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2022 Data Center & Infrastructure Report
ANALYST REPORT: What data center trends should you keep an eye on in 2022? Download the following 2022 Data Center & Infrastructure Report to find out. Illustrated inside are top data center infrastructure priorities & challenges, 7 cost-saving measures, & more.
Posted: 05 Jan 2022 | Published: 06 Jan 2022


Data Storage Management, Maintenance, and Trends for Post-Pandemic Life
EGUIDE: In this e-guide, check out 7 new data storage management trends that have emerged and what they mean for storage in a post-COVID-19 world. Read on to also see a comparison of virtual servers and physical servers to optimize your storage management and maintenance.
Posted: 15 Mar 2021 | Published: 24 Feb 2021

Everything CIOs Need to Know About IT Business Continuity Plans
EGUIDE: Read this e-guide to learn all about IT business continuity, including the structure of a typical business continuity plan, why it’s so important to have one, and more.
Posted: 15 Mar 2021 | Published: 24 Feb 2021

Take Charge of Your Hardware Refresh Plan
WHITE PAPER: This white paper aims to help IT evaluate the strategy behind the traditional OEM refresh cycle and identify cost-saving options to consider for a hardware refresh plan to present to the CFO. Open now to take a look at how to keep pace with infrastructure needs, address specific objectives and more.
Posted: 15 Mar 2021 | Published: 23 Feb 2021

Practical Strategies for IT Cost Containment
RESOURCE: Access this blog post to evaluate 3 key takeaways when CFOs collaborate with IT to fuel cost management strategies in order to improve liquidity positions.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Published: 04 Sep 2020

What is Third-Party Maintenance in the Data Center?
WHITE PAPER: Third-party maintenance can give back control of your equipment life cycle, reduce long-term maintenance costs, and help maximize data center investments. Inside, learn how to accurately weigh the pros and cons of switching away from traditional OEM support.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Published: 23 Jan 2020

WHITE PAPER: Discover the three biggest budget challenges that IT leaders will inevitably come face-to-face with today – and learn how to counter them.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Published: 24 Jan 2020

WHITE PAPER: If you are being strong-armed into replacing your current storage with the newest equipment, remember that the “one-option-only” perception is just an illusion. Access this white paper to learn 6 must-know facts before your next storage buy.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Published: 23 Jan 2020

WHITE PAPER: Maintaining valuable capital IT investments can quickly cause maintenance and contract costs to pile up. Inside this white paper, learn 5 cost-saving considerations for IT leaders looking to minimize maintenance costs.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Published: 22 Jan 2020