Protecting SharePoint Data Long Term

Protecting SharePoint Data Long Term

SharePoint use is poised for explosive growth. As an IT administrator, Chief Information Officer, Security Manager or data business owner your concerns about the security of the data which makes its way into SharePoint repositories is quite justified.

With more than 100 million SharePoint licenses issued, chances are good that you are using or planning a SharePoint rollout by now. With the growth of SharePoint, awareness of SharePoint access control complexity has been growing as well. Many organizations are now turning their focus to security and compliance for their SharePoint deployments, seeking best practices and precautions that can be applied during implementation to avoid problems in the first place.

Planning for data migration to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems like SharePoint needs to incorporate data use monitoring and least privilege access enforcement as part of a SharePoint security policy. And, ongoing efforts to manage SharePoint data security need to include user training and coordinating with security & compliance personnel to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are considered.

Check out this white paper to get great information about access control and security and compliance considerations for SharePoint deployments.

Feb 8, 2021
Jul 30, 2009
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