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Web Services Security: What's Required to Secure a Service-Oriented Architecture
sponsored by Oracle Corporation
WHITE PAPER: This white paper details a holistic approach for Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) security using additional, application-level industry standards to secure web services and multi-step transactions in a SOA environment.
Posted: 16 Mar 2009 | Published: 01 Jan 2008

Oracle Corporation

The 7 Deadly Skills Your IT Team Should Possess
sponsored by Skillsoft
WHITE PAPER: This resource examines IT skill shortages, how to minimise them within your company, and 7 deadly skills that your IT team should possess.
Posted: 18 Apr 2012 | Published: 18 Apr 2012


The 7 Deadly Skills of The Perfect Employee
sponsored by Skillsoft
WHITE PAPER: This resource examines the 7 skills essential to employee success and how to keep your employees productive and satisfied.
Posted: 23 Apr 2012 | Published: 23 Apr 2012


Project Management Network Diagram: A Tool for Understanding the PM Life Cycle
sponsored by Global Knowledge
WHITE PAPER: The Project Management Network Diagram (PM Network Diagram) provides a visual illustration of the project management life cycle (in terms of the chain of events that take place in a project).
Posted: 06 Jul 2006 | Published: 01 Jan 2005

Global Knowledge

Gartner Middle East CIO Leadership Forum
sponsored by Gartner
WHITE PAPER: Join Gartner analysts from 28 February to 1 March in Dubai, industry thought leaders and a select group of your peers to find new answers to new questions - and learn how your IT leadership can create and follow the path to world class best practice.
Posted: 28 Jan 2011 | Published: 28 Jan 2011


Information Management with Oracle Database 11g Release 2
sponsored by Oracle Corporation UK Ltd
WHITE PAPER: In this white paper, learn how to improve your information management, increasing the ability to manage, secure, query, and administer information with high levels of performance. Uncover how Oracle Database 11g Release 2 includes a wide range of capabilities to allow for this intelligent management and analysis.
Posted: 03 Oct 2011 | Published: 03 Oct 2011

Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

Employing IBM Database Encryption Expert to meet encryption and access control requirements for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)
sponsored by IBM
WHITE PAPER: This white paper explores the challenges of compliance with PCI and how organizations must take a holistic approach to protecting and securing their business-critical information.
Posted: 27 Jul 2011 | Published: 27 Jul 2011


Increasing the efficiency of case file coordination in social services
sponsored by IBM
WHITE PAPER: Social service agencies are experiencing challenges with manual processes. Advanced case management strategies are being implemented to streamline these processes and foster greater insight, collaboration and decision-making capabilities. This white paper explains how one such solution allows you automate these processes to elevate processing.
Posted: 16 May 2012 | Published: 15 Jun 2011


Oracle Advanced Security with Oracle Database 11g Release 2
sponsored by Oracle Corporation
WHITE PAPER: This white paper examines how Oracle Advanced Security provides transparent, standards-based security that protects data through data-at-rest encryption, network encryption, and strong authentication services.
Posted: 08 Jun 2011 | Published: 31 Oct 2010

Oracle Corporation

Oracle Database 11g Release 2 High Availability
sponsored by Oracle Corporation
WHITE PAPER: This white paper examines how Oracle Advanced Security provides transparent, standards-based security that protects data through data-at-rest encryption, network encryption, and strong authentication services.
Posted: 12 Mar 2012 | Published: 31 Oct 2010

Oracle Corporation

Does Your Communications and Collaboration Solutions Meet your Mid-Size Business Needs?
sponsored by Cisco Systems, Inc.
WHITE PAPER: This exclusive paper examines how cloud collaboration technologies can help your organization overcome some of the common communication challenges faced today.
Posted: 29 Jan 2014 | Published: 29 Jan 2014

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Optimize Your IT Systems with Oracle Optimized Solution for Oracle E-Business Suite
sponsored by Oracle Corporation
WHITE PAPER: With the acquisition of Sun, Oracle now provides Oracle Optimized Solutions: a complete applications to disk solution engineered, tested, and certified to work together as a single system. Read this white paper to learn more about Oracle Optimized Solutions and how they can be used to improve Oracle E-Business Suite operations.
Posted: 17 May 2012 | Published: 17 May 2012

Oracle Corporation

A Pragmatic Approach to SIEM
sponsored by Tripwire, Inc.
WHITE PAPER: In this paper we will take a look at this disturbing trend and provide useful guidance for maximizing the value of SIEM and log management tools, while focusing on protecting systems and data not on simply checking the compliance check box.
Posted: 08 Feb 2011 | Published: 08 Feb 2011

Tripwire, Inc.

E-Book: Enterprise Content Management in Action: ECM Use Cases, Benefits and Challenges
sponsored by docAssist
EBOOK: In this e-book, read about enterprise content management (ECM) projects at organizations that have adopted ECM technology, and get real-world insight from experienced users and IT industry analysts into the potential uses and benefits of ECM systems as well as the common roadblocks that companies can face on ECM deployments.
Posted: 22 Oct 2010 | Published: 22 Oct 2010


The Strategic Advantage of CMS Interoperability Regulations
sponsored by InterSystems
WHITE PAPER: The new CMS interoperability rule aims to improve prior authorization processes and drive better healthcare outcomes through increased data sharing and transparency. Learn how this regulation can provide a strategic advantage by transforming member experience and fueling innovation. Read the full report.
Posted: 10 May 2024 | Published: 10 May 2024


Datenverschlüsselung im und außerhalb des Unternehmens
sponsored by IBM (German)
WHITE PAPER: Eine intelligente Verwaltung von Verschlüsselungsschlüsseln senkt Kosten, Risiken und Aufwand. Lesen Sie, wie IBM Ihnen dabei helfen kann.
Posted: 09 Feb 2015 | Published: 09 Feb 2015

TOPICS:  IT Management
IBM (German)

sponsored by Alation
WHITE PAPER: This white paper will focus on how an architecture of different technologies and technological capabilities supports data governance. Read on to learn why the key to a successful data architecture is bringing together various software to efficiently address data challenges.
Posted: 12 Oct 2023 | Published: 12 Oct 2023


Risk Management - Prescriptive Guidance
sponsored by ServiceNow
WHITE PAPER: Integrating an entity hierarchy into risk management aligns with CMDB and CSDM for risk visibility. Maturing from tactical to service-centric, it includes third parties, enhancing accountability and transparency. Read to build a robust framework aligned with business services and infrastructure.
Posted: 31 Jan 2024 | Published: 31 Jan 2024


High Performance AI
sponsored by DataBricks
RESEARCH CONTENT: Organizations are increasingly deploying cloud-based analytics and machine learning to drive business results. But scaling these capabilities requires overcoming data management complexity. Access this research content to explore how high-performing companies are succeeding with modern data architectures.
Posted: 14 May 2024 | Published: 14 May 2024


Why NoSQL Databases for AI-powered Apps?
sponsored by Couchbase
WHITE PAPER: Modern NoSQL databases incorporate multiple data access methods and encompass a variety of models including key-value, document, column, time series, graph, text search, and AI vector search. This developer’s guide explains the many advantages that are making multipurpose NoSQL databases the developer’s choice for AI-powered adaptive applications.
Posted: 23 Apr 2024 | Published: 23 Apr 2024


The ultimate guide to data cost optimization
sponsored by AWS
EBOOK: Whether it’s due to increasing volumes of data or ongoing economic uncertainty—optimizing the costs of your data strategy is critical to remain competitive in today’s complicated and ever-changing business landscape. What’s the best approach? Find out in The Ultimate Guide to Data Cost Optimization. Download now.
Posted: 20 Dec 2023 | Published: 20 Dec 2023


Looking To Make Digital Transformation A Reality?
sponsored by Lemongrass
EBOOK: Discover in this e-book why it’s time to rethink how you run enterprise applications, and how cloud tools can empower you to build a truly collaborative workplace.
Posted: 21 Nov 2023 | Published: 21 Nov 2023


Population Health and ACOs Build on Technology
sponsored by TechTarget Health IT
EBOOK: Healthcare systems and accountable care organizations rely on technology for patient population management, which includes treatment and sharing patient data.
Posted: 28 Jun 2016 | Published: 24 Jun 2016

TechTarget Health IT

Data discovery: how to pick the right software
sponsored by TechTarget
EGUIDE: In this guide, we break down data discovery software by defining the categories, explaining the features and revealing the benefits. We also highlight the major players and products in an effort to inform buying decisions.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Published: 20 Nov 2019


Advanced Virtualization E-book - Chapter 5: Avoid Security Holes in the Virtual Data Center
sponsored by TechTarget IT Operations
EBOOK: In Chapter 5 of the Advanced Virtualization e-book, security experts Danielle Ruest and Nelson Ruest explain how to identify, map out and prevent some of the most common resource pool threats. The authors also debunk five common security misconceptions of server virtualization.
Posted: 29 Apr 2010 | Published: 29 Apr 2010

TechTarget IT Operations

Beyond Activity Measures: Increase SDR Yields by Focusing on Quality
sponsored by TechTarget
WHITE PAPER: When buyers and sellers divide such a limited amount of time across so many digital touchpoints, there’s little time for quality one-to-one interaction—but plenty of chances to screw things up. In this guide, explore the importance of digital touchpoints with Forrester and TechTarget.
Posted: 02 Aug 2021 | Published: 02 Aug 2021


Data Security Platforms Alexei Balaganski April 11, 2023
sponsored by Ironside Group
ANALYST REPORT: In the face of increasing threats to data security – phishing and malware attacks, poor data lifecycle management and inadequate auditing, to name a few – many organizations have employed a data security platform. In this KuppingerCole report, compare platforms that are leading the market.
Posted: 03 Aug 2023 | Published: 03 Aug 2023

Ironside Group

Observability Pipeline for Dummies
sponsored by
EBOOK: For a comprehensive guide to observability, and to learn how to optimize your organization’s observability strategy, take a look through this 48-page e-book.
Posted: 08 Feb 2024 | Published: 08 Feb 2024


Reaching into the Toolbox
sponsored by TechTarget Cloud Computing
EBOOK: Using software automation and orchestration tools is necessary for many when it comes to open source cloud management. But each tool has its own characteristics that should be known by admins.
Posted: 27 Jun 2016 | Published: 27 Jun 2016

TOPICS:  Cloud Computing
TechTarget Cloud Computing

Platform Teams: Best Practices
sponsored by HashiCorp
WHITE PAPER: Platform teams may be called cloud teams, DevOps teams, SRE teams, or some other term. But regardless of the name, these teams are tasked with building and deploying standardized cloud tools and systems across the organization. Download this white paper to learn more about the role of platform teams.
Posted: 26 Apr 2024 | Published: 27 Apr 2024