Entitlement Reviews: A Practitioner's Guide

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For many organizations, conducting Entitlement Reviews is time consuming, error prone, and mostly manual. Complicating matters is the challenge of identifying the business owners of data-- the very people who can help make critical decisions about entitlements.

Using Varonis DatAdvantage will dramatically streamline your Entitlement Review process by automatically and continually updating entitlement information, and providing visibility into data ownership. This expedites the whole effort, and makes it manageable and repeatable.

This document delivers a step-by-step process that your organization can follow to ensure that you know who owns each data set and who should have access to that data. This Entitlement Review process allows organizations with DatAdvantage to operationalize Entitlement Reviews and ensure access to their unstructured data is based on business needs.

Feb 8, 2021
Jul 30, 2009
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