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The Power of Data in High Tech to Drive Smarter Decisions
EBOOK: Discover how High Tech companies can leverage data to drive smarter decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver more engaging customer experiences. Learn the key trends and strategies to build a data-driven culture. Read the full analyst report.
Posted: 28 Apr 2024 | Published: 28 Apr 2024


Media Monetisation: An Essential Driver For Business Growth
EBOOK: How can you pave a path to better media monetization? Read this e-book for a start. Inside, you’ll discover why monetizing media is getting harder, how to overcome 4 common obstacles, and why adopting a customer-centric mindset is key.
Posted: 26 Apr 2024 | Published: 27 Apr 2024


Third Edition State of It
RESEARCH CONTENT: Salesforce's 3rd annual State of IT report reveals IT leaders grappling with evolving priorities and metrics due to shifting business demands, making aligning IT with business goals increasingly difficult. Only 26% of IT teams can handle all app requests amid rising demand. Access this report to learn more.
Posted: 25 Apr 2024 | Published: 25 Apr 2024


AI + Data + CRM: Powering Connected Education Journeys for Life
WEBCAST: As AI continues to make major waves across industries, many are asking two questions: what does AI mean for higher education, and what can you expect in the coming years? Tune into this webinar to learn more.
Posted: 12 Apr 2024 | Premiered: Apr 13, 2024


Key Pros and Cons of Salesforce Sales Cloud
EGUIDE: In this brief expert guide, explore the pros and cons of Salesforce Sales Cloud. Learn why some users praise Sales Cloud's usability and accuracy, while others mourn its mobile CRM capabilities.
Posted: 05 Oct 2016 | Published: 26 Sep 2016

Can Salesforce Einstein Catch the next AI Wave?
EGUIDE: Condemn AI's potential 20 years ago, and it seems obsolete. Credit the tool with the success of the IoT, and it seems innovative – that's relativity, and how Salesforce Einstein plans to improve customer engagement. Read on to learn about Salesforce's new contribution to the AI resurgence from expert consultant Jeff Kaplan.
Posted: 29 Sep 2016 | Published: 27 Sep 2016

New Salesforce Feature Aimed to Improve Data Accuracy
EGUIDE: In this expert guide, learn how Salesforce Lightning Voice can automatically log customer interactions – and display them for future callers. Explore ways to provide entire sales teams with a full history of customer call data, so they can sell intelligently.
Posted: 29 Sep 2016 | Published: 27 Sep 2016

What to Expect from the Salesforce Sales Cloud Platform
EGUIDE: In this expert guide, explore what you can expect from the Salesforce Sales Cloud Platform with account/contact management, marketing, lead management, sales, and analytics features. Learn about the five different editions of this platform, their value, and details about trial periods.
Posted: 29 Sep 2016 | Published: 28 Sep 2016

How to Create a Customer Service Process that Enhances Your Bottom Line
EBOOK: Uncover the reality of customer behavior to enhance your revenue and increase your customer satisfaction in this e-book.
Posted: 16 Jun 2014 | Published: 16 Jun 2014

Six Keys to Small Business Success
WHITE PAPER: Small business owners all want to grow their business, and they create products, buils awareness, and target market in order to do that. But are you overlooking the role that technology can play in growing your small business?
Posted: 07 Mar 2014 | Published: 07 Mar 2014

5 Secrets: Build Your Sales Pipeline and Keep it Growing
EBOOK: In this e-book, find out how to make a major shift in your sales approach for the better in order to both increase individual sales rep effectiveness and improve collaborative team selling.
Posted: 30 Sep 2013 | Published: 30 Sep 2013

2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center
WHITE PAPER: Salesforce has been recognized by Gartner as a leader in this report for the 8th year in a row.In the age of the customer, nothing is more important than customer service. Service Cloud customers agree.
Posted: 08 Jul 2013 | Published: 13 May 2013

Tips for Becoming a Successful Social Enterprise
PRESENTATION TRANSCRIPT: Read this presentation transcript to learn how Burberry, a luxury clothing brand, leveraged's cloud platform to extend their business to the social enterprise, broaden their audience reach, and enable mobile applications.
Posted: 06 Feb 2012 | Published: 06 Feb 2012

Successfully Move Your SAP Business Core to the Social Enterprise
PRESENTATION TRANSCRIPT: Read this brief presentation transcript to learn how easy it is to get plugged into today's social, mobile business world by creating cloud apps that seamlessly integrate with your SAP applications and data.
Posted: 06 Feb 2012 | Published: 06 Feb 2012