Fast Food Restaurants Reports

BRIO Restaurant Group, Inc. Case Study
sponsored by SonicWALL
CASE STUDY: Previously, some of BBRG's restaurant banquet rooms were wired for Internet connectivity, but management wanted to provide wireless so that more guests could get online. BBRG would be one of the first in their industry tier to offer wireless services. To assist with the solution, BBRG turned to their experienced service provider, Cerdant.
Posted: 14 Feb 2011 | Published: 14 Feb 2011


Computer Weekly – 20 March 2018: Where neuroscience meets technology
sponsored by TechTarget
EZINE: In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how computer scientists are using data, cloud and virtual reality to understand the brain and improve mental wellbeing. We analyse newly published government documents detailing the early problems with Universal Credit. And we look at how AI can help improve cyber security. Read the issue now.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Published: 16 Mar 2018


Computer Weekly – 26 January 2021: 'Salad as a service' – how tech could revolutionise farming
sponsored by TechTarget
EZINE: In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how new technologies are supporting the rise of vertical farming, and could revolutionise food supply chains. We examine one of the biggest trends in the cloud – serverless computing. And Brexit has not yet ended the debate about UK-EU data protection. Read the issue now.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Published: 26 Jan 2021


Measuring the Business Impacts of Effective Data: Chapter One of a Three-Part Study
sponsored by Sybase, an SAP company
WHITE PAPER: This study of over 150 Fortune 1000 firms from every major industry or vertical explores issues associated with the lifeblood of today’s enterprises: data. The findings demonstrate the often dramatic impacts that even marginal investments in information technology can have when that technology addresses data quality, usability, and intelligence.
Posted: 02 Nov 2010 | Published: 02 Nov 2010

Sybase, an SAP company

Small Form Factor (SFF) SAS - Meeting the Demanding Requirements in Specific Markets
sponsored by Xtore
WHITE PAPER: SAS technology has been proven to be the most versatile storage solution in data transfer and high performance. Read this white paper to learn about a solution that renders the necessary performance needed for your client's expanding market requirements.
Posted: 22 Aug 2007 | Published: 01 Aug 2007


Melger’s Dranken Melger’s Dranken Gains Full Overview Of Their Beverage Business With Aptean
sponsored by Aptean
CASE STUDY: Gain greater insights into stock, history, and margins; aggregate all business processes; support new growth and scale across multiple locations: these are the challenges that a renowned beverage wholesaler faced not too long ago. Access the case study to hear how they resolved the issues with Aptean Food & Beverage ERP.
Posted: 08 May 2024 | Published: 08 May 2024


Pizza Chain Scales Up To Fast, Efficient And Reliable Service
sponsored by Spectrum Enterprise
CASE STUDY: When this pizza chain struggled with inadequate bandwidth and an unreliable legacy network service, they knew it was time to change providers. Download this case study to learn how Spectrum Enterprise leveled up the pizza chain’s networking capabilities.
Posted: 12 Jun 2024 | Published: 12 Jun 2024

Spectrum Enterprise

Giving Trade Companies a Fast Start: SAP All-in-One Fast Start Program
sponsored by SAP America, Inc.
PRODUCT LITERATURE: Whether you are a wholesale distributor of furniture, machinery, chemicals, or food and beverages, your success depends on how quickly you adapt to demands from customers and suppliers. You must constantly differentiate your services from the competition while improving operating efficiencies and controlling costs.
Posted: 10 Mar 2009 | Published: 10 Mar 2009

SAP America, Inc.

Six Ways Restaurants can use Computer Vision to Address Business Problems
sponsored by Hughes Network Systems
BLOG: Computer vision is a technology that uses AI to analyze real-time and recorded video to provide business and operational insights. Read this blog article to unlock 6 restaurant-focused use cases where computer vision can be applied to address business problems and benefit operations.
Posted: 24 Jun 2023 | Published: 24 Jun 2023

Hughes Network Systems

Ultra Fast Data Analytics for Customer Success presentation transcript
sponsored by Actian Corporation
PRESENTATION TRANSCRIPT: Most businesses today are optimizing their legacy data architecture in order to effectively support growing data volumes. Read this transcript to learn about the strategy Sheetz Inc. implemented that enabled them to reduce data loading time from 5 hours to 20 minutes, effortlessly process billions of rows of data, and more.
Posted: 27 Sep 2012 | Published: 27 Sep 2012

Actian Corporation

Forging Forward with Aptean Food & Beverage ERP
sponsored by Aptean
WHITE PAPER: The food industry is becoming more complex and competitive every day. Aptean’s single, fully-integrated system–Aptean Food & Beverage ERP–gives you complete control over your supply chain and all pertinent data and helps you manage your processes and fine-tune them with intelligent analysis. Read on to learn more.
Posted: 08 May 2024 | Published: 08 May 2024


Subway Franchisee Keeps Network Fresh with 5G Connectivity
sponsored by Cradlepoint
CASE STUDY: DiPasqua Enterprises runs over 100 Subway locations. To support its expansive franchise portfolio, DiPasqua Enterprises performed a network refresh. Tap into this case study to discover what that refresh required and the outcomes that it has delivered.
Posted: 17 May 2024 | Published: 17 May 2024


Computer Weekly - 4 May 2021: How KFC put digital on the menu
sponsored by TechTarget
EZINE: In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how fast-food chain KFC turned to digital to survive the pandemic. Our latest buyer's guide looks at technologies to improve office productivity for home workers. And we assess the growing problem of electronic waste and how to tackle it. Read the issue now.
Posted: 03 May 2021 | Published: 04 May 2021


Presentation Transcript: Cloud Storage Services - Peer Advice
sponsored by i365, makers of Evault
PRESENTATION TRANSCRIPT: In this FAQ, Vijay Subramanian, cloud computing expert and practice manager for managed services at Laurus Technologies, an IT services and consulting company in the Midwest, explains how his company evaluated the idea of cloud storage services and gives advice for other VARs considering the same thing.
Posted: 01 Dec 2010 | Published: 01 Dec 2010

i365, makers of Evault

Case Study: KFC POS System Serves Great Service
sponsored by Toshiba
CASE STUDY: KFC, the global fast food chain, was upgrading to a new software platform, and they needed to upgrade its existing point-of-sale (POS) equipment that would support the new software regulations. In this brief case study, find out which POS system KFC ultimately chose, and discover the benefits they experienced from the hardware upgrade.
Posted: 09 May 2014 | Published: 31 Dec 2013


Aptean Food & Beverage ERP Help Mitigate Risks, Save Money and Increase Revenue with Food and Beverage ERP Software
sponsored by Aptean
WHITE PAPER: Facing rising costs and uncertainty, it has become critical for the food industry to prioritize digital transformation. To do so, some have turned to tailored ERP software. Access this guide to learn more.
Posted: 16 May 2024 | Published: 16 May 2024


Thomas & King Case Study: The Right Ingredients for Software Asset Management
sponsored by Dell, Inc. and Intel®
CASE STUDY: Read this Dell case study to learn how a restaurant franchisee gets its IT cooking with the right reporting from Dell Software Inventory & Usage Management.
Posted: 07 Oct 2009 | Published: 01 Oct 2008

Dell, Inc. and Intel®

Mondelēz and Kraft Foods Group keep innovation flowing
sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
WHITE PAPER: This case study highlights one company's and how they upgraded their infrastructure, utilized the cloud and virtualiztion to enhance their business services.
Posted: 19 Feb 2014 | Published: 31 Aug 2013

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Food And Beverage 2024 Trends And Outlook For The UK And Ireland
sponsored by Aptean
EBOOK: Because of a variety of challenges, most food and beverage organizations are looking for new and effective ways to not only combat these problems, but to look ahead and anticipate them. So, what are the best ways to do so?
Posted: 07 May 2024 | Published: 07 May 2024


Aptean Food & Beverage Software Solutions Unlocking Savings and Driving Profitability
sponsored by Aptean
EBOOK: Due to certain struggles, it’s become critical for food organisations to future-proof their organisations through the implementation of industry-specific enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. However, some aren’t so convinced by these solutions. Access this guide to learn more.
Posted: 16 May 2024 | Published: 16 May 2024


Streamlining Accounts Payable Process in SAP and Reducing Cost
sponsored by Dolphin
PRESENTATION TRANSCRIPT: In this presentation transcript, learn how successful restaurateur and food services franchiser, Tim Hortons streamlined their accounts payable processes to save time and reduce costs.
Posted: 14 Oct 2011 | Published: 20 Oct 2011


Finding success with SAP: How Tim Hortons streamlined their AP process & saved big
sponsored by Dolphin
PRESENTATION TRANSCRIPT: In this presentation transcript, learn how successful restaurateur and food services franchiser Tim Hortons streamlined its accounts payable processes to save time and reduce costs.
Posted: 21 Oct 2011 | Published: 20 Oct 2011


CIO Trends #7
sponsored by TechTarget
EGUIDE: Read some of our most popular articles on issues faced by IT decision makers, such as how to get the most out of the internet of things, and how to tailor your IT operating model to fit in the digital age.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Published: 27 Jul 2018


People-Centric Recruitment: Texas Roadhouse's Approach for Building and Preserving Company Culture
sponsored by Ultimate Software
CASE STUDY: This brief case study details how restaurant chain Texas Roadhouse created and preserved a consistent organizational culture – even across multiple locations – and explores the value of the right people-centric recruiting tools.
Posted: 23 Jul 2013 | Published: 31 Dec 2012

Ultimate Software

Monoliths to Microservices
sponsored by Ensono Limited
WHITE PAPER: In this article, explore the benefits and challenges of legacy monoliths and modern microservices, along with approaches for both mainframe and cloud.
Posted: 25 Jun 2024 | Published: 25 Jun 2024

Ensono Limited

Delta Wines Chooses Aptean Food & Beverage ERP Cloud for Scalability, Reliability and Security
sponsored by Aptean
CASE STUDY: Delta Wines, a large wine importer in the Netherlands, has quickly scaled up from producing 20 million bottles in their warehouse to a staggering 70 million. Download this case study to examine Delta’s journey and the advantages they unlocked by migrating their ERP and beverage functionalities to the cloud with Aptean Food & Beverage ERP.
Posted: 08 May 2024 | Published: 08 May 2024


The American Cancer Society's Multichannel Engagement Strategy Success Story
sponsored by Oracle Corporation
EGUIDE: In this e-guide, you will discover how the American Cancer Society's leadership is implementing a sophisticated multichannel engagement strategy to reach all those passionate about their cause. Download now to uncover how this strategy could be useful in helping your organization create meaningful multichannel engagement with your customers.
Posted: 23 Feb 2016 | Published: 17 Feb 2016

Oracle Corporation

CW Nordics August 2016
sponsored by TechTarget
EBOOK: The Nordic countries are renowned for being home to thriving tech startup scenes so it is hardly surprising that IT is a disruptive force in the region.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Published: 10 Aug 2016


MicroScope October 2011: A special issue examining the latest tools the channel can use to communicate with customers
sponsored by MicroScope
EZINE: This issue of the digital magazine is designed to capture what is an ever changing communications landscape and provides some food for thought to those wondering how they can get the most out of it personally and as a business.
Posted: 21 Oct 2011 | Published: 21 Oct 2011


sponsored by Upstack, Inc.
WHITE PAPER: UPSTACK's digest includes a variety of articles about what you need to know about AI and Customer Experience and how to effectively leverage automation.
Posted: 21 Mar 2024 | Published: 21 Mar 2024

Upstack, Inc.