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Creating an Online Parts Catalog to Increase Part Sales and Improve Aftermarket Customer Satisfaction
sponsored by Enigma, Inc.
WHITE PAPER: This white paper documents the experiences of three companies that have implemented Enigma's electronic parts catalogs.
Posted: 11 Mar 2008 | Published: 01 Jan 2008

Enigma, Inc.

Successfully Managing Programs and Risk in the Aerospace and Defense Industry
sponsored by Oracle Corporation
WHITE PAPER: Succeeding in this difficult environment requires an enterprise software solution that enables aerospace and defense companies to plan and execute programs and projects, demonstrate earned value compliance and manage resources and costs. Enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) applications help meet these challenges.
Posted: 05 Apr 2010 | Published: 19 Feb 2010

Oracle Corporation

Requirements Engineering for the Aerospace and Defense Industry
sponsored by IBM
WHITE PAPER: A requirements engineering approach can help product and systems development organizations work in harmony. Read this white paper for an exploration of requirements engineering and its important role in product development.
Posted: 12 Apr 2010 | Published: 22 Jun 2009


Small Form Factor (SFF) SAS - Meeting the Demanding Requirements in Specific Markets
sponsored by Xtore
WHITE PAPER: SAS technology has been proven to be the most versatile storage solution in data transfer and high performance. Read this white paper to learn about a solution that renders the necessary performance needed for your client's expanding market requirements.
Posted: 22 Aug 2007 | Published: 01 Aug 2007


Measuring the Business Impacts of Effective Data: Chapter One of a Three-Part Study
sponsored by Sybase, an SAP company
WHITE PAPER: This study of over 150 Fortune 1000 firms from every major industry or vertical explores issues associated with the lifeblood of today’s enterprises: data. The findings demonstrate the often dramatic impacts that even marginal investments in information technology can have when that technology addresses data quality, usability, and intelligence.
Posted: 02 Nov 2010 | Published: 02 Nov 2010

Sybase, an SAP company

Strategies for Profitable Growth - Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing
sponsored by SAP AG
WHITE PAPER: Examine the comprehensive strategies, solutions, and best practices for the aerospace and defense (A&D) manufacturing industry based on technical and business expertise. Learn best practices and strategies for profitable growth in your business.
Posted: 21 Feb 2008 | Published: 01 Jan 2005


Four Key Elements to Improving Systems Engineering in Aerospace and Defense
sponsored by IBM
WEBCAST: This webcast explores four key ways in which A&D companies can improve SE and looks at IBM Rational® solutions and approaches that can help organizations deliver quality products on time and within budget, while increasing efficiency and improving collaboration.
Posted: 13 Dec 2010 | Premiered: Dec 13, 2010


Preparing for Multiple Futures: Crafting a multi-faceted transformation agenda for the commercial aerospace industry
sponsored by AWS and Capgemini
RESEARCH CONTENT: To prepare for an uncertain future, the aerospace industry must embrace a multi-faceted transformation agenda. This includes leveraging digital continuity and intelligent supply chain capabilities to increase production, improve resilience, and drive sustainability. Read the full report to learn how to build the future-ready aerospace business.
Posted: 09 Jul 2024 | Published: 09 Jul 2024

AWS and Capgemini

Transforming Aviation: The Power of Lifecycle Analysis for Aircraft Parts
sponsored by AWS and Capgemini
WHITE PAPER: This white paper explores how Capgemini and AWS's Lifecycle Optimization for Aerospace platform can help the aviation industry digitize aircraft maintenance history, enhance parts traceability, and maximize reuse to boost efficiency and sustainability. Learn how this platform can transform your operations.
Posted: 09 Jul 2024 | Published: 09 Jul 2024

AWS and Capgemini

Capgemini and AWS announce the launch of a technology platform to improve the lifespan of aircraft parts
sponsored by AWS and Capgemini
CASE STUDY: Capgemini and AWS have launched a platform to optimize the lifespan of aircraft parts, automating inspection and analysis to increase reuse and recycling. Major industry players like Air France and Safran are among the first users. Read the full case study to learn more.
Posted: 09 Jul 2024 | Published: 09 Jul 2024

AWS and Capgemini

3D printing: bringing better products to market faster
sponsored by Stratasys, Ltd
WHITE PAPER: Discover how 3D printing can help your organization bring better products to market faster.
Posted: 28 Apr 2014 | Published: 28 Feb 2014

Stratasys, Ltd

Cyber defense: Understanding and combating the threat
sponsored by IBM
WHITE PAPER: The Global Defense Solutions Projects and Defense Exchange Conference (SPADE) is held annually to bring together organizations involved in network-centric operations, intelligence activities and other defense aspects. This resource explains some of the important topics.
Posted: 20 Jul 2012 | Published: 20 Jul 2012


2009 ERP Report: Hospitality and Entertainment
sponsored by Panorama Consulting Group
ANALYST REPORT: This part of Panorama’s ERP Report outlines the use of ERP software at companies in the hospitality and entertainment industry, including a comparison of ERP results to other industries. This study includes ERP implementation results surrounding average budget, duration, actual costs, and implementation variables.
Posted: 03 Nov 2009 | Published: 03 Nov 2009

Panorama Consulting Group

The Total Economic Impact™ Of ADP Global Payroll
sponsored by ADP
FORRESTER TOTAL ECONOMIC IMPACT REPORT: Payroll is a key function in all organizations — and it’s crucial to get it right. For many firms with a global presence, conducting payroll is exacerbated by ever-changing regulatory requirements and local legislation. Download this Forrester report to gain insights into the cost savings and business benefits enabled by ADP Global Payroll.
Posted: 18 Jan 2024 | Published: 18 Jan 2024


3D Printing Is at a Tipping Point
sponsored by TechTarget CIO
EBOOK: In this handbook, read about the use cases for 3D printing and the challenges ahead, the role CIOs can play in the field, and how the technology will impact the market.
Posted: 09 Mar 2016 | Published: 09 Mar 2016

TechTarget CIO

30 top edge computing companies to watch in 2022
sponsored by TechTarget
INFOGRAPHIC: With the amount of data organizations are generating today, IT leaders should consider edge computing technologies to keep all that data closer to the edge. In this infographic, we point out 30 vendors that are investing heavily in edge technologies to help organisations as they build edge computing ecosystems.
Posted: 18 Jan 2022 | Published: 18 Jan 2022


Publishing Test
sponsored by Lead Approval II Test Org
ANALYST BRIEF: Publishing Test
Posted: 08 Nov 2018 | Published: 08 Nov 2018

All resources sponsored by Lead Approval II Test Org

Cyber Resilience in Healthcare
sponsored by FinThrive
WEBCAST: Healthcare was the most targeted industry for cyberattacks last year, affecting almost a third of Americans. One healthcare provider got the worst of it, and a ripple effect forced organizations like FinThrive to spring into defensive action. Discover how they navigated these post-breach challenges with accelerated solutions in this webinar.
Posted: 17 May 2024 | Premiered: May 17, 2024


Empowering Cyber Defence Talent in an Age of Automation
sponsored by Verizon
WHITE PAPER: This white paper examines how automation and AI can empower defense talent in Australia. It explores strategies for boosting productivity and leveraging global standards. Read the full white paper to review automation success stories.
Posted: 10 Jul 2024 | Published: 17 Jul 2024


Guide to ransomware in 2024: Trends, statistics and more
sponsored by Gradient Cyber
EGUIDE: What ransomware trends should you expect throughout 2024? Here to answer that question is IT Consultant Sean Michael Kerner. Read this E-Guide to unlock 10 pages of Kerner’s ransomware insights, which explore noteworthy ransomware statistics and much more.
Posted: 04 Apr 2024 | Published: 03 Apr 2024

Gradient Cyber

E-Book: Compliance in the EU, U.S.A.-- Learn What U.S. Companies Need to Know About European Union Compliance and Vice Versa
sponsored by TechTarget Security
EBOOK: Read this e-book to learn about compliance differences in the U.S.A. and the EU, and differences between global business continuity standards.
Posted: 05 Feb 2010 | Published: 05 Feb 2010

TechTarget Security

CORE Security and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
sponsored by Core Security Technologies
WHITE PAPER: This informative resource explores a security testing method that ensures PCI DSS validation and compliance to keep payment cardholder data protected from cybercrime at all times.
Posted: 09 Oct 2013 | Published: 09 Oct 2013

Core Security Technologies

Securing Virtualized Environments: The Imperative of Preemptive Protection
sponsored by Centripetal Networks
WHITE PAPER: Virtualized environments face unique security challenges due to vulnerabilities in VDI and virtual server technologies. This white paper explores how intelligence-powered cybersecurity can deliver preemptive protection against exploits, reducing the risk of damaging breaches during the patching window. Read the full white paper to learn more.
Posted: 11 Jun 2024 | Published: 11 Jun 2024

Centripetal Networks

Computer Weekly – 9 February 2016: How Software Protects People
sponsored by TechTarget
EZINE: In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how software is helping to maintain safety in high-risk sectors such as oil and gas, aerospace and healthcare. We offer six tips from CIOs for innovation with data. And we examine the continuing threat to businesses from denial of service cyber attacks. Read the issue now.
Posted: 05 Feb 2016 | Published: 09 Feb 2016


Oracle Database Optimization for MSC SimManager using Oracle's Sun Flash
sponsored by Oracle Corporation
WHITE PAPER: This paper will provide best practice configuration guidelines for using latest storage and server technology (Oracle's Sun FlashFire technology storage devices along with Oracle's Sun servers) to optimize such simulation management solutions.
Posted: 21 Dec 2010 | Published: 21 Dec 2010

Oracle Corporation

Beyond the Next Generation: Meeting the Converging Demands of Network Security
sponsored by IBM
WHITE PAPER: Read this whitepaper to learn more about rising to the converging demands of network security. Topics covered include the evolution of network security, the development of "next-generation" approaches, use cases and more.
Posted: 04 Sep 2013 | Published: 30 Sep 2012


The 2024 Remediation Operations Report
sponsored by Seemplicity
ANALYST REPORT: As cybersecurity budgets surge, organizations struggle to manage excessive tool noise and fragmentation. This report explores the need for proactive vulnerability management through automation and AI. Read the full Analyst Report to learn how to streamline your security operations.
Posted: 17 Jul 2024 | Published: 17 Jul 2024