Optimize Your IT Systems with Oracle Optimized Solution for Oracle E-Business Suite

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In general, IT-led innovation transforms businesses in three distinct stages: building a lean business, shaping an agile business, and driving business innovation. Building a lean organization means integrating, and standardizing IT systems and business processes for optimum performance. While lean practices focus on the speed, quality, and cost of operations, the agile organization focuses on the speed, quality, and cost of change to those operations. Shaping an innovative business is done by creating dynamic, flexible, and aligned business processes and accompanying systems. But the impact of agility is not limited to operations; it also affects the business model and organizational structure.

It is no longer acceptable to limit change efforts to business and management processes and an annual software upgrade. In a responsive value chain, IT systems, business processes, and information sources must be set up in such a way that they offer multiple options for new requirements, rather than just supporting the old, well-defined paradigms. Dynamic organizations also need pervasive access to information that can be shared with every stakeholder in the value chain.

Oracle has excelled as a company for more than a decade, despite a challenging global economy and a series of major acquisitions. Oracle has run its business using Oracle Enterprise Business Suite, like 65,000 of its customers. With the acquisition of Sun, Oracle now provides Oracle Optimized Solutions: a complete applications to disk solution engineered, tested, and certified to work together as a single system.

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Feb 8, 2021
May 17, 2012
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