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ALSO CALLED: Data Resource Management, Managing Data, Data-management, Enterprise Data Management
DEFINITION: Digital Negative (DNG) is an imaging specification that provides for long-term storage of digital photographs generated in multiple proprietary formats. The specification was released in September 2004 on a royalty-free basis by Adobe Systems. At the same time, a program was released by Adobe that converts image files from most digital cameras into DNG format.The images that a digital camera originally  … 

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Building Reliable Data Lakes at Scale with Delta Lake
sponsored by DataBricks
WHITE PAPER: Data engineers are having to deal with more challenges than ever— more data is being stored, more regulations are being rolled out, and more use cases are emerging every day for that data. Read this white paper to learn how you can build a data lake that integrates better with your existing systems, scales with ease, and enables better analytics.
Posted: 25 Nov 2020 | Published: 25 Nov 2020


Mining Your Data Lake for Analytics Insights
sponsored by DataBricks
WHITE PAPER: Schema mismatches, inconsistent data, and failed writes can prevent companies from deploying effective analytics on their data lakes. Examine this white paper to learn how Databricks’ Delta Lake can automate and accelerate many processes needed to turn data lakes from confused jumbles of data into ready-to-go analytics stores on AWS.
Posted: 25 Nov 2020 | Published: 25 Nov 2019


The Modern Data Analytics Platform
sponsored by Ancoris
WHITE PAPER: The advent of the cloud has changed the old, slow, and expensive ways of analyzing data; when coupled with machine learning and AI, companies are now able to quickly deploy best-in-class data platforms customized for their use case. Read on to learn 7 rules for building an integrated, scalable, lightning fast cloud data analytics platform.
Posted: 24 Nov 2020 | Published: 24 Nov 2020


Data Discovery and Classification: The Foundation Of Effective Information Governance
sponsored by HelpSystems
WHITE PAPER: With the right technology tools, a data discovery and classification exercise will enable an enterprise to find its sensitive data, label it with the appropriate sensitivity and ensure that you can demonstrate regulatory compliance. View this white paper to learn why organizations should take a joint approach to tackling big data.
Posted: 24 Nov 2020 | Published: 30 Oct 2020


The Best Option for Data Protection
sponsored by HelpSystems
WHITE PAPER: Every organization is challenged by exponential data growth. A data classification solution not only helps identify the data in your IT environment, but it monitors your data at creation and as it moves throughout your organization. Read this white paper to learn why Titus Classification Suite the best option for data classification needs.
Posted: 24 Nov 2020 | Published: 24 Nov 2020


Data Management and Backup from SoftIron & Veeam
sponsored by SoftIron
WHITE PAPER: Access this white paper to learn the 3 key features of SoftIron HyperDrive and discover the 3 benefits that make it the perfect complement to Veeam data protection and management.
Posted: 23 Nov 2020 | Published: 23 Nov 2020


The Essential Guide to Infrastructure Data
sponsored by Splunk
WHITE PAPER: IT decision makers estimate that 55% of their data is dark data, meaning that over half of the data your company generates is likely going unnoticed or unused—not ideal in today’s data-centric world. Read on to learn how Splunk can help you better harness infrastructure data in a variety of crucial use cases, from AWS data to medical device data.
Posted: 19 Nov 2020 | Published: 19 Nov 2020


A Security Engineer’s Nightmare
sponsored by
WHITE PAPER: For security pros, preventing breaches and ensuring data privacy is hectic enough – having an incompetent system on top of these challenges can introduce new levels of stress. Read this white paper to learn how Cribl is helping security engineers log information and incidents so they can focus their efforts on more important tasks.
Posted: 19 Nov 2020 | Published: 19 Nov 2020

Enterprise Data Warehouse Modernized
sponsored by SoftServe
WHITE PAPER: Global companies seeking to capitalize on the huge explosion of big data realize that legacy data warehouses are no longer cutting it—and the cloud enables companies to have data warehouses that scale and integrate like never before. Read on to learn how you can use a data warehouse optimized for smooth deployment, better ROI, and more on AWS.
Posted: 16 Nov 2020 | Published: 16 Nov 2020


How to Use Amazon Sagemaker to Improve Machine Learning Models for Data Analysis
sponsored by AWS BizCloud
WHITE PAPER: Companies dealing with large amounts of data know that their main challenge is getting unified answers to questions they ask across large, disparate sets of data. Read this blog post to learn how Amazon Sagemaker can be used to train and deploy ML algorithms that can simplify your interactions with large sets of data—and accelerate your results.
Posted: 12 Nov 2020 | Published: 12 Nov 2020

AWS BizCloud

3 Critical Advantages of The HPE + Veeam Solutions
sponsored by Veeam Software
WHITE PAPER: Download this latest white paper to learn how to overcome three common challenges by deploying HPE + Veeam data protection solutions.
Posted: 12 Nov 2020 | Published: 12 Nov 2020

Veeam Software

Let’s Talk Data Warehousing
sponsored by SoftServe
WHITE PAPER: Data warehouses are natural fits for the cloud, as their different file formats, large sets of data, and varied use cases demand flexibility the cloud is uniquely suited to provide. Read this expert interview to learn more about what makes cloud data warehousing so attractive, how businesses are moving their data warehouses to AWS, and more.
Posted: 11 Nov 2020 | Published: 11 Nov 2020


The Cost of Running MongoDB, TimescaleDB and CrateDB for Industrial IoT
sponsored by CrateIO
WHITE PAPER: Many database SaaS solutions have emerged in the big data era, and the industrial IoT is a prime example of where these databases can be most useful. Read on to see how different leading database vendors— MongoDB, TimescaleDB, and CrateDB—compare to each other when it comes to cost, efficiency, usability, security, and more.
Posted: 09 Nov 2020 | Published: 09 Nov 2020

How AI and Analytics Can Stabilize the Outlook for P&C Insurance
sponsored by Fractal
WHITE PAPER: Businesses of all kinds are continuing to be disrupted by COVID-19 and the ensuing government responses, with few more affected than P&C insurers. Yet the uncertainty and interruptions don’t have to continue unmitigated. Check out this blog post to learn how AI and analytics can help business automate, optimize, and scale crucial insurance tasks.
Posted: 09 Nov 2020 | Published: 09 Nov 2020


Consulting - Tech Data
sponsored by L3 Data Services
WHITE PAPER: Check out this white paper from L3 Data Services to learn what today’s successful organizations are doing to meet the expectations for more predictable storage costs, performance, and agility for IT services, and more.
Posted: 09 Nov 2020 | Published: 09 Nov 2020

L3 Data Services

Deploying Flexible Data Protection to Support Cloud Workload Placement
sponsored by Dell Technologies
WHITE PAPER: The Dell EMC data protection portfolio includes data protection and backup solutions that allows organizations to protect and recover their data no matter where it is, as well as address the needs of container backup. Download this IDC report from Dell Technologies and Intel to learn more.
Posted: 05 Nov 2020 | Published: 05 Nov 2020

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies Data Protection for SAP Workloads in Google Cloud
sponsored by Dell Technologies
WHITE PAPER: Solid and reliable data protection workflows guarantee SAP data is always available and ready for recovery, ensuring little to no downtime for customers’ business operations. Dell Technologies Cloud Data Protection provides that data protection through 8 key benefits. Download this whitepaper from Dell Technologies and Intel to learn more.
Posted: 04 Nov 2020 | Published: 04 Nov 2020

Dell Technologies

GDPR, CCPA, & Beyond: 16 Practical Steps Towards Global Data Privacy Compliance with Talend
sponsored by Talend
WHITE PAPER: The GDPR and CCPA are just the first of many data privacy regulations that can be expected around the world. These regulations present new challenges, ranging from data security to data access. Read this e-book to learn 16 steps you can take towards operationalizing data governance programs with Talend to better prepare for this challenge.
Posted: 03 Nov 2020 | Published: 03 Nov 2020


Clarity and Control of Your Data Landscape: The Promise of Digital Twins in Uncertain Times
sponsored by Iotics
WHITE PAPER: While companies capture data for later use, siloed data and bad architectures are often holding them back from achieving real success with it. Read the results of this Forrester report to learn how digital twins can be used in a variety of digital transformation and analytics use cases, ranging from monitoring to supply chain optimization.
Posted: 03 Nov 2020 | Published: 01 Jul 2020

Sensitive Data Protection in the Retail Card Payments Ecosystem
sponsored by Thales
WHITE PAPER: Securing sensitive data in a cost-effective manner is a significant challenge in processing payment transactions. Year after year, the threat landscape widens as fraudsters think of more sophisticated methods to compromise payment credentials for monetary gain. View this white paper to learn about keeping payment transactions secure.
Posted: 02 Nov 2020 | Published: 30 Sep 2020


Digital Twins & Russian Dolls
sponsored by Iotics
WHITE PAPER: Digital twins have emerged as powerful tools, yet they can quickly become too complex and confused to provide accurate insight. Read on to learn how you can best organize digital twins to function as powerful tools, taking advantage of machine learning and data proliferation to create a mirror of data to be better analyzed and understood.
Posted: 02 Nov 2020 | Published: 01 Mar 2020

Why Data Protection Matters for Today’s Multi-cloud Environments
sponsored by Dell Technologies
WHITE PAPER: Access this white paper to discover the benefits of optimized data protection for multi-cloud environments, like completing projects under budget and ahead of schedule, and how to get there.
Posted: 02 Nov 2020 | Published: 02 Nov 2020

Dell Technologies

The True Economic Impact of Storage-as-a-Service
sponsored by Pure Storage
WHITE PAPER: Access this white paper to learn the true impact of Storage-as-a-Service including 5 data and storage economic myths & realities and 5 data economic principles required to become a data economics master.
Posted: 30 Oct 2020 | Published: 01 Aug 2020

Pure Storage

Time-series Data in Manufacturing
sponsored by CrateIO
WHITE PAPER: While times series data is not a new data set, there are a rash of new applications for it. In particular, time series data allows IoT-enabled businesses to study the evolution of complex systems over time. Read on to learn how you can use time series data to monitor and improve your industrial processes.
Posted: 29 Oct 2020 | Published: 29 Oct 2020

Maximizing Data Utility by Ensuring Trust in the Data
sponsored by Talend
WHITE PAPER: Data is the most valuable asset of most modern companies—but it can be difficult to create real value from that data when you don’t know if your data contains duplicate sets, inaccuracies, or is inaccessible. Access this checklist to learn 7 ways you can build trustworthy data and enable true value to be extracted from your information.
Posted: 29 Oct 2020 | Published: 29 Oct 2020

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