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Basic Building Blocks: Preparing for PCI DSS 2.0
sponsored by Veracode, Inc.
WEBCAST: With their own reputation and brands at risk, merchants and service providers must secure applications from potential vulnerabilities to comply with PCI DSS standards.
Posted: 04 Oct 2010 | Premiered: Oct 4, 2010

Veracode, Inc.

Building a Microsoft Security Roadmap that Haunts Your Hackers
sponsored by Netrix
WEBCAST: Watch this discussion on how the Virtual Twin of biomanufacturing processes and recipes, as well as the Virtual Twin of buildings, equipment and single-use kits, can help Life Sciences companies and CMOs implement modular and flexible drug manufacturing and accelerate industrialization, leading ultimately to more sustainable drug manufacturing.
Posted: 02 Nov 2023 | Premiered: Nov 2, 2023


Why Leading SaaS ISVs Choose the Oracle SaaS Platform
sponsored by Oracle Corporation
WEBCAST: Tune in to our panel of technology experts to learn how to build, deploy, and manage a SaaS solution that is architected right from the ground up.
Posted: 19 Mar 2009 | Premiered: Apr 15, 2009, 14:00 EDT (18:00 GMT)

Oracle Corporation

Path To the Cloud: Strategies for Building Open Cloud Enabled Infrastructure
sponsored by Oracle Corporation UK Ltd
VIDEO: In this webcast, watch as industry expert Robert Shimp explores how, with cloud at the core of your data center you can begin a whole new way of managing your IT. Discover how IoT adoption, the advent of 'cloudlets' containerization, and more can all have a positive impact on your business when put to good use.
Posted: 07 Mar 2017 | Premiered: 18 Jan 2017

Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

Modernize CRM and ecommerce: 4 steps
sponsored by IBM.
PODCAST: Tune in to this exclusive podcast with Martin Gill from Forrester Research to get a four-step guide to developing an agile commerce strategy that will enable your company to swiftly adapt to changing customer demands and new technology.
Posted: 27 Dec 2013 | Premiered: Dec 9, 2013


Building a Successful SDN Strategy for the Evolving Network Infrastructure
sponsored by Silver Peak
WEBCAST: GigaOM's research analyst Mark Leary and Silver Peak's virtualization and cloud expert, Vivian Xu, discuss the benefits of a SDN (Software-Defined Network). See how industry leaders are leveraging SDN principles to that overcome the challenges of moving data across distance and create more flexibility.
Posted: 31 Oct 2013 | Premiered: Aug 21, 2013

Silver Peak

Is Your Anesthesia Program a Partner or an Obstacle?
sponsored by Sound Physicians
WEBCAST: Unfortunately, many anesthesia programs cause friction and inefficiencies. Properly designed care teams alleviate anesthesia program obstacles and create a collaborative environment that promotes surgeon satisfaction, positive patient experiences, and OR throughput.
Posted: 22 Nov 2022 | Premiered: Sep 27, 2022

Sound Physicians

How an API Gateway and a Service Mesh Work Together in the Cloud Native World
sponsored by Kong
WEBCAST: With the emergence of service mesh technology, most of the IT industry has failed to realize how this technology partnered with the API gateway. While both gateways and service meshes provide multiple use cases, those organizations that understand how to take advantage of both are now building better applications. Watch this video to learn more.
Posted: 24 May 2023 | Premiered: May 24, 2023


Getting the Facts Straight: Mastering Composable Commerce
sponsored by Nacelle
WEBCAST: With so much misinformation surrounding the industry, many modern e-commerce technologies can be difficult to fully understand. However, to build an efficient and composable strategy, it’s crucial to know the ins and outs of digital commerce. Watch this webinar to learn more.
Posted: 21 Jun 2023 | Premiered: Jun 21, 2023


The only podcast dedicated to all things open banking.
sponsored by Axway
PODCAST: There are a lot of podcasts out there. The market is saturated. However, for those organizations in the financial services and banking sectors, then there is one that requires your attention. Mr. Open Banking is the only podcast dedicated to all things open banking and offers unique perspectives for financial leaders. Read on to see more.
Posted: 29 Mar 2023 | Premiered: Mar 29, 2023


Backup critical data with smart solutions
sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
VIDEO: Check out this short video to explore one industry-leading vendor's backup and data protection solutions. Whether you're just starting out, building momentum or expanding your business, these storage solutions for backup and data protection can help you. Watch now to learn more.
Posted: 14 Oct 2013 | Premiered: 07 Aug 2013

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Reply Video 3
sponsored by Reply
WEBCAST: As the world’s leading provider of channel best practices and how-to information for executives in the technology and telecom industries, Baptie & Co. and its Founder Rod Baptie know exactly what it takes to start and run a successful channel business.
Posted: 25 Jul 2023 | Premiered: Jul 25, 2023


Predictions: What does open source software supply chain security look like in 2023?
sponsored by Tidelift
VIDEO: For organizations that build applications in-house using open-source software, there are several barriers to overcome. However, there are tools and strategies to help them use open source more effectively while improving their security posture as well. Watch to learn more about what to expect when it comes to utilizing open source effectively.
Posted: 05 Apr 2023 | Premiered: 05 Apr 2023

All resources sponsored by Tidelift

Master Amadeus Self-Service APIs
sponsored by Amadeus
VIDEO: As organizations grow, one expensive growing pain is business travel. With fluctuating prices, and so many other variables that can affect business travel, having full control over your organization’s travel application is key. In this video, you will see a platform that can help you build, test, and deploy your own travel app. Watch to learn more.
Posted: 28 Nov 2023 | Premiered: 28 Nov 2023


Allstate's Analytics Center of Excellence Pushes the Data Science Innovation Pedal
sponsored by Domino Data Lab
VIDEO: By using data and analytics to support claims processing, delivery of quotas, and company-wide decision-making actions, Allstate leads the industry in applying models and AI to critical business problems. Listen in to this panel of industry experts to learn how you can deliver productivity gains for data scientists in your organization.
Posted: 16 Jun 2022 | Premiered: 16 Jun 2022

Domino Data Lab

Healthcare Networking Classroom
sponsored by TechTarget Health IT
VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT: Building wireless networks for use in the healthcare field can be challenging, especially in light of HIPAA privacy and security concerns. In these classroom lessons, learn how to overcome the challenges of building these networks, and hear from one hospital that has focused on making mobile technology integration part of its long-term strategy.
Posted: 12 Jun 2013 | Premiered: 10 Jun 2013

TechTarget Health IT

Dassault Systemes Video 3
sponsored by Dassault Systemes
WEBCAST: Watch this discussion on how the Virtual Twin of biomanufacturing processes and recipes, as well as the Virtual Twin of buildings, equipment and single-use kits, can help Life Sciences companies and CMOs implement modular and flexible drug manufacturing and accelerate industrialization, leading ultimately to more sustainable drug manufacturing.
Posted: 02 Nov 2023 | Premiered: Nov 2, 2023

Dassault Systemes

Efficiency Matters: How to Optimize Your Marketing and Sales Operations
sponsored by ConnectWise
WEBCAST: Building processes is a difficult feat for many businesses, and organizations are always looking for effective ways that they can enhance efficiency and drive accountability. However, most methods can slow teams down and prevent them from doing the work that matters. Watch this webinar to learn more.
Posted: 10 May 2023 | Premiered: May 10, 2023


Webcast: BDIG Overview
sponsored by IBM
WEBCAST: Subscribe today for exclusive access to the latest video content, articles, updates, and white papers from your industry experts and have the opportunity to speak with an IBM representative. Welcome to the community.
Posted: 11 Sep 2013 | Premiered: Sep 11, 2013


Security Analytics Security School
sponsored by TechTarget Security
VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT: Learn how to develop a customized program that delivers insightful, actionable security analytics. Key points of emphasis include defining success, identifying needs, developing and integrating data sources, and ultimately analyzing information and using it to make smarter security decisions.
Posted: 07 Feb 2014 | Premiered: 14 Feb 2014

TechTarget Security

Mastering the Mobile Marketplace: Build Your 5-Star App
sponsored by IBM
WEBCAST: Access this featured webcast and discover insights on building 5-star mobile applications, with an emphasis on the 7 prerequisites for successful development. Watch and learn which aspects can maximize your software.
Posted: 14 Jan 2015 | Premiered: Jan 14, 2015


Podcast: Automate lately? The value of automation with or without cloud
sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
PODCAST: This webcasts explains the fundamentals of automation and how it fits into a larger cloud strategy. Inside, get practical advice on where and how to get started.
Posted: 26 Nov 2013 | Premiered: Nov 18, 2013

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Running Production Databases on Red Hat OpenShift
sponsored by Red Hat & PortWorx
WEBCAST: Organizations that utilize open-source platforms built for Kubernetes containers know the benefits of being able to quickly build, develop, and deploy applications on almost any infrastructure, no matter if it’s public or private. But what most don’t consider is running databases and analytics within this platform. Read on to see why you should.
Posted: 14 Sep 2023 | Premiered: Sep 14, 2023

Red Hat & PortWorx

Security Operations Center (SOC) Essentials for the SME
sponsored by AT&T Cybersecurity
WEBCAST: Watch this webcast to develop a greater understanding about SOC and the benefits small and medium enterprises can gain from it.
Posted: 16 Jun 2014 | Premiered: Jun 16, 2014

AT&T Cybersecurity

How Successful Retailers Think About Strategy and Technology
sponsored by Ensono Limited
WEBCAST: As more companies continue to embrace the digital transformation, many are learning to leverage digitally-enabled retail in order to combat recent disruption. Watch this webinar to hear insight from retail and engagement specialists, as they discuss the best practices that retailers can use to accelerate digital transformation in their business.
Posted: 14 Nov 2022 | Premiered: Oct 19, 2022

Ensono Limited