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Analyzing the Economic Advantages of Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure
sponsored by Dell Technologies
WHITE PAPER: Learn about the quantitative and qualitative benefits organizations can expect by using Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure when compared to traditional on-premises environments and those that claim to be hybrid cloud solutions.
Posted: 13 Jun 2024 | Published: 13 Jun 2024

TOPICS:  Cloud Computing
Dell Technologies

Infographic: Analyzing the Economic Advantages of Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure
sponsored by Dell Technologies
WHITE PAPER: View this infographic to learn the substantial savings and benefits of Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Azure that were found in the Enterprise Strategy Group Report.
Posted: 13 Jun 2024 | Published: 13 Jun 2024

TOPICS:  Cloud Computing
Dell Technologies

6 Workloads Optimized on Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure
sponsored by Dell Technologies
WHITE PAPER: Learn about running diverse workloads on the APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure and how those workloads are optimized both in the cloud and on-premises, empowering organizations to unlock innovation across their IT environments.
Posted: 13 Jun 2024 | Published: 13 Jun 2024

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Dell Technologies

IDC: Business Value of Google Cloud VMware Engine
sponsored by Google
WHITE PAPER: Digital business leaders are relying more heavily on multicloud environments to meet the requirements of specific workloads with the best choice of infrastructure and cloud services. However, managing disparate environments adds complexity, which can be difficult for many workloads.
Posted: 29 May 2024 | Published: 29 May 2024

TOPICS:  Cloud Computing

How MoneySupermarket drives cloud cost efficiency with performance monitoring eBook
sponsored by Datadog
WHITE PAPER: Your cloud performance is as good as your monitoring practices. With the right insight into your processes, your organization can better adjust teams, processes, and technology to reduce cloud costs and improve cloud success. In this walkthrough, find a step-by-step guide to improving your cloud performance monitoring with ease.
Posted: 10 Dec 2021 | Published: 05 Aug 2020


Optimize today to transform tomorrow
sponsored by Ensono Limited
WHITE PAPER: While keeping the lights on seems less exciting than dramatic cloud migrations, it still deserves your attention—in fact, it’s still eating up some 70-80% of your budget. A distributed environment can make this investment worth it. Learn how in this guide.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Published: 31 Aug 2020

Ensono Limited

How Retailers Use LTE as Wireless WAN to Improve Service & Operations
sponsored by Cradlepoint
WHITE PAPER: Innovation is changing retail from the storefront to the back office and beyond. Because of this transformation, IT teams and the enterprise networks they manage have never been more important. In this white paper, explore emerging trends in retail IT and considerations for choosing futureproof edge network solutions for retail.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Published: 20 May 2020


Migrate, optimize, and modernize Windows Server with AWS
sponsored by Rackspace Technology & AWS
WHITE PAPER: To help customers meet long-term innovation goals, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is in the business of helping customers break free from the software upgrade and refresh cycle. Read this whitepaper to learn how Onica by Rackspace Technology, an AWS Migration Competency Partner, can help.
Posted: 21 Nov 2023 | Published: 21 Nov 2023

TOPICS:  Cloud Computing
Rackspace Technology & AWS

Understanding and Using Data Science and AI, at the Edge and in the Cloud
sponsored by Iguazio
WHITE PAPER: Download this e-guide to learn how to best position your AI projects to take advantage of both edge and cloud environments and discover how to achieve success with your data science initiatives.
Posted: 17 May 2021 | Published: 11 May 2021


The top 6 considerations to keep in mind when you’re planning your first move to the cloud
sponsored by OVH
WHITE PAPER: Why are businesses moving to the cloud? For some, it’s to reduce operations costs. For others, it’s a disaster recovery strategy. Some transition to the cloud to stay ahead of the market. Whatever the reasoning, there are different ways to go about cloud migration. Read this guide to plan your migration now.
Posted: 13 Feb 2020 | Published: 13 Feb 2020


Creating your own future proof Private Cloud with a Software-Defined Datacentre solution
sponsored by OVH
WHITE PAPER: One of the most promising paths to virtualization continues to be a software-defined data center (SDDC). A SDDC gives your organization access to the benefits of the private cloud while also delivering a unified configuration of applications, resources, and infrastructure. Read OVHcloud’s white paper to better understand the basics of the SDDC now.
Posted: 18 Dec 2019 | Published: 18 Dec 2019


Use case: Extend on-premises infrastructure with a hosted private cloud
sponsored by OVH
WHITE PAPER: For organizations with legacy infrastructures, even the act of planning a cloud migration strategy can seem nearly impossible. In this white paper, OVHcloud examines how a hosted private cloud offers an entry point to cloud technologies for organizations with legacy systems. Read the paper now to learn more.
Posted: 17 Dec 2019 | Published: 17 Dec 2019


The key benefits of future-proof Hosted Private Cloud
sponsored by OVH
WHITE PAPER: While the popularity of the cloud introduces security-related concerns, a clear benefit of software-centric data centers is the reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) required to operate an organization effectively. Find out the other positives of the private cloud in OVHcloud’s white paper here.
Posted: 16 Dec 2019 | Published: 16 Dec 2019


Infographic: Public Cloud
sponsored by TechTarget
WHITE PAPER: All you need to know about Public Cloud in one handy infographic. You're welcome.
Posted: 29 Oct 2019 | Published: 29 Oct 2019


Discover vCloud Availability
sponsored by VMware
WHITE PAPER: Cloud-based disaster recovery is one of the fastest-growing market segments for cloud services—and now, a single, unified solution has the potential to help cloud providers deliver critical services with even more ease. In this data sheet, explore how VMware vCloud Availability 3.0 can help you capitalize on that explosive demand.
Posted: 12 Apr 2019 | Published: 12 Apr 2019


Building the Business Case for Enterprise File Sync-and-Share
sponsored by Nasuni
WHITE PAPER: Based on market research, this guide uncovers the many purchase drivers nudging organizations in the direction of EFSS. Read on, as the content inside covers the features businesses are looking for in EFSS, the business problems EFSS can solve, the risks of going without EFSS (9 are detailed inside), and more.
Posted: 09 Mar 2018 | Published: 09 Mar 2018


Consider this before migrating to the cloud
sponsored by Citrix
WHITE PAPER: Which apps should I move to the cloud? Is a move to cloud really worth the cost? How do I avoid potential downtime caused by moving to the cloud? Find the answer to these questions, and many more, in this exclusive cloud migration guide.
Posted: 20 Oct 2017 | Published: 20 Oct 2017

TOPICS:  Cloud Computing

The Data Explosion: A Guide to Data-Management Cloud Services
sponsored by Oracle
WHITE PAPER: By 2019, the Internet of Things alone will have created over 500 Zettabytes of data. Inside, learn about a cloud database that lets you create dedicated on-demand test environments, provision your integrated app environment and infrastructure instantly, allow others to build apps with fast preinstalled tools, and more.
Posted: 26 Sep 2017 | Published: 26 Sep 2017


Leverage The Digital Edge: Solving Critical Digital Business Challenges Through Interconnection
sponsored by Equinix
WHITE PAPER: This paper describes new collaboration and business models, and explains how a new kind of architecture strategy empowers businesses to react in real time, adapt quickly to change, and leverage digital ecosystems to create new value and growth.
Posted: 19 Jun 2017 | Published: 19 Jun 2017


How Hybrid Cloud Management Systems can Boost Today's IT Management
sponsored by Faction
WHITE PAPER: Today's IT teams aren't 100% sold on hybrid cloud as the best strategy for their virtual data centers. The question then becomes 'how can you overcome the shortcomings of hybrid cloud, and generate a powerful platform that fits your customer's use cases'? Learn how to do this and more inside this expert-guide.
Posted: 07 Apr 2017 | Published: 03 Apr 2017

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Is It True That the Hybrid Cloud Definition Has Been Lost in Translation?
sponsored by Dell EMC and Intel®
WHITE PAPER: Not all IT pros are on the same page when it comes to the "true" definition of hybrid cloud. And unfortunately, the original definition has been lost in vendor marketing jargon. Download this guide to cut through the vendor jargon and discover the true definition of hybrid cloud, as our experts elaborate on the subject.
Posted: 07 Mar 2017 | Published: 06 Mar 2017

Dell EMC and Intel®

Identifying Cloud and Data Quality Opportunities for Big Data
sponsored by IBM
WHITE PAPER: Managing and analyzing data in the cloud has many benefits, but adoption levels remain relatively low, despite the potential benefits. Get the numbers behind leveraging the cloud for business intelligence and big data analytics, and find out how maximizing analytics' potential relies on the quality of your data.
Posted: 30 Jun 2016 | Published: 29 Jun 2016


Creating Resilient Architectures on Microsoft Azure
sponsored by Rackspace Technology
WHITE PAPER: Today's cloud environment requires a resilient architecture to ensure minimal business impact in the event of outages or failure. Explore this white paper to learn how to design and build the most resilient architecture possible for your business.
Posted: 25 Nov 2015 | Published: 25 Nov 2015

Rackspace Technology

Smart City as a Service: Using Analytics to Equip Communities for Data Driven Decisions
sponsored by IBM
WHITE PAPER: This white paper how to enable municipal IT managers to build a flexible cloud foundation and support a smart city service strategy. Read on to discover how to deploy on a secure hybrid cloud model to accommodate all workloads.
Posted: 05 Nov 2015 | Published: 05 Nov 2015


Mapping Out Your Hybrid Cloud Journey
sponsored by Dimension Data
WHITE PAPER: In this white paper, learn how you can map out your hybrid cloud journey based on today's infrastructure and where it needs to be in the future. Read on to learn common cloud routes and how to avoid the obstacles.
Posted: 08 Oct 2015 | Published: 08 Oct 2015

Dimension Data