ER/Studio 7.5

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Product Type: Database Modeling tool
Target User: Database Modeler

IT Problem: Embarcadero® ER/Studio®, an industry-leading data modeling tool, helps companies discover, document, and re-use data assets while providing intuitive reverse engineering, logical modeling, and physical modeling.

IT Download Description: Embarcadero ER/Studio, an industry-leading data modeling tool, helps companies discover, document, and re-use data assets. With round-trip database support, data architects have the power to easily reverse-engineer, analyze, and optimize existing databases. Truly separate but fully integrated logical and physical models meet the needs of both data architects and database developers to engineer sound databases. Comprehensive model management and collaboration capabilities simplify building and maintaining complex enterprise data models. Collaboration across teams is further enhanced with metadata interchange capabilities and XML schema support, empowering the extension of data standards and data governance into service oriented architecture (SOA)-based applications.

Download size: 125MB
Terms of Trial License: The trial download is for a 14-day time period. By downloading the software, you agree to be contacted by Embarcadero Technologies or an Embarcadero Partner according to our privacy policy. All information is confidential to Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. and its partners.

Special Requirements: "100 MB of hard disk storage 512 MB of RAM recommended (1 GB recommended for large diagrams. i.e. 1000+ entity range) 1024 x 768 Display Resolution recommended Windows® 2000, Windows XP & Windows 2003 Server, and Windows Vista (Ultimate and Business) - 32-bit architecture only (SP1 and SP2) Native Connections: Oracle®, IBM® DB2® UDB (LUW, iSeries and z/OS), SQL Server and Sybase® client libraries required ODBC Connections: For databases ER/Studio supports via ODBC, a valid ODBC driver is required"

Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Mar 6, 2008
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