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How AI Built For CX Controls Costs And Keeps Customers Happy
EBOOK: While over two-thirds of CX leaders believe that AI and bots will drive major cost savings over the next few years, there are still a handful of challenges organizations must combat to achieve success. So, how can you choose and deploy the right AI solutions for your company’s needs? Browse this guide to learn more.
Posted: 27 Jul 2023 | Published: 27 Jul 2023


15 Steps (And More) to Improve the Customer Experience
EGUIDE: Customers – they're the lifeblood for many organizations. Which is why keeping up customer experience with the right CRM tools is a necessity. In this expert e-guide, learn 15 steps to improve the customer experience and how to use social CRM tools to your advantage.
Posted: 03 May 2017 | Published: 28 Apr 2017

Improve The Customer Experience Through New Technology, Better Insights
EGUIDE: In the age of the customer, the term customer experience is highly charged and constantly changing. What adds to this is the new technology being used in contact centers to improve the customer experience. In this e-guide, learn how artificial intelligence, chatbots, and better data insights are used to improve CX and increase customer loyalty.
Posted: 03 May 2017 | Published: 28 Apr 2017

Reaching New Heights in Omnichannel Customer Service
EGUIDE: This e-guide offers expert advice for creating a successful omnichannel customer experience by utilizing a unified user interface (UI), service clouds, self-service tools, and more. You'll also learn how to implement a unified contact record for customer interactions so that you can create a consistent, satisfying experience for your customers.
Posted: 02 Mar 2016 | Published: 26 Feb 2016

As Multichannel Intensifies, Call Centers Get a Wake Up Call
EGUIDE: The multi-channel mandate is forcing contact centers to make dramatic changes. From tools to knowledge, get expert advice to ensure your agents are fully prepared for any customer request, with tools such as customer listening posts, so that they can provide satisfying customer service.
Posted: 02 Mar 2016 | Published: 26 Feb 2016