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ALSO CALLED: CI, eBusiness Intelligence, BI, EBI, Enterprise Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Business Knowledge
DEFINITION: We all know time is money. To save precious time, we use a lot of TLAs (three-letter acronyms) and other abbreviations. Take this short quiz to test your knowledge of N2K (need-to-know) business terms.
Business Intelligence Reports
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Next Step in The Digital Workspace: Using Intelligence to Improve Data Delivery and Provide Insights
sponsored by Citrix
RESOURCE: The digital workspace has transformed modern business—work from home and international collaboration are just a few benefits that your company derives from a digital workspace. Read on to learn how your company can use solutions like Citrix Workspace to incorporate intelligent programs into your workspace and use your data more effectively.
Posted: 03 Apr 2020 | Published: 03 Apr 2020


ERP Toolkit: Expert guidance for your enterprise technology project
sponsored by Ultra Consultants
WHITE PAPER: Organizing and implementing an ERP or enterprise technology project is a daunting task thanks to the massive amount of resources and systems in an enterprise’s data ecosystem. Read this implementation guide to explore tips and considerations for a successful ERP initiative.
Posted: 26 Mar 2020 | Published: 26 Mar 2020

Ultra Consultants

Your Guide to Becoming a Thriving Enterprise in an Automated World
sponsored by UiPath
WHITE PAPER: Automation is becoming a bigger part of the world every day, and at this point your business should be asking itself: “Are we ready for this new era?” Read on to learn why prioritizing automation can keep you from becoming the next Blockbuster, and how you can put your enterprise at the forefront of innovation.
Posted: 24 Mar 2020 | Published: 24 Mar 2020


Market Guide for AIOps Platforms
sponsored by Splunk
WHITE PAPER: AIOps platforms are becoming more widespread; yet successfully deploying an one is easier said than done. The benefits of successful deployment, however, are plenty: leaders can comprehend and contextualize large amounts of unstructured and volatile data, augment ITOps, and perform better analysis. Read on to learn more about the state of AIOps.
Posted: 23 Mar 2020 | Published: 07 Nov 2019


Automating Data Governance for Improved BI Insight
sponsored by ZAP Bi
WHITE PAPER: Data governance is far from a barrier to business or a strict set of rules to get you in trouble. Data governance is a shield protecting your business from compliance, security, and quality issues. Read on to learn about the different types of data governance, and why automated data governance is taking over as an industry standard.
Posted: 20 Mar 2020 | Published: 20 Mar 2020

The Essential Guide to Data-Driven Business Operations
sponsored by Splunk
WHITE PAPER: Coming up with real-time insights that give an accurate picture of an organization’s opportunities is a much sought-after goal by BizOps specialists. Unfortunately, many BI tools promise a lot and deliver very little. Read on to learn about process mining, and how to integrate this approach into your business intelligence strategy.
Posted: 20 Mar 2020 | Published: 01 Mar 2019


Automating Data Management: Four Opportunities for to Save Time and Budget
sponsored by ZAP Bi
WHITE PAPER: Despite the adoption surrounding them, many BI tools are only useful if you manage the data they use correctly—and for many enterprises, that’s a bigger challenge than they expected. Read this white paper to learn the 4 essentials of data management for BI, and make sure you can get the ROI you want out of your BI initiatives and investments.
Posted: 19 Mar 2020 | Published: 19 Mar 2020

What is Your Data Really Worth? Exec Summary
sponsored by Splunk
WHITE PAPER: If your company doesn’t consider itself a data innovator, it might be time to change that. Companies that place the strongest strategic emphasis on data add to their annual revenue, cut annual operating costs, and exceed customer retention expectations. Read on to learn more about what makes a data innovator and how that impacts business results.
Posted: 17 Mar 2020 | Published: 17 Mar 2020


The Real Facts About ERP Implementation
sponsored by Ultra Consultants
WHITE PAPER: ERP migration has a reputation as a remarkably difficult process, but that may not be deserved. Only 2% of respondents in a survey rated their ERP efforts as “not successful” while 67% said they were successful or very successful. Read on to learn what steps you need to take to make your ERP migration successful and give your business quality ROI.
Posted: 13 Mar 2020 | Published: 24 Jan 2019

Ultra Consultants

Maximizing ROI in Your ERP Enabled Business Transformation
sponsored by Ultra Consultants
WHITE PAPER: With all the ERP horror stories out there, most business are rightfully afraid of embarking on major business transformation projects. Read this white paper to learn how partnering with an experienced outside firm can help ease your business transformation process.
Posted: 13 Mar 2020 | Published: 13 Mar 2020

Ultra Consultants

Can You Create Full Data Governance, and Still Offer Access to Everyone?
sponsored by Domo Technologies
CASE STUDY: While business intelligence and analytics software has become more advanced than ever, their usefulness often plateaus due to data siloing in disparate systems across an enterprise. Read on to learn how choosing Domo as your data visualization and analytics platform can lead to higher analytics adoption rates and greater data democratization.
Posted: 12 Mar 2020 | Published: 12 Mar 2020

Domo Technologies

Infographic: The state of data preparation in 2019
sponsored by
EGUIDE: As data preparation tools become increasingly self-service-oriented and cloud-based, more enterprise users are employing them -- and recognizing their importance in their organizations' business intelligence strategies. This infographic shows the state of data preparation in 2019.
Posted: 12 Mar 2020 | Published: 12 Mar 2020

Oracle Analytics
sponsored by Oracle and Intel®
WHITE PAPER: Business intelligence has been important for many companies who want to truly understand their data and use it to create real insight. Now, BI is moving past even this advanced idea and transitioning to larger predictive analytics, machine learning, data management suites. Read on to learn how Oracle offers quality, comprehensive BI solution.
Posted: 11 Mar 2020 | Published: 11 Mar 2019

Oracle and Intel®

How Precima Is Helping Businesses Chart the Future of the Retail Landscape
sponsored by Qlik
CASE STUDY: Read on to learn how Qlik helps give Precima and their clients the power of choice by serving as the backbone of their SaaS self-service analytics platform.
Posted: 10 Mar 2020 | Published: 25 Jun 2019


Blueprints for Success: How Forward-Thinking Organizations Bring Data to Every Action
sponsored by Splunk
WHITE PAPER: Today’s most innovative organizations are using data to unlock new insights, empower more teams and ignite action across the enterprise. Download this e-book to discover how leading organizations are unearthing valuable business insights, creating security strategy, and enhancing IT operations for less downtime and greater efficiency.
Posted: 09 Mar 2020 | Published: 25 Dec 2019


MSL Solutions Uses Qlik to Enhance Hospitality through Data Insights
sponsored by Qlik
VIDEO: Making informed business decisions often means relying on advanced analytics. But it can be hard for the cutting-edge statistical insight to be available across enterprises, particularly in an easily understandable format. Watch this short video to learn how Qlik is helping MSL Solutions enhance hospitality with data visualizations.
Posted: 06 Mar 2020 | Premiered: 05 Feb 2019


Partner with Qlik for Embedded Analytics in Manufacturing
sponsored by Qlik
WHITE PAPER: As manufacturing continues to embrace advanced analytics, it has become easier than ever to generate data-driven insights. Yet visualizing or easily accessing these insights is often hard. Read this white paper to learn how Qlik’s embedded analytics platform can scale with your company and empowers with more efficient production.
Posted: 06 Mar 2020 | Published: 25 Dec 2019


Data trends redefine leading brands
sponsored by Adobe Inc
WHITE PAPER: As businesses seek to respond to a shifting consumer marketplace, they are embracing new trends in data. Companies are now investing in paid analytics initiatives as they seek to democratize data access and integrate it in their business strategies. Read this analyst report by London Research to learn more market trends among leading brands.
Posted: 05 Mar 2020 | Published: 25 Dec 2019

Adobe Inc

How to Build a High Performing Analytics Team
sponsored by ATC
WEBCAST: Even if your company has the right analytics tools and resources in place, if you don’t build the right analytics team around your solutions, you won’t get the ROI on data analytics that you were hoping for. Watch this webinar to learn how to build a comprehensive, effective, and dedicated analytics team.
Posted: 02 Mar 2020 | Premiered: Nov 21, 2019


Thinking Right About AI
sponsored by Wipro
RESOURCE: While AI is a useful enterprise tool, it is often overused as a buzzword by those who don’t fully understand how AI works, how intensive it is to integrate, and what its limitations are. Read on to learn what other AI implementation roadblocks you might encounter.
Posted: 02 Mar 2020 | Published: 01 Sep 2018


Engines of Insight: How leading CDOs deliver top and bottom line results
sponsored by TIBCO
ANALYST REPORT: Many businesses are fundamentally restructuring themselves and placing analytics at the heart of their strategy; often, this restructuring fails because of poor planning and execution on behalf of the company. Businesses need to see universal buy-in in order to have success with these initiatives. Read on to learn how to get that buy in, and more.
Posted: 27 Feb 2020 | Published: 27 Feb 2018


The technological evolution of IT industry leaders: Part two
sponsored by
EGUIDE: Companies leading the technological evolution have gone through changes. This second part of this e-guide explores the technological evolution of SAP, Microsoft and some business analytics vendors throughout the past two decades.
Posted: 26 Feb 2020 | Published: 26 Feb 2020

Why Lendlease is embracing digital twin technology
sponsored by
EGUIDE: Find out how Australia-based property developer Lendlease is using digital twins, data analytics and automation to break the bulwark of rising costs and declining productivity in the construction sector.
Posted: 25 Feb 2020 | Published: 26 Feb 2020

Benefits of Digital Transformation for Oil and Gas Companies
sponsored by TIBCO
WHITE PAPER: A recent IDC Analyst Infobrief outlined 6 specific challenges in making sense of oil and gas companies’ data that posed the greatest concern. Access this white paper to view these challenges and to gain exposure to 3 use cases that reveal how analytics can help you outcompete your peers in the oil and gas industries.
Posted: 24 Feb 2020 | Published: 24 Feb 2020


Augmented analytics tools: a complete guide
sponsored by
EGUIDE: Augmented analytics tools are designed to simplify the BI and analytics process for business users and citizen data scientists. They've become featured elements in new software releases from BI vendors. This e-guide offers insights into the technology's potential uses and critical issues.
Posted: 24 Feb 2020 | Published: 24 Feb 2020
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