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Presentation Transcript: Governance in Project Portfolio Management
This is a transcript of a presentation by Brian Turner, Chief Service Delivery Officer at Point consulting firm. He discusses how to keep governance relevant and effective in today’s tough times, what factors drive effective governance structures and what strategies make those governance structures in your organization more effective.


Project Workforce Management for Service Organizations
Professional services automation is not flexible enough to overcome the challenges associated with delivering services. Read this paper to learn how project workforce management can improve collaboration between your organization and its customers.


Outsourcing IT Projects to Managed Hosting or the Cloud
This guide explores the 12 success factors IT professionals should consider when looking to outsource IT projects to managed hosting or the cloud.

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Password Management Project Roadmap
As today’s organizations deploy an ever-growing number of complex systems, password management problems choke help desk systems, cause expensive delays and lost productivity, and threaten to compromise security. This document will guide you through the entire life of a successful password management project.

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Case Study: Better Project Management in Live Environments
PGS had strict tech requirements for its oil services. Learn how they achieved the computing capacity they needed.

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Project Portfolio Management for the Skeptical IT Organization
This Webcast discusses how PPM can increase efficiency in IT organizations, better align IT with business goals and improve project execution. Learn how web-based solutions have made PPM easy to implement and use, and affordable.


Outsourcing IT Projects to Managed Hosting or the Cloud
View this white paper to discover 12 critical success factors when outsourcing IT to managed hosting or the cloud.

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Optimizing Requirements Management
In this expert e-guide, explore best practices for requirements management across development environments (agile, waterfall, and more) and zero in on the importance of end-user goals in the development process.


Stop Wasting 45% of Your Day
Accesst this featured white paper to find 3 common barriers to workplace productivity, and the essential solutions to resolving them. Read on to see how you can realign your project management methodology and increase productivity while reducing wasted time.


Agile Portfolio Management
Access this interactive presentation to explore how strategic portfolio planning can help your business cultivate innovation, and learn why an agile approach to portfolio management can help you overcome the shortcomings of traditional methods.

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