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Measuring the Business Impacts of Effective Data: Chapter One of a Three-Part Study
sponsored by Sybase, an SAP company
WHITE PAPER: This study of over 150 Fortune 1000 firms from every major industry or vertical explores issues associated with the lifeblood of today’s enterprises: data. The findings demonstrate the often dramatic impacts that even marginal investments in information technology can have when that technology addresses data quality, usability, and intelligence.
Posted: 02 Nov 2010 | Published: 02 Nov 2010

Sybase, an SAP company

Small Form Factor (SFF) SAS - Meeting the Demanding Requirements in Specific Markets
sponsored by Xtore
WHITE PAPER: SAS technology has been proven to be the most versatile storage solution in data transfer and high performance. Read this white paper to learn about a solution that renders the necessary performance needed for your client's expanding market requirements.
Posted: 22 Aug 2007 | Published: 01 Aug 2007


Threat hunting – what, why and how
sponsored by Kaspersky
EBOOK: Take a look through this e-book for an introduction to modern threat hunting tools, and learn how a proactive, pre-emptive approach to threat management can help minimize harm and strengthen future security controls.
Posted: 30 Aug 2022 | Published: 30 Aug 2022


How to Become a Threat Hunter
sponsored by Cisco Systems Inc.
EGUIDE: Much of hunting is instinct, and when it comes to hunting cyberthreats, it’s no different. Threat hunters are good at what do because they aren’t as ‘by-the-book’ as other professionals. But they do have a set of learnable skills that make them successful. Download this e-guide featuring Gartner analyst John Collins to know what these skills are.
Posted: 14 Apr 2021 | Published: 07 Apr 2021

Cisco Systems Inc.

Information Security Magazine – The Hunt for Data Analytics
sponsored by TechTarget Security
EZINE: Big data and analytics show promise for better threat detection. Should these technologies be combined with SIEM products, or is it time to move beyond these high alert systems?
Posted: 02 Mar 2015 | Published: 02 Mar 2015

TechTarget Security

Allure of the threat hunter draws companies large and small
sponsored by TechTarget Security
EZINE: Do you need a threat hunter on your analyst team? Threat hunting allows companies to be proactive, rather than wait for attackers to trigger alarms after they have already infiltrated an organization's systems. Yet not every company is ready to employ threat hunting techniques.
Posted: 29 Nov 2018 | Published: 29 Nov 2018

TechTarget Security

Building the foundation of a mature threat hunting program
sponsored by Tanium
EBOOK: Many of today’s organizations are at the mercy of their third-party partners’ security as well as their own. Read this e-book, Building the Foundation of a Mature Threat Hunting Program, to learn effective hunting strategies and how to address critical visibility and data gaps.
Posted: 09 Feb 2022 | Published: 10 Feb 2022


Explore the Threat Hunting Process
sponsored by TechTarget Security
EZINE: The threat hunting process hinges on an expert's ability to create hypotheses and to hunt for patterns and indicators of compromise in data-driven networks. In this issues of Information Security, explore learn how threat hunting programs can find security holes that machine learning or automated systems fail to detect.
Posted: 12 Feb 2019 | Published: 12 Feb 2019

TechTarget Security

Visibility into Virtual Environments
sponsored by Gigamon
WEBCAST: Check out this brief webcast to discover how a network traffic visibility tool works, and if it would be a good fit for your organization's IT environment.
Posted: 09 Apr 2014 | Premiered: Apr 9, 2014


Buyer's Essentials: What to Look for in Single Sign-On Technology
sponsored by TechTarget Health IT
EBOOK: Are you on the hunt for single sign-on (SSO) technology? Discover the differences between the numerous approaches to SSO, their benefits, and what works for various types of healthcare organizations. In this guide, health IT expert Rick Krohn shares his advice on choosing the right SSO tech for your practice.
Posted: 24 Mar 2016 | Published: 18 Mar 2016

TechTarget Health IT

The Importance of MDR to Combat Today's Cyberattacks
sponsored by DigitalXRAID
EGUIDE: An average SOC receives more than 10,000 alerts daily, according to a recent report. Access this e-guide to learn How managed detection and response (MDR) can help you hunt, mitigate and contain cyberthreats, what to look for in an MDR service and more.
Posted: 04 Apr 2022 | Published: 04 Apr 2022


Information Security Magazine Online July/August Issue – Demystifying APT: Get the facts about this targeted threat activity
sponsored by Information Security Magazine
WHITE PAPER: The industry has preached the need for software security and secure coding for several years now. After all, if software is designed securely from the start, it means fewer problems down the road. Read this paper now to learn more.
Posted: 21 Jul 2010 | Published: 21 Jul 2010

Information Security Magazine

August Issue of Information Security magazine: On the Lookout: Countering modern threats requires hunting intruders
sponsored by Information Security Magazine
EZINE: This month's Information Security Magazine Online cover story highlights the concern surrounding self-defending networks and explores a new approach to network security – CTOps. Also, learn how to uncover hidden opportunities that could be lurking in your overflow of data and gain an indepth look of the biggest IT giants in today's security market.
Posted: 08 Aug 2011 | Published: 08 Aug 2011

Information Security Magazine

Top 5 Reasons to Choose EMC Isilon for Video Surveillance
sponsored by EMC & Arrow
DATA SHEET: Access this concise resource to uncover five top reasons why you should adopt an impressive video surveillance system, so you can gain peace of mind knowing your business is safe and secure.
Posted: 04 Apr 2014 | Published: 31 Dec 2012

EMC & Arrow

The Anomali Platform Cloud Native, Intelligence-Driven Extended Detection And Response (XDR)
sponsored by Anomali
DATA SHEET: The acceleration of digital transformation has not only expanded an organization’s attack surface, but it’s also increased the challenges security teams deal with on a daily basis. Access this data sheet to learn key capabilities of a cloud native extended detection and response (XDR) platform and more.
Posted: 24 May 2022 | Published: 29 Mar 2022


IT & DATA MANAGEMENT RESEARCH, INDUSTRY ANALYSIS & CONSULTINGAnomali Platform Meshes World-Class Intelligence With Instantaneous Threat Detection
sponsored by Anomali
WHITE PAPER: Anomali recently announced The Anomali Platform, a cloud-native XDR solution that uses big data analytics and machine learning to automatically discovers threats to enable security teams to make rapid and informed decisions. Tap into this solution brief to learn how the Anomali Platform is designed to provide 5 key capabilities.
Posted: 24 May 2022 | Published: 26 Mar 2022


Judging MSSP Options With Care
sponsored by TechTarget Security
EBOOK: The managed security services market is both essential and complex. This guide explains how to approach the hunt for a managed security services provider.
Posted: 21 Dec 2016 | Published: 21 Dec 2016

TechTarget Security

The Relationship Between IoT & AI
sponsored by Estafet Ltd
EGUIDE: The future of the digital world relies on how people and "things" will interact with each other. Download this expert guide to unveil the intimate relationship between IoT and AI for in-process hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP).
Posted: 27 Aug 2018 | Published: 22 Aug 2018

Estafet Ltd

Security and risk management in the wake of the Log4j vulnerability
sponsored by Tanium
EBOOK: Read this e-book to get a quick refresher on the Log4j vulnerability and its threat, the longer-term issues of software management, compliance risks, and threat hunting — and how security and risk teams should rethink their roles and processes as a result.
Posted: 25 Mar 2022 | Published: 25 Mar 2022


Tech-Savvy English Public School Streamlines Office 365 Security
sponsored by Barracuda
CASE STUDY: Download this case study to learn how IT Director Tony Whelton was ultimately able to provide the Wellington College’s students and staff with more flexible, secure notebook protection without straining IT budget or resources.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Published: 09 Oct 2019


eSentire MDR for Microsoft
sponsored by eSentire
WHITE PAPER: Despite being familiar with Microsoft 365 or Azure, your business may not have the in-house expertise and resources to properly optimize and manage these tools for ongoing threat detection and response. Access this white paper to learn how eSentire’s MDR platform is designed to your Microsoft ecosystem.
Posted: 01 Apr 2022 | Published: 01 Apr 2022


5 Must-Have Features in a Marketing Automation Platform
sponsored by Marketo
EGUIDE: Read this comprehensive list of features you should look for before choosing a marketing automation platform. See this breakdown of five key automation areas, with specific clusters of features outlined.
Posted: 29 Dec 2016 | Published: 23 Dec 2016


Watchguard Advanced Endpoint Security For Socs
sponsored by WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.
WHITE PAPER: There’s no one way to ensure absolute cybersecurity. Unfortunate, but true. But there are ways to advance your security program and defend against threats—and one of those ways is to incorporate threat hunting into your security model. Browse this e-book to learn how to do so with WatchGuard Advanced Endpoint Security for SOCs.
Posted: 01 Feb 2023 | Published: 02 Feb 2023

WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.

CloudFirst for MSPs
sponsored by CloudFirst
WHITE PAPER: If your MSP is on the hunt for a partner that will assist in building sustainable, recurring revenue with cloud services, search no more. Download this paper to discover how CloudFirst’s MSP Partner Program does the above and beyond, gain indispensable FAQs about the program, and improve your cloud services portfolio.
Posted: 09 Sep 2022 | Published: 10 Sep 2022


Want to improve prior authorizations in 2023?
sponsored by AKASA
WHITE PAPER: Prior authorization is a major source of frustration and lost time for healthcare RCM. Make this the year you streamline your prior auth processes, implement automation, and give your RCM staff the chance to focus on more complex, revenue-generating tasks.
Posted: 18 Jan 2023 | Published: 18 Jan 2023


Computer Weekly – 19 April 2016: The hunters who prey on cyber criminals
sponsored by TechTarget
EZINE: In this week's Computer Weekly, we talk to the hunters – a new breed of security expert that proactively hunts down cyber attackers. We visit Silicon Valley to meet some of the up-and-coming startups in data analytics. And we hear from IT leaders about the people, process and cultural aspects of managing digital transformation. Read the issue now.
Posted: 18 Apr 2016 | Published: 19 Apr 2016


Cyberhunting: A Critical Component of Enterprise Security
sponsored by Infocyte
EGUIDE: Cyberhunting – actively looking for signs of compromise in an organization and controlling and minimizing the overall damage – must be a part of your security program. Learn more about this proactive security approach, and how to implement it within your organization, in this e-guide.
Posted: 20 Jun 2016 | Published: 15 Jun 2016