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Optimize Programs and Fulfill Mandate Expectations with Project and Portfolio Governance
With Oracle's Primavera Portfolio Management's enterprise approach to governance, agency executives can align projects with strategic goals, balance spending and assess risk. Plus, strategic governance provides greater levels of transparency and accountability, so compliance is never an issue and the return on taxpayer's funds is always rewarding.

Oracle Corporation

The Transformational CIO
This ebook presents CIOs and IT executives with a modern approach to becoming change agents and drive innovation within their organizations


The Capital Delivery Revolution and Technology: Connecting Capital Planning, Construction, and Everything in Between
This white paper recognizes three principal solution areas in the capital project delivery lifecycle: project design, project execution, and organizational governance. In particular, it addresses the area of project execution and the means available today to drive successful project delivery on a consistent basis.

Oracle Corporation

The Anatomy of an Archiving Project
Corporations worldwide rely on archiving as a best practice to control costs, improve service levels and automate data retention across multiple business areas.

Princeton Softech

7 Success Factors for Today's Supply Chain Projects
In today’s economic climate, no manufacturer can afford to fund any supply chain management (SCM) project that fails to deliver results. This white paper describes seven success factors for today’s SCM projects, which have been identified by seasoned executives with decades of experience in the field.


Enable Project-Centric Manufacturing with Business Software
Project-centric manufacturing business models that involve outsourcing and short product lifecycles expose manufacturers to a number of risks they were not vulnerable to previously.


MKS Instruments sees things more clearly with SPM
MKS pride themselves on their willingness to engage with their customers, but due to their growth, they couldn’t unify their many different tools. These legacy tools were all replaced with ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), providing streamlined access to project management and project data. Read on to learn more.


Giving Your Oracle Hardware Performance a Shot in the Arm
In this expert handbook, discover three ways to boost Oracle database and application performance that normal Oracle development thinking might cause you to overlook: selecting metrics for server hardware, improving project management, and harnessing in-memory processing.

EMC Corporation

Building a Business Case for an Enterprise Work Management Solution
Read this white paper to understand why staying with the status quo or implemetning a partial solution is not only ineffective at solving work management issues, but could be costing enterprises millions of dollars every year.


Walk the Line in Managing Big Data Analytics Efforts
Big data projects are opportunities for data scientists to enhance company operations, but they have to keep in mind time and governance constraints.

TechTarget Data Management