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Oracle To Aws Postgres Migration For A Leading Secondary Mortgage Firm
CASE STUDY: Legacy data warehouses are limited in their capabilities that are necessary for companies to efficiently create value with their data today Read on to understand how a leading secondary mortgage firm was able to reduce total cost of ownership and increase data agility by leveraging Amaze to migrate their data and applications from Oracle to AWS.
Posted: 21 Jun 2022 | Published: 21 Jun 2022


Discover The Power Of Automation For Application Cloud Re-platforming
WHITE PAPER: Manual methods of data transformation can pose several challenges with respect to time, cost, complexity and negates the TCO benefits derived from cloud migration. Luckily, automation has made it easier to achieve the full benefits of a cloud migration. Read on to learn why automation is critical for success in re-platforming to the cloud.
Posted: 17 Jun 2022 | Published: 17 Jun 2022


Application & Data Modernization
WHITE PAPER: An effective strategy is needed for a successful cloud transformation journey. Read on to learn about a 3-step modernization approach that enterprises can utilize to more effectively choose the right applications for modernization on cloud and navigate the right path to achieve those targets.
Posted: 16 Jun 2022 | Published: 16 Jun 2022


Amaze Application + Data Modernization
PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Thanks to high levels of automation, assessing and migrating data to the cloud can now be done much more efficiently. Explore this product brochure as well as a case study on a secondary mortgage company that used Amaze ® to replatform its database.
Posted: 13 Jun 2022 | Published: 13 Jun 2022


Db2 To Aws Aurora Postgres Db Application Cloud Replatforming For A Leading Data Analytics Firm
CASE STUDY: In the interest of saving time and money, companies are shifting away from legacy applications and databases to cloud. Explore this case study to understand how a large data analytics firm was able to use Hexaware’s Amaze, an automated cloud re-platforming product suite, to achieve rapid cloud migration to the cloud without the headaches.
Posted: 10 Jun 2022 | Published: 10 Jun 2022


SAP Application Migration Made Easy
WHITE PAPER: This paper presents implementation vision for faster, more efficient and cost effective migration, from PeopleSoft to SAP, through a viable solution.
Posted: 01 Nov 2011 | Published: 31 Oct 2011

Offshoring ETL Development in EPM projects
WHITE PAPER: In this white paper, discover the benefits of off-shoring and the challenges that stand in the way of a successful outsourced project.
Posted: 01 Nov 2011 | Published: 31 Oct 2011

Clinical Approach to Technical Upgrade
WHITE PAPER: In this paper, discover the reasons why you should be considering an SAP upgrade to improve enterprise resource planning (ERP) and how to get started. Learn about new features of the latest SAP release as well as the technical advances and new technologies available to you.
Posted: 01 Nov 2011 | Published: 27 Oct 2011

Leading Pharmaceutical Company Reduces Costs to Meet CFR Compliance Through Digital Signature Implementation
CASE STUDY: In this brief case study, discover eSignature's method of capturing electronic signatures at appropriate points in the work flows, storing relevant information, and enabling an audit trail to be retrieved for each applicable asset.
Posted: 31 Oct 2011 | Published: 27 Oct 2011

Power of Predictive Analytics
WHITE PAPER: A comprehensive look at the full potential of business intelligence (BI) and how you can use it to predict trends in your business.
Posted: 12 Sep 2011 | Published: 12 Sep 2011

Data Mart Consolidation
WHITE PAPER: This white paper explores how Data Mart consolidation is an effective tool for saving money when dealing with large volumes of data.
Posted: 12 Sep 2011 | Published: 12 Sep 2011

Retail Banking Test Suite IP
WHITE PAPER: Hexaware's Retail Banking Testing Intellectual Property (RBT IP) aims at supporting retail banking application / products across the globe by reducing the overhead of dependencies on SMEs and brings in the concept of reusability.
Posted: 20 May 2008 | Published: 01 Mar 2008

The Age of Electronic Ticketing
WHITE PAPER: Electronic ticketing or e-ticketing is a recent development in the transport industry designed to eliminate the need for paper based ticketing and to facilitate the check-in procedures at airports and train stations.
Posted: 20 May 2008 | Published: 01 Aug 2006

PeopleSoft Testing
WHITE PAPER: The PeopleSoft Testing Accelerator Kit reduces the overhead of traceability and brings in the concept of reusability.
Posted: 20 May 2008 | Published: 01 Mar 2008

Financial Giant Cuts Costs through Offshore Testing Services
WHITE PAPER: Learn how one company was able to utilize cost effective offshore support for use acceptance testing (UAT) of customer applications, ensuring cost benefits and reduce failure rates.
Posted: 10 Apr 2008 | Published: 01 Apr 2008

Leading Energy Utility Company Increases Efficiency Through PeopleSoft Financials and HRMS Systems Upgrades
WHITE PAPER: Explore the four phases of the lifecycle for the upgrade methodology of an on-site delivery model that provides upgrade services to enable one organization to achieve its business objects.
Posted: 10 Apr 2008 | Published: 01 Apr 2008