need-to-know) business terms.
Business Intelligence Reports
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Project InnerEye – Democratizing Medical Imaging AI
sponsored by Microsoft
RESOURCE: AI and machine learning have powerful applications within the medical industry, accelerating insult and spreading data access. Read on to learn how Microsoft’s InnerEye Deep Learning Toolkit, an open-source AI medical imaging solution, is helping to democratize and proliferate medical AI models, tools, and results.
Posted: 27 Oct 2020 | Published: 27 Oct 2020


sponsored by NVIDIA
PODCAST: Implementing AI across an organization can appear daunting, but it doesn't have to be. We've compiled the top steps and resources needed to have a successful AI implementation. Follow these five steps and get started on your AI journey today.
Posted: 26 Oct 2020 | Premiered: Oct 26, 2020


One Click to Lightning Fast Analytics
sponsored by Indexima
WHITE PAPER: As businesses shift their data and infrastructures to the cloud, they’re encountering a new challenge: turning a massive amount of data into actionable insight, no matter where it lives. Read on to see how Indexima creates understanding from data with AI powered, high performance, and flexible BI and analytics.
Posted: 26 Oct 2020 | Published: 26 Oct 2020


Maximizing IoT Growth with Embedded Analytics
sponsored by Qlik
WHITE PAPER: As companies embrace the emergence of the IoT and the importance of data, original equipment manufacturers are uniquely well positioned to guide their customers into the next phase of business analytics. Read on to learn why OEMs can benefit from embedding analytics capabilities in their products, and how it can easily be done.
Posted: 21 Oct 2020 | Published: 21 Oct 2020


Self-Service Cloud BI
sponsored by Domo Technologies
WHITE PAPER: While companies have always tossed around phrases like “real-time analytics” or “remote collaboration,” the time has come for businesses to step up and deliver on these promises. Read this white paper, from Dresner Advisory Services and Domo, to learn why self-service cloud BI has the answer to a lot of these problems—and how to get started.
Posted: 21 Oct 2020 | Published: 21 Oct 2020

Domo Technologies

Oracle Analytics for Dummies
sponsored by Oracle Cloud
EBOOK: Augmented analytics incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), enabling businesses to make better, faster and more informed decisions. Learn how to use Oracle’s advanced data analytics to enable self-service data access and get business insights faster from this e-book.
Posted: 12 Oct 2020 | Published: 12 Oct 2020

Oracle Cloud

How Domo Helps Customers Build Truly Data-Driven Organizations
sponsored by Domo Technologies
CASE STUDY: Companies that create positive business outcomes out of their data rarely do it off the bat—it takes the right culture, solutions, and partnerships with the right vendors. Read this compendium of case studies to learn how Domo helped their customers build data-driven organizations that easily process data and produce valuable insight.
Posted: 09 Oct 2020 | Published: 09 Oct 2020

Domo Technologies

AVEVA Insight
sponsored by Aveva
VIDEO: How are you making sense of the massive amounts of data being generated by your business? Watch this video to learn how AVEVA Insight allows you to consolidate your data on a secure cloud platform, analyze it, and use it from any endpoint—whether you’re a warehouse manager using a tablet or a CIO analyzing data on the computer.
Posted: 08 Oct 2020 | Premiered: 08 Oct 2020


Hyperconverged Analytics: Immersive, Smart, Real-time
sponsored by TIBCO
WHITE PAPER: The emergence of disruptive technologies means that businesses aren’t seeing the same returns on BI. Read on to learn more about hyperconverged analytics—an approach to analytics and BI that provides your organization with flexible, real-time, advanced analytics and goes far beyond the scope of traditional BI.
Posted: 06 Oct 2020 | Published: 13 Oct 2020


Mastering Model Lifecycle Orchestration: An Interactive Guide
sponsored by SAS Institute
WHITE PAPER: Analyst firms like Gartner and IDC estimate that less than half of analytics models are deployed. So how can you buck this trend and ensure the analytics tools you’re building are useable, relevant, and successful? Download this white paper to learn how to master your model lifecycle management and ensure your analytics models see the light of day.
Posted: 29 Sep 2020 | Published: 29 Sep 2020

SAS Institute

Kyvos Architecture Guide
sponsored by Kyvos Insights, Inc
WHITE PAPER: Even companies that have an intelligent, centralized data architecture layout struggle with data bottlenecks as their BI tools try to pull data from a data lake. Read this architecture guide to learn how Kyvos’s Smart OLAP provides your business with an overlying layer than can accelerate analytics processing times from minutes to seconds.
Posted: 29 Sep 2020 | Published: 29 Sep 2020

Kyvos Insights, Inc

Next-Generation Embedded Analytics Spark Digital Transformation
sponsored by Domo Technologies
WHITE PAPER: As data management platforms become more all-inclusive, embedded analytics has become the latest “necessary” feature. But with so many vendors now offering these services, how will they evolve in the future? Read this analyst report to get the answer to that question, see how embedded analytics are being used, and learn what to look for as a buyer.
Posted: 17 Sep 2020 | Published: 02 Jan 2020

Domo Technologies

Sentiments, Deployments, and Adoption Plans for Data Science and Machine Learning
sponsored by Domo Technologies
WHITE PAPER: Despite the relative youth of machine learning, data science, and other AI driven business initiatives, their perceived value and importance has grown extremely rapidly. Examine this Dresner report to see how this perceived importance lines up across organizations, what’s currently driving adoption, and who the main users of these technologies are.
Posted: 17 Sep 2020 | Published: 17 Sep 2020

Domo Technologies

Take Your Tableau Experience to an Unimaginable Level
sponsored by Kyvos Insights, Inc
DATA SHEET: Check out Kyvos’s Smart OLAPTM technology to learn how you can accelerate your time to insight on Tableau, connect Tableau directly to the cloud or on-prem platforms, scale limitlessly and more, even with massive amounts of data from disparate sources.
Posted: 17 Sep 2020 | Published: 17 Sep 2020

Kyvos Insights, Inc

Improve Insights and Lower Costs with DDN Data Solutions
sponsored by DataDirect Networks
DATA SHEET: Check out this data sheet to explore the benefits of DDN’s integrated data solutions which include lower running costs, better performance, and greater insights for AI and deep learning (DL).
Posted: 17 Sep 2020 | Published: 17 Sep 2020

DataDirect Networks

Multidimensional Analytics on Microsoft Azure at Massive Scale
sponsored by Kyvos Insights, Inc
WHITE PAPER: Once businesses migrate their data to Azure, they find data discovery and analytics to be inordinately difficult. Read on to learn how Kyvos’s online analytics processing solution provides businesses with a powerful tool for multidimensional models and real-time queries on large data sets, with coding and memory dependence not needed.
Posted: 16 Sep 2020 | Published: 16 Sep 2020

Kyvos Insights, Inc

The Government of Karnataka Efficiently Manages COVID-19 Patient Care Through the Power of Data Engineering
sponsored by Fractal
CASE STUDY: Read on to learn how the Government of Karnataka employed Fractal to intelligently manage their COVID-19 patient care in real-time, including patient admission and treatment, ensuring the appropriate resources were set aside for current and future high-risk patients, focusing testing efforts on high-risk patient contacts, and more.
Posted: 16 Sep 2020 | Published: 16 Sep 2020


The Importance of Embedded BI Reflects Information Democracy Trend
sponsored by Domo Technologies
WHITE PAPER: Embedded BI capabilities have become more and more widespread over time, and this Dresner market report demonstrates that this trend isn’t going anywhere—organizations are planning around BI, and embedded BI in particular. Read on to see how embedded BI use is part of a wider effort to democratize and proliferate data through organizations.
Posted: 15 Sep 2020 | Published: 15 Sep 2020

Domo Technologies

Power of Analytics in a Digital Workplace
sponsored by Capgemini
PODCAST: While many people think of analytics as simply another business tool, it’s best understood as something more than that. Listen to this podcast, or check out its transcript, to learn how analytics solutions are unifying and satisfying the goals of three crucial audiences: users, IT, and business leaders.
Posted: 15 Sep 2020 | Premiered: Sep 15, 2020


Leading Pharmacy Chain Transforms SCM with Instant Insights on 315 Billion Records
sponsored by Kyvos Insights, Inc
CASE STUDY: Supply chain management is often touted as one of the areas where businesses can most improve with BI and analytics, but some organizations are finding that by the time they have analyzed all the data their supply chain produces, it’s too late to use these insights. Read on to learn how you can accelerate your BI processes with a semantic layer.
Posted: 15 Sep 2020 | Published: 15 Sep 2020

Kyvos Insights, Inc

Retail Chain Delivers Top-Notch Experience by Analyzing 100 Million Transactions Spread over Two Years
sponsored by Kyvos Insights, Inc
WHITE PAPER: Examine this case study to see how Kyvos was able to accelerate a leading grocery chain’s analytics processes from months-long ordeals to minute-long queries, help them optimize inventory and services, and improve their existing BI processes.
Posted: 15 Sep 2020 | Published: 15 Sep 2020

Kyvos Insights, Inc

Extending the Value of Data Beyond the Organization
sponsored by Domo Technologies
RESOURCE: What happens when you’ve adopted a data driven approach, but your business partners haven’t? Read this blog post to learn how embedded analytics and extended analytics can help you offer data insights throughout your business sphere, even when that data is being shared outside your organization.
Posted: 14 Sep 2020 | Published: 14 Sep 2020

Domo Technologies

The Data-Driven Product Manager
sponsored by Toucan Toco
EBOOK: While 90% of businesses say they recognize the importance of data for business decisions, only 25% actually use data for that very thing. What’s keeping companies from doing what they think is important? Read this e-book to learn how you can make data usable for your company and create additional value from what you have on hand.
Posted: 14 Sep 2020 | Published: 14 Sep 2020

Toucan Toco

Ten To-do Items for CDAOs
sponsored by Genesys
WHITE PAPER: CDOs, CIOs, and CAOs are now some of the most sought-after business leaders around. So what is it that makes them so valuable? And how can they ensure they’re taking the right steps when leading their business? Check out this list of the top 10 to-do items for CDAOs to see what a quality data and analytics leader is made of.
Posted: 14 Sep 2020 | Published: 14 Sep 2020


Global Telecommunications Company Analyzes 168 Billion Subscriber Interactions to Deliver Personalized Content
sponsored by Kyvos Insights, Inc
CASE STUDY: Companies that want to deliver personalized media to their customers often run into the challenge of having too much data and not enough ability to use it. Read this case study to learn how Kyvos helped a telecommunications company analyze 168 billion subscriber interactions faster than ever before, powering better business decisions.
Posted: 14 Sep 2020 | Published: 14 Sep 2020

Kyvos Insights, Inc
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