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M-Trends 2024 Special Report: Today’s top cybersecurity trends
RESEARCH CONTENT: The M-Trends 2024 Special Report is a must-read for security practitioners and security leaders driven to stay one step ahead of rapidly evolving cyber threats. These learnings help increase cybersecurity awareness and lead to enabling action for improved cyber defense capabilities against future compromise.
Posted: 07 May 2024 | Published: 07 May 2024


Worldwide Cybersecurity Consulting Services 2024 Vendor Assessment
ANALYST REPORT: In this IDC MarketScape study, IDC assesses the following cybersecurity consulting offerings: cybersecurity strategy planning and program transformation services, security architecture assessment and design services, and cyber-resilience consulting services.
Posted: 16 Apr 2024 | Published: 16 Apr 2024


Getting Ahead of Ransomware and Extortion Attacks
WHITE PAPER: Caught in the middle of a complex supply chain that never sleeps, supply chain vendors and service providers are often unable to take a step back to address and evolve their outdated systems. Download this white paper to learn what experts from Mandiant have learned about the state of supply chain ransomware attacks.
Posted: 02 Apr 2024 | Published: 02 Apr 2024


Preparing for Cyber Defense and Maintaining Security Control
WHITE PAPER: Mandiant report: Preparing cyber defense requires unified command to break down silos. Intelligence, detection, response, validation, and hunting functions must coordinate via command-control. Metrics track effectiveness. Read for a use case demonstrating how cross-functional collaboration resolves incidents faster.
Posted: 26 Mar 2024 | Published: 26 Mar 2024


Cyber Risk Management Operations Service
PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Cyber risks demand effective management. This white paper examines cyber risk operations, identifying capabilities to advance threat visibility, align threats with critical assets, and enable risk-based decisions. It provides a methodology and framework to continuously improve risk mitigation. Read now to enhance your cyber risk program.
Posted: 22 Mar 2024 | Published: 22 Mar 2024


4 Phases of Cybersecurity Crisis Communications
WHITE PAPER: Mandiant details 4 cybersecurity crisis communication phases: readiness, assurance, response, and review. Their guide offers strategies for informing stakeholders during cyber incidents. Discover how to foster trust and brand resilience in a crisis.
Posted: 21 Mar 2024 | Published: 21 Mar 2024


Red Team Operations (RTO)
PRODUCT OVERVIEW: How do you know your security is sufficient to defend against an attack if it has never faced one? Mandiant’s Red Team Operations (RTO) engagement recreates a real-world attack scenario in your environment using any non-destructive methods necessary. Read on to learn more.
Posted: 21 Mar 2024 | Published: 21 Mar 2024


Incident Response Retainer
PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Mandiant Incident Response Retainer services reduce breach impact with rapid response, pre-negotiated terms, dedicated experts, and guaranteed SLAs. Read this product overview to learn how prepaid hours provide flexibility to repurpose for strategic and technical needs.
Posted: 21 Mar 2024 | Published: 21 Mar 2024


Cyber Defense Assessment
PRODUCT OVERVIEW: This white paper details a cyber defense assessment for evaluating and improving an organization's security program across six critical functions. It offers workshops, exercises, and testing to identify gaps and build a prioritized roadmap. Read now to assess your cyber defense capabilities.
Posted: 19 Mar 2024 | Published: 19 Mar 2024


Crown Jewels Security Assessment
PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Secure vital assets with a Crown Jewels Security Assessment. Identify key risks, implement safeguards, and get an asset risk model, roadmap, and framework for ongoing alignment. Consult the full report to think like an attacker and balance innovation with security.
Posted: 19 Mar 2024 | Published: 19 Mar 2024


Proactive Cybersecurity: 6 Critical Tasks to Mitigate Risk
WHITE PAPER: This paper details 6 key cybersecurity tactics to reduce risk. It offers advice on comprehending attack surfaces, fortifying endpoints, limiting external protocols, enforcing robust MFA, boosting monitoring, and refining incident response. For an in-depth look at these proactive measures, read it now.
Posted: 19 Mar 2024 | Published: 19 Mar 2024

TOPICS:  Cybersecurity

Cyber Crisis Communication Planning and Response Services
PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Magnifying awareness of an incident and engaging more stakeholders helps adversaries achieve their mission. Try an alternative tactic: Cyber Crisis Communication Services. This product overview explains Mandiant’s services and 3 pillars of an effective incident communications approach.
Posted: 19 Mar 2024 | Published: 19 Mar 2024

Guide to Workplace Collaboration Tools
EGUIDE: What features do you need in a collaboration tool? The right tool could mean the difference between business success and business stagnation – especially as changes like remote work and digitization continue to transform the workplace as we know it.
Posted: 20 Jul 2020 | Published: 20 Jul 2020

TOPICS:  Collaboration | VoIP

Microsoft Teams vs. Zoom: Can Teams replace Zoom?
EGUIDE: Zoom became a household name nearly overnight thanks to COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders. But as businesses begin to reopen and employees return to the office, IT departments are weighing their collaboration options: should you continue paying for Zoom, or should you adopt a similar tool that may be a better long-term fit?
Posted: 20 Jul 2020 | Published: 20 Jul 2020

Solving the BYOD Puzzle with Google Apps
WHITE PAPER: This resource explores the challenges of the bring your own device (BYOD) trend an introduces how Google Apps allows both data and functionality to live in the cloud, overcoming these challenges.
Posted: 08 Mar 2013 | Published: 31 Dec 2012

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook
WHITE PAPER: This paper provides an overview of Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook, which eases the transition to Google Apps by providing all the benefits of the Google cloud to users of Outlook.
Posted: 01 Mar 2011 | Published: 01 Mar 2011

E-Zine: Enterprise CIO Decisions: CIO Perspectives on Cloud Computing
EZINE: If there’s an overhyped term today, it is cloud computing. Cautiously optimistic might be one way to describe some of those attitudes presented in this edition of Enterprise CIO Decisions: Many see the benefits, but costs, risk and uncertainty still prevail. At the very least, cloud computing is forcing IT professionals to innovate.
Posted: 15 Feb 2011 | Published: 15 Feb 2011

E-Book: Cloud Computing in the UK - The Next Phase
EBOOK: This e-book is meant to provide guidance for managing applications in the cloud. Read on to learn why cloud adoption is ramping up in the UK, strategies for migrating and integrating new cloud models into your existing infrastructure, best practices from CIOs, solution providers and analysts, and much more!
Posted: 01 Nov 2010 | Published: 01 Nov 2010

Exchange Insider E-Zine - Volume 4: The Exchange Migration Path Is Paved With Caution
EZINE: Volume 4 of the Exchange Insider e-zine looks at how diminished budgets will affect IT pros’ migration plans in 2010—and where Exchange Server 2010 fits into their roadmaps. Also discover tools you need to troubleshoot mail flow issues and to tackle the perpetual question of how much security is needed for your Exchange environment.
Posted: 27 Oct 2010 | Published: 27 Oct 2010

Exchange Insider E-Zine - Volume 5: When Disaster Strikes in Exchange Server 2010
EZINE: Volume 5 of the Exchange Insider e-zine looks at how Exchange Server 2010’s database availability groups can ease an administrator’s backup and disaster recovery stress. Also learn how Forefront Protection 2010 can help defend Exchange 2010 servers from spam and malware attacks, and best practices for email archiving and e-discovery.
Posted: 27 Oct 2010 | Published: 27 Oct 2010

Should Your Email Live In The Cloud? A Comparative Cost Analysis
ANALYST REPORT: This analyst report presents a spreadsheet cost model to help you calculate your fully loaded on premise email costs and compare it against cloud-based alternatives.
Posted: 18 Oct 2010 | Published: 05 Jan 2009

Should Your Email Live In The Cloud? A Comparative Cost Analysis
ANALYST REPORT: This report presents a spreadsheet cost model to help you calculate your fully loaded on-premise email costs and compare it against cloud-based alternatives. Bottom line: Cloud-based email makes sense for companies or divisions as large as 15,000 users.
Posted: 05 Aug 2010 | Published: 05 Jan 2009

Presentation Transcript: 3 Reasons to Consider Google Apps
PRESENTATION TRANSCRIPT: Read this presentation transcript with John Buckholz, VP of IT, to learn how Google Apps compares to on premise and hosted Microsoft Exchange, how LCC migrated the company intranet from Microsoft Sharepoint to Google Sites, and more!
Posted: 17 Mar 2010 | Published: 17 Mar 2010

Presentation Transcript: Migration from Microsoft Exchange 2007 to Google Apps
PRESENTATION TRANSCRIPT: Read this presentation transcript to learn about Delta Hotels and Resorts unique cloud computing strategy encompassing Google Apps and other community-building tools.
Posted: 15 Mar 2010 | Published: 15 Mar 2010

Presentation Transcript: Ten Steps to Evaluate Google Apps for Lotus Domino Users
PRESENTATION TRANSCRIPT: This transcript of the "Ten Steps to Evaluate Google Apps" webcast provides you with 10 steps for organizations that currently use Lotus Notes/Domino to determine if Google Apps is a good fit. Learn how to select a pilot project, calculate ROI and estimate training requirement to assist you in your decision making.
Posted: 01 Dec 2009 | Published: 01 Dec 2009