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A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to perimeterless network security
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EGUIDE: Perimeterless network security is expanding the horizons of businesses looking to protect their data. In this buyer's guide, we look at how a secure perimeterless digital workplace is best achieved, explore the previous barriers perimeterless security can overcome and assess how traditional network security can be banished to the past.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Published: 05 Feb 2019


How Zscaler Delivers On The Promise Of The Zero Trust Architecture
sponsored by Zscaler
ANALYST REPORT: Enterprises are turning to Zero Trust to secure their organizations, where there is no implicit trust for all users, workloads, and processes. Download this complimentary executive brief to discover what it means to implement Zero Trust.
Posted: 14 Feb 2023 | Published: 14 Feb 2023


Computer Weekly - 21 December 2021: What is Log4Shell - and why the panic?
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EZINE: In this week's Computer Weekly, we assess the risks from Log4Shell, a new web software vulnerability described as "catastrophic". We look at SASE – secure access service edge – which is set to be one of the networking priorities for 2022. And some victims of the Post Office IT scandal are still waiting for proper compensation. Read the issue now.
Posted: 20 Dec 2021 | Published: 21 Dec 2021


CIO Trends India
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EGUIDE: CIOs in India have been put to the test as their organisations implement remote work arrangements amid the Covid-19 pandemic. We look at the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on India's IT industry, why a pandemic specific BCP matters and how CIOs can harden up their datacentre equipment supply chains post-Covid-19.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Published: 03 Jun 2020


The State Of Zero Trust Transformation 2023
sponsored by Zscaler
RESEARCH CONTENT: Read this report to learn what 1,900 senior decision-makers around the globe had to say about how their zero trust deployments are progressing, the impacts of hybrid work and emerging technologies.
Posted: 15 Feb 2023 | Published: 15 Feb 2023


Keep the Video. Cut the Cable
sponsored by Motorola Solutions
WHITE PAPER: More and more businesses across the country are turning to video security and analytics to help manage critical operations. However, your video security solution is only as good as the network supporting it. In this white paper, learn how Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) can help to support your business’ growing video needs.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Published: 30 Jun 2020

Motorola Solutions

Qdoba Cisco Testimonial
sponsored by Cisco
CASE STUDY: Qdoba Mexican Eats is connected and protected by Cisco Secure. Hear Gary Burgess, Director of Infrastructure and Security at Qdoba, discuss how a SASE solution that combines Cisco Umbrella cloud-delivered security and Meraki’s cloud-managed networking keeps connectivity reliable and secure.
Posted: 23 Feb 2024 | Published: 23 Feb 2024


SD-WAN vs. SASE: What's the difference?
sponsored by TechTarget
INFOGRAPHIC: SASE and SD-WAN both connect geographically separate endpoints to each other and an organization's network resources, but the methods in which they do so differ in various ways. In this infographic, we highlight five key differences between the SASE and SD-WAN that could help businesses choose the right technology for their needs.
Posted: 11 Jan 2022 | Published: 11 Jan 2022


The CIO’s Guide to SASE Planning
sponsored by Palo Alto Networks
EBOOK: In today’s marketplace, digital transformation, the pandemic, and hybrid work have created significant changes. However, infrastructure limitations and network security gaps make it difficult for IT leaders to keep up. Now, there is a solution that helps prep for the future of work: SASE. Read on to harness SASE’s benefits for your business.
Posted: 06 Nov 2023 | Published: 06 Nov 2023

Palo Alto Networks

Threat detection and response demands proactive stance
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EBOOK: Cyberthreat volume, velocity and vectors are surging, taxing already stressed security teams. The time for a new cybersecurity approach is here. Threat detection and response tools are evolving just in time, as are the techniques to combat security alert fatigue.
Posted: 09 Apr 2021 | Published: 09 Apr 2021

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