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ALSO CALLED: Network Perimeter Security, Computer Network Security, Security Network, Perimeter Security
DEFINITION: Network behavior analysis (NBA) is a way to enhance the security of a proprietary network by monitoring traffic and noting unusual actions or departures from normal operation. Conventional intrusion prevention system solutions defend a network's perimeter by using packet inspection, signature detection and real-time blocking. NBA solutions watch what's happening inside the network, aggregating data  … 

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Network Security Reports
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SASE & Zero Trust: Your Network Security Guide
sponsored by Aruba Networks
EGUIDE: Learn about the top 5 benefits of SASE and how it enables zero-trust network access.
Posted: 26 Aug 2021 | Published: 25 Aug 2021

Aruba Networks

Ofcom raise over £1.3bn for new 5G spectrum auction
sponsored by
EGUIDE: In this e-guide: After announcing their plans to extend and improve basic 4G connectivity around the country, the UK's mobile operators are celebrating their principal gains in the 5G arena with low-band and mid-band spectrum.
Posted: 06 Aug 2021 | Published: 06 Aug 2021

Secure SD-WAN & SASE: Your 2021 Guidebook
sponsored by TechTarget
RESOURCE: Is your organization prepared for the coming paradigm shift in security? Is your threat defense as strong as it needs to be? Take our short survey to become a member of SearchSecurity's Content Program, where you'll have access to a litany of professional resources to help you bolster security now and into the future.
Posted: 30 Jul 2021 | Published: 28 Aug 2021


Every Unique Network Transformation Journey Starts with These Three Steps
sponsored by TATA Communications
WHITE PAPER: As data and connectivity grow increasingly critical, network efficacy becomes a critical business practice. This white paper highlights the challenges of legacy IT practices and offers insights to help your organization along its network transformation journey. Take this short survey to access this whitepaper.
Posted: 23 Jul 2021 | Published: 23 Jul 2021

TATA Communications

Build Zero Trust Networks Between Any Cloud Or Data Center Environment.
sponsored by AWS & Trustgrid
DATA SHEET: Yesterday’s VPNs and SD-WANs often lack the scale and usability needed for today’s hybrid IT environments. Read this data sheet to learn how Trustgrid is integrating cloud-native networking capabilities with secure remote access to create a next-generation SD-WAN powered by Zero Trust.
Posted: 20 Jul 2021 | Published: 20 Jul 2021

AWS & Trustgrid

Enabling the Future of Work with Zero Trust
sponsored by Palo Alto Networks
ANALYST REPORT: Zero Trust is gaining popularity as organizations embrace the necessity of enabling a hybrid workforce. Read this exclusive report from Forrester to unlock insights and considerations regarding the essentials for creating a Zero Trust roadmap.
Posted: 09 Jul 2021 | Published: 04 Mar 2021

Palo Alto Networks

A Computer Weekly e-guide on Network Visibility, Performance and Monitoring
sponsored by
EGUIDE: Traditional discourse around networks is centred around the basic premise of if you build it they will come. And if they come, they will be able to use the network to its fullest extent and everyone will be happy.
Posted: 06 Jul 2021 | Published: 06 Jul 2021

The CISO's guide to supply chain security
sponsored by
EGUIDE: Supply chain attacks have long been a concern in cyber security circles as it can be difficult to enforce security measures for suppliers and partners. In this e-guide, find out why supply chain attacks are intensifying amid the pandemic, how companies are responding to the attacks and what else organisations can do to disrupt the cyber kill chain.
Posted: 04 Jul 2021 | Published: 05 Jul 2021

A Computer Weekly Buyers Guide to 5G
sponsored by
EGUIDE: Despite the fears of many that rollouts of the next generation infrastructure would be delayed or just not be possible due mainly to the adverse economic conditions caused by Covid-19, the prospects are actually quite bright for the 5G industry in 2021.
Posted: 01 Jul 2021 | Published: 01 Jul 2021

How Next-Gen SD-WAN is driving the SASE revolution
sponsored by Palo Alto Networks
WEBCAST: In response to growing networking and security challenges in the digital era, Gartner created the concept of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) to help organizations embrace the future of network security. Watch this webinar to learn more about the SASE revolution and why it’s dependent on a new approach to SD-WAN.
Posted: 24 Jun 2021 | Premiered: May 31, 2021

Palo Alto Networks

Five Must-Haves for Next-Gen SD-WAN Solutions
sponsored by Juniper Networks
WHITE PAPER: Today, ensuring network security is more challenging than most experts would have predicted. Access this white paper for an overview of the evolution of software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WANs) and discover the 5 must-have features of a next-gen SD-WAN solution.
Posted: 16 Jun 2021 | Published: 16 Jun 2021

Juniper Networks

ROI Strategies with Frictionless Zero Trust
sponsored by CrowdStrike
EBOOK: Zero Trust security needs have changed as we enter the digital era. Read this Frost & Sullivan e-book for a closer look at how digital transformation has changed Zero Trust, the benefits and challenges of SIEM-based threat detection, ROI strategies for frictionless Zero Trust, and more.
Posted: 08 Jun 2021 | Published: 08 Jun 2021


CrowdStrike Zero Trust
sponsored by CrowdStrike
PRODUCT OVERVIEW: As we enter the digital age, more and more organizations are embracing the Zero Trust security philosophy of “never trust, always verify”. However, traditional Zero Trust approaches are static and tricky to manage. Read this solution brief to learn about CrowdStrike’s key principles of Zero Trust and explore their frictionless approach.
Posted: 08 Jun 2021 | Published: 08 Jun 2021


Five Critical Requirements for Internal Firewalling in the Data Center
sponsored by VMware Intel
WHITE PAPER: This white paper looks at the shocking state of network security and how many organizations could benefit by securing traffic in the data center with a new approach: using a distributed, service-defined internal firewall. Download to learn about VMware NSX’s Service-Defined Firewall and its potential impact on visibility, compliance, and more.
Posted: 04 Jun 2021 | Published: 31 Mar 2021

VMware Intel

Securing the Data Center in Just Four Steps
sponsored by VMware Intel
WHITE PAPER: Appliance-based security has proven incapable of keeping up with securing east-west traffic. But this white paper looks at an alternative approach: a distributed internal firewall. Learn about VMware’s own version of this offering – their Service-defined Firewall – and uncover 4 steps to improving security in the data center.
Posted: 04 Jun 2021 | Published: 31 Mar 2021

VMware Intel

Gartner 2021 Strategic Roadmap for SASE Convergence Report
sponsored by Palo Alto Networks
ANALYST REPORT: For more clarity and confidence in your SASE efforts, get the new comprehensive Gartner report, "2021 Strategic Roadmap for SASE Convergence."
Posted: 28 May 2021 | Published: 28 May 2021

Palo Alto Networks

The rise of edge computing
sponsored by
EGUIDE: The growing momentum around 5G has spurred the rise of edge computing applications designed to crunch and process data at the edge of the network. In this e-guide, read more about edge computing developments in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as the pros and cons of adding edge computing to a cloud architecture
Posted: 18 May 2021 | Published: 19 May 2021

Tanium Insights: It’s Time to Ditch the VPN for Zero Trust
sponsored by Tanium
WHITE PAPER: In this white paper, examine what kick-started the zero-trust movement, why it's completely changed the conversation around network security, how Tanium and its partners' capabilities contribute to a zero-trust solution.
Posted: 13 May 2021 | Published: 13 May 2021


Pass-the-Hash and Pass-the-Ticket
sponsored by Verizon
WHITE PAPER: Pass-the-hash and its relative, pass-the-ticket, are attack techniques commonly used by adversaries to compromise enterprise servers after some other attack has created a foothold inside the enterprise. Inside this white paper, learn how Verizon Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) uses multi-factor authentication to mitigate these attacks.
Posted: 12 May 2021 | Published: 12 May 2021


WEBINAR: ZTNA is the Evolution of VPN
sponsored by Fortinet, Inc.
WEBCAST: Learn why organizations are shifting away from VPN in favor of zero-trust network access, why a traditional VPN tunnel is not ideal for secure access, the advantages of an automatic, secure connection, and how ZTNA ensures only the right users and devices are given access.
Posted: 11 May 2021 | Premiered: May 11, 2021

Fortinet, Inc.

National Gas Distributor Achieves Pipeline Visibility
sponsored by Nozomi Networks
CASE STUDY: Midstream oil and gas companies operate within complex environments. Their industrial control systems (ICS) include dozens of equipment types and cover vast distances. This makes it challenging to monitor, manage and secure pipeline systems that aren’t thoroughly documented or easy to visualize.
Posted: 10 May 2021 | Published: 10 May 2021

Nozomi Networks

Fortisase—Cloud-Delivered Security To Every User, Everywhere
sponsored by Fortinet, Inc.
PRODUCT OVERVIEW: In order to extend secure access and high-performance connectivity to a growing remote workforce, organizations are looking to integrate Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions. Read this solution brief for a closer look at the key features and capabilities of Fortinet’s SASE offering – known as FortiSASE.
Posted: 10 May 2021 | Published: 10 May 2021

Fortinet, Inc.

Zero Trust Event Replay
sponsored by BROADCOM, Inc
VIDEO: See how a holistic, data centric, zero-trust approach can keep your data safe, enable digital transformation, and allow your enterprise to be cost effective when choosing a zero-trust platform.
Posted: 05 May 2021 | Premiered: 05 May 2021


The State of Security Segmentation Report
sponsored by Illumio
RESEARCH CONTENT: This report summarizes the results of a survey of over 300 IT professionals conducted by Virtual Intelligence Briefing (ViB) to understand how companies segment today and what difficulties they face.
Posted: 19 Apr 2021 | Published: 19 Apr 2021


Why CISOs need advanced network security strategies now
sponsored by
EZINE: Network security has to move beyond the basics. With systems and data under assault by sophisticated attackers, CISOs and other security leaders need to put in place advanced network security strategies that incorporate the latest technologies -- AI, machine learning and more.
Posted: 22 Apr 2021 | Published: 22 Apr 2021
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