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Generative AI Is Here: Are You Ready?
sponsored by Dell Technologies and NVIDIA
WHITE PAPER: While still in its infancy, Generative AI is already being leveraged on a massive scale by organizations and individuals. In a Dell survey, 91% of business and IT leaders report they are using Generative AI in their lives in some capacity, and 71% indicate they’ve used it for work.
Posted: 26 Feb 2024 | Published: 26 Feb 2024

Dell Technologies and NVIDIA

Top 10 business applications stories of 2018
sponsored by TechTarget
WHITE PAPER: The steady modernisation of ERP systems, as they edge to the cloud and are complemented by new-generation customer software, was markedly evident this year. And blockchain and AI are making inroads. In this e-guide, Computer Weekly takes a look at the top 10 business applications of 2018.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Published: 03 Jan 2019


Using a Machine Learning Data Catalog to Reboot Data Governance
sponsored by Alation
WHITE PAPER: Inside, discover how to innovate your existing data governance strategy with the help of an intelligent data catalog. Explore how an intelligent data catalog can help streamline operational compliance with data governance expectations, and decide if an intelligent data catalog is right for your organization's data governance goals.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Published: 26 Aug 2019


Report: A new horizon for financial services powered by generative AI
sponsored by Amazon Web Services
WHITE PAPER: As generative AI's potential for financial services crystallizes, this framework aims to distinguish hype from reality and help guide your successful implementation. Download this analyst report now to learn more.
Posted: 16 May 2024 | Published: 16 May 2024

Amazon Web Services

Designing Artificial Intelligence for Games (Part 1)
sponsored by Intel Software Network
WHITE PAPER: This article begins a four part series that explores the following important AI concepts and how to optimize them to run on today’s cutting edge multi-core processors.
Posted: 14 Aug 2009 | Published: 20 Jun 2009

Intel Software Network

AI Done Wisely Delivers Better, Faster, and More Scalable IT
sponsored by ServiceNow
WHITE PAPER: It’s time to move IT beyond the traditional “better, faster, cheaper — pick any two” conundrum. With the help of AI, virtual agents, and machine learning, organizations can tap into these technological innovations to improve operations across all three variables. Read this ebook to learn how.
Posted: 01 Dec 2021 | Published: 15 Jul 2020


Modernizing Enterprise Storage for Machine Learning and Analytics Workloads
sponsored by WekaIO
WHITE PAPER: Highlighted in this custom white paper is a storage solution that offers the simplicity of NAS coupled with the scalability, performance, and simplified management that machine learning, AI, and analytics workloads require.
Posted: 03 May 2019 | Published: 30 Apr 2019


Understanding and Using Data Science and AI, at the Edge and in the Cloud
sponsored by Iguazio
WHITE PAPER: Download this e-guide to learn how to best position your AI projects to take advantage of both edge and cloud environments and discover how to achieve success with your data science initiatives.
Posted: 17 May 2021 | Published: 11 May 2021


What Successful AI Looks Like: Understanding AI/ML Infrastructure & Operationalization
sponsored by Iguazio
WHITE PAPER: AI and ML projects are far different than app development, or any other IT project. For this reason, it’s essential that you understand the infrastructure requirements underpinning it. Download this expert guide to discover the unique ins and outs that are crucial to seeing AI and ML success in development, deployment, and operationalization.
Posted: 03 May 2021 | Published: 29 Apr 2021


Designing Artificial Intelligence for Games (part 2)
sponsored by Intel Software Network
WHITE PAPER: This article gets dangerously close to real artificial intelligence (AI). All intelligent agents need to have a basic ability to perceive their environment and some means of navigating and moving within the world around them-be it real or otherwise. Read on to learn more about AI.
Posted: 17 Aug 2009 | Published: 11 Jun 2009

Intel Software Network