Optimizing Performance and Maximizing Investments in Tape Storage Systems

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Tape storage systems are reliable, portable and have proven an effective solution for countless organizations. More importantly, many tape storage systems were developed years ago and represent a significant and growing financial investment.

Administrators responsible for the health of these environments have long recognized the limitations of these systems: as complexity grows, visibility into the system itself decreases. Additionally, site administrators have witnessed in recent years an explosion in data growth, increased compliance regulations around security and more aggressive timelines for backup sessions.

There are solutions to assist administrators in their effort to obtain performance information, but they are typically vendor- or media-specific and reactive in nature. The first indication that a tape is bad or a drive is defective is usually after it is too late and data is lost or damaged. As a result, organizations are forced to take a wait-and-react management approach.

The missing link in today's marketplace is a product that automatically monitors tape library, tape drive and media performance and provides real-time alerting and reporting capabilities - enabling an organization to take a proactive approach to its tape storage management.

Fujifilm Tape Environment Analysis is the first vendor-agnostic, platform-neutral, comprehensive assessment for tape storage systems. It provides an assessment of the backup environment culminating in a report that includes recommendations to maximize existing resources, avoid unnecessary expenditures and ensure compliance requirements are met.

Read this white paper for more details on this innovative and new product offering.

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Feb 8, 2021
Jul 27, 2009
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