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IT Leaders Can Be Brokers of Cloud Technology
sponsored by Cisco Systems, Inc.
WEBCAST: Check out this concise webcast to find out what IT leaders need to do to provide top-notch performance, security and control across the cloud infrastructure.
Posted: 08 Apr 2014 | Premiered: Feb 10, 2014

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Video: IT Priorities 2023 APAC
sponsored by TechTarget ComputerWeekly.com
VIDEO: Over half of respondents in this year's IT Priorities study have bigger IT budgets as they continue to make strategic investments in cyber security, cloud and automation. In this video, hear from TechTarget's APAC editor in chief on the top priorities of organisations and the major tech trends that are shaping IT buying decisions in the region.
Posted: 30 Mar 2023 | Premiered: 30 Mar 2023

TechTarget ComputerWeekly.com

IT Priorities 2018 - What are UK IT managers spending their budgets on?
sponsored by TechTarget ComputerWeekly.com
VIDEO: In this video, Computer Weekly's editor-in-chief, Bryan Glick, talks us through the key areas that IT managers in the UK are planning on spending their budgets on. Results and statistics are taken from Computer Weekly's 2018 IT Priorities survey in which over 250 IT decision makers took part.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Premiered: 02 May 2018

TechTarget ComputerWeekly.com

Get Quick & Easy Access to IT Staffing with IM Link
sponsored by Ingram Micro
WEBCAST: This webcast covers an IT staffing service that will help fill in the holes in your understaffed IT department however you need it, and without breaking the bank.
Posted: 12 Dec 2013 | Premiered: Oct 25, 2013

Ingram Micro

Changing the Perception of IT – What Your Customers Won't Tell You
sponsored by ServiceNow
WEBCAST: This webcast covers the negative perception of IT and how you can shake that image.
Posted: 28 Oct 2013 | Premiered: Oct 24, 2013


Azure CTO Talks Confidential Computing and Confidential AI
sponsored by Intel Tiber Trust Services
WEBCAST: Tune in to this informative webinar to explore the definitions of common confidential computing terms, Microsoft Azure’s use of Intel® Trust Authority, data sovereignty, code transparency, democratization of AI, and more.
Posted: 15 Dec 2023 | Premiered: Dec 16, 2023

Intel Tiber Trust Services

Secure Agile & DevOps: How It Gets Done
sponsored by Veracode, Inc.
WEBCAST: Hear from Adrian Lane, CTO of Securosis, and Chris Wysopal, CTO/CISO of Veracode, on building secure applications.
Posted: 24 May 2017 | Premiered: May 24, 2017

Veracode, Inc.

Azure CTO Talks Confidential Computing and Confidential AI InTechnology Podcast Intel Software
sponsored by Intel Tiber Trust Services
WEBCAST: Most organizations have frameworks in place to protect their data at rest. But what about the rest of the data lifecycle? Is your data safe while it’s being computed on?In this webcast, you’ll learn how confidential computing allows businesses to protect code and data while it’s in use by leveraging containers. Tune in now to learn more.
Posted: 16 May 2024 | Premiered: May 16, 2024

Intel Tiber Trust Services

Generative AI in cybersecurity: A double-edged sword
sponsored by F5 Inc.
WEBCAST: Generative AI has taken the tech landscape by storm due to its impressive utility across a plethora of use cases. In this webcast, F5 Field CTO, Bart Salaets, and F5 Distinguished Engineer and CTO of Systems and Platforms, Joel Moses, look at how generative AI is affecting the cybersecurity landscape. Tune in to learn more.
Posted: 22 Dec 2023 | Premiered: Dec 22, 2023

F5 Inc.

Video Part 2: Privacy Questions You Should Be Asking Your Cloud Service Provider
sponsored by Intel Security
WEBCAST: Jamie Tischart, Intel's CTO for Cloud/SaaS, offers privacy questions to ask your cloud service provider.
Posted: 21 Sep 2016 | Premiered: Sep 21, 2016

TOPICS:  IT Management
Intel Security

Video Part 3: Operational Questions You Should Be Asking Your Cloud Service Provider
sponsored by Intel Security
WEBCAST: Intel's CTO for Cloud/SaaS, Jamie Tischart, presents the operational questions to ask your cloud service provider.
Posted: 21 Sep 2016 | Premiered: Sep 21, 2016

TOPICS:  IT Management
Intel Security

Video Part 1: Security Questions You Should Be Asking Your Cloud Service Provider
sponsored by Intel Security
WEBCAST: Intel's CTO for Cloud/SaaS provides security questions to ask when vetting a cloud service or SaaS provider.
Posted: 21 Sep 2016 | Premiered: Sep 21, 2016

TOPICS:  IT Management
Intel Security

Coca-Cola Enterprises: Mobile Enterprise Supply Chain Integration
sponsored by Intel® Services
WEBCAST: Watch this webcast to discover how Coca-Cola Enterprises are customizing their IT through APIs.
Posted: 16 Apr 2014 | Premiered: Apr 16, 2014

Intel® Services

Demystifying Attack Surface Management (ASM)
sponsored by TD Synnex
PODCAST: To break down the popular term “attack surface management,” Hector Hernandez, Solution Architect at Logicalis, chats with David Wolpoff, CTO and Co-Founder at Randori, in this episode of Logicalis’s “Tech ChangeMakers Podcast.”
Posted: 18 Aug 2023 | Premiered: Aug 18, 2023

TD Synnex

Finding Product-Market Fit
sponsored by Notion Labs
WEBCAST: Join Julianna Lamb, Co-founder and CTO of Stytch, and Notion’s Co-founder and COO Akshay Kothari in this webcast to tackle the topic of determining and establishing product-market fit and carving out real business opportunities where gaps exist in your market(s).
Posted: 29 Mar 2024 | Premiered: Mar 29, 2024

Notion Labs

Improving JVM scalability and performance
sponsored by Azul
VIDEOCAST: John Davies, Technical Director, IONA and Gil Tene, CTO & co-founder of Azul Systems, discusses how Azul Compute Appliances solves scalability and performance problems in organizations due to their business critical Java applications.
Posted: 02 Aug 2007 | Premiered: Aug 2, 2007, 09:00 EDT (13:00 GMT)


Offensive and Defensive AI: Let's chat(GPT) About It
sponsored by Cato Networks
WEBCAST: To learn about how bad actors are leveraging ChatGPT and other generative AI tools – and to discover how to defend against those threats – check out this webcast, which features subject-matter experts from Cato Networks, Cybereason and Mitiga.
Posted: 02 Apr 2024 | Premiered: Apr 2, 2024

Cato Networks

From Confusion to Clarity: Comparing and Positioning Security Architectures
sponsored by F5 Inc.
WEBCAST: Today’s security architectures have evolved out of a need to defend IT architecture against evolving threats. In this webcast, F5 explores the state of security architectures, including how they have evolved over the last decade, and how organizations can streamline their operations. Watch now to learn more.
Posted: 07 Jun 2024 | Premiered: Jun 8, 2024

F5 Inc.

It's Tuesday: Do You Know if You’re Compromised?
sponsored by Trustwave
WEBCAST: To access insights from recent threat hunts conducted by Trustwave’s SpiderLabs, view this webcast.
Posted: 29 Feb 2024 | Premiered: Feb 29, 2024


Increase Loyalty & Reduce Fraud with Customer Identity-Driven Experiences
sponsored by Ping Identity Corporation
WEBCAST: Retailers need to leverage customer identity as part of their digital experience strategy. Join this webcast for a discussion about how a well-known, global, fast-casual dining organization implemented customer identity, risk-based authentication, user management, and identity orchestration.
Posted: 23 Apr 2024 | Premiered: Apr 23, 2024

Ping Identity Corporation

Part 1 - Mastering SBOMs - Best Practices
sponsored by Sonatype
WEBCAST: For DevSecOps processes, software bills of material (SBOMs) provide internal visibility into software to help better understand what is being used and where there could be a potential risk. In this webcast, experts from DXC, AWS, and Sonatype combine their expertise to discuss the importance of SBOMs in software development. Watch to learn more.
Posted: 21 Mar 2024 | Premiered: Mar 21, 2024


The Art of the Possible: What AI Means for Your Product Experience (PX) Strategy
sponsored by Akeneo
WEBCAST: In this exclusive Akeneo webinar with guest speakers from Forrester, Unifai and Havaianas International, gain valuable insights into harnessing AI to improve the employee, product, and customer experience, with practical applications that you can use today to future-proof for tomorrow.
Posted: 26 Apr 2024 | Premiered: Apr 26, 2024

All resources sponsored by Akeneo

Meet ScreenCloud OS - The Missing Operating System for Screens
sponsored by ScreenCloud
WEBCAST: Say goodbye to hardware headaches forever – the market-leading digital signage company has built the best media player to power digital display screens, period. Tune into this webinar to learn more.
Posted: 03 Oct 2023 | Premiered: Oct 3, 2023


Anatomy of a Database Attack
sponsored by Imperva
WEBCAST: Corporate databases are in constant danger. Outside criminals can exploit web applications and employees with malicious intent present an even greater threat. This webcast traces the steps involved in breaking into a database and presents a reference architecture and checklist for implementing iron-clad database security measures.
Posted: 12 Nov 2009 | Premiered: Nov 12, 2009


Informatica Ultra Messaging
sponsored by Informatica
WEBCAST: Legacy messaging technologies lack the performance and flexibility necessary to support today’s computing environments. Attend this webinar to learn how Informatica’s Ultra Messaging technology can help realize up to 10x performance improvements over legacy messaging solutions while dramatically reducing costs and improving deployment flexibility.
Posted: 08 Dec 2010 | Premiered: Dec 8, 2010