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ALSO CALLED: Development of Software, Software Design, Designing Software, Software Engineering, Software Application Development, Enterprise Application Development, Platform Development, Software Development, Applications Development, Development
DEFINITION: In software development, a pattern (or design pattern) is a written document that describes a general solution to a design problem that recurs repeatedly in many projects. Software designers adapt the pattern solution to their specific project. Patterns use a formal approach to describing a design problem, its proposed solution, and any other factors that might affect the problem or the solution.  … 

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Application Development White Papers (View All Report Types)
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The Road to DevOps Success
sponsored by Splunk
WHITE PAPER: The more complexity data introduces, the less your organization can benefit from the agility of DevOps. With machine data collection and analysis, every team can monitor, optimize, and collaborate to see the best business results. Learn more about how machine data collection improves the efficiency and productivity of DevOps in this white paper.
Posted: 23 Mar 2020 | Published: 23 Mar 2020


The Power of Writing Code in a Low-Code Solution
sponsored by LANSA
WHITE PAPER: With a low-code development platform the only choice you have to make is between a model-based platform and a language-based platform. Open this white paper to learn the differences between these two options and which will work best for your organization.
Posted: 20 Mar 2020 | Published: 20 Mar 2020


Avoiding the Potential Pitfalls of Low-Code
sponsored by LANSA
WHITE PAPER: Could low-code potentially create and nurture Shadow IT? Could citizen developers be a liability when using low-code? Could low-code become costly and time-consuming? Open this white paper to learn the answers to questions like these that your organization is likely asking right now.
Posted: 20 Mar 2020 | Published: 20 Mar 2020


A Digital Inside and Out Platform for Insurers
sponsored by Appian
WHITE PAPER: The insurance industry can have a bad rap when it comes to staying up to date with the latest technologies and processes. As the current pace of change adds pressure on insurers to adapt quickly—and as soon as possible. Insurance companies are using low-code platforms to begin their path to digitization. Learn more in this infographic.
Posted: 16 Mar 2020 | Published: 16 Mar 2020


Integrating Static Application Security Tools (SAST) In DevSecOps
sponsored by Valbrio
WHITE PAPER: Learn how the role of static application security testing tools (SAST) and GrammaTech CodeSonar can be used in DevSecOps and continuous development pipelines to improve quality and security and ultimately, make teams more competitive in getting market leading solutions out the door quicker.
Posted: 13 Mar 2020 | Published: 13 Mar 2020


DevOps Collaboration Guide
sponsored by Mattermost Inc.
WHITE PAPER: In order to maximize the benefits of a DevOps lifecycle, teams must communicate frequently and effectively. With the help of a ChatOps strategy, tools and team members can be unified and accessible. In this DevOps Collaboration Guide, find ChatOps best practices Learn how to better collaborate across the DevOps lifecycle. Download the guide here.
Posted: 13 Mar 2020 | Published: 13 Mar 2020

Mattermost Inc.

The State of Kubernetes 2020
sponsored by VMware Tanzu
WHITE PAPER: Kubernetes has become the orchestration platform of choice for containers as it simplifies the work of both developers and operators. This resource provides an overview of the benefits, challenges, and market trends of Kubernetes today, including the demographics of Kubernetes users, production deployment trends, and more. Download it here.
Posted: 09 Mar 2020 | Published: 09 Mar 2020

VMware Tanzu

Appian for Insurance: Customer Correspondence Management
sponsored by Appian
WHITE PAPER: Insurance companies manage countless numbers of sensitive customer data – data that is siloed and disparate. To combat this effect, insurers are taking the steps to deploy a digital approach to customer correspondence management. Even better, with a low-code platform, customer correspondence can be simplified and focused. Learn more in this guide.
Posted: 06 Mar 2020 | Published: 06 Mar 2020


Appian for Supply Chain
sponsored by Appian
WHITE PAPER: Traditional supply chains face a host of challenges: siloed data, channel friction, poor analytics – the list goes on. With low-code app development, digital supply chains optimize processes with automation, modern UIs, and future-proof applications. Learn more about the low-code digital supply chain in this PDF.
Posted: 06 Mar 2020 | Published: 06 Mar 2020


Cloud-Native Transformation Through an Industrialized "As a Service" Model
sponsored by Wipro
WHITE PAPER: The application-specific integrated circuit faces dramatic fluctuations in demand – during peak times, there’s a 2-4x increase in compute and storage demand. For eSilicon, a hybrid IT model wasn’t granting the elasticity required. In this guide, learn about eSilicon’s decision to transition to Google Cloud. Download the guide here to learn more.
Posted: 06 Mar 2020 | Published: 29 Nov 2019


5 Reasons Every Digital Business Is Going Cloud-Native
sponsored by TIBCO
WHITE PAPER: One of the most compelling reasons to go cloud-native is right in front of us: By just next year, 94% of workloads will be processed in the cloud. It’s time to start brainstorming what your cloud-native strategy will be. Download this guide to get all the facts about cloud-native architecture.
Posted: 28 Feb 2020 | Published: 28 Feb 2020


The Secure DevOps Imperative: 3 Best Practices for Securing Cloud Applications
sponsored by Trend Micro
WHITE PAPER: The rapid adoption of cloud technologies has required a unified development and deployment approach with increased involvement of the cybersecurity team. Given the amount of sensitive data residing in cloud applications, incorporating security is critical. Download this white paper to unlock 3 best practices for securing cloud native applications.
Posted: 26 Feb 2020 | Published: 30 Nov 2019

Trend Micro

Two strategies to address digitization challenges in public sector
sponsored by Neptune Software
WHITE PAPER: In the public sector, pressures are building to deliver quality user experiences, integrate siloed data and systems, and meet compliance regulations. Luckily, a low-code, rapid app development platform can meet both internal and external demands, so you don’t have to pick and choose which challenges to overcome. Read more in this white paper.
Posted: 21 Feb 2020 | Published: 21 Feb 2020

Neptune Software

The Business Value of an Agile and Flexible Platform for Developing and Running Applications with OpenShift on AWS
sponsored by Red Hat
WHITE PAPER: Take a look at these study results to learn the benefits of using OpenShift on AWS for development, and the time and cost your development team can start saving tomorrow.
Posted: 20 Feb 2020 | Published: 25 Dec 2019

Red Hat

IBM Application Modernization Field Guide
sponsored by IBM
WHITE PAPER: It’s time to modernize your application portfolio. Are you equipped for the upcoming business transition that will accelerate your digital transformation, enhance developer experience and improve operational efficiency? It’s time to up your game. Develop apps for today and tomorrow. Turn to IBM® Application Modernization Field Guide.
Posted: 20 Feb 2020 | Published: 20 Feb 2020


How Should My E-Commerce App Look?
sponsored by CMOLDS
WHITE PAPER: It is going to take more than just a snap of the fingers to turn your mobile app from an idea to a final product. Check out this white paper to learn the 5 key components of an e-commerce app to get you started on your journey.
Posted: 12 Feb 2020 | Published: 12 Feb 2020


9 Important, Most Frequent Mobile App Development Questions You Need to Know
sponsored by CMOLDS
WHITE PAPER: Creating an app can improve business while differentiating your organization from competitors but can be a confusing process. Read this white paper to unpack 9 frequently asked questions about app development to make navigating the journey less intimidating.
Posted: 12 Feb 2020 | Published: 12 Feb 2020


Get started building ServiceNow custom apps
sponsored by ServiceNow
WHITE PAPER: No-code, low-code, and pro-code app dev all offer different benefits and advantages – so why not use a development environment that supports all three? Then, developers of varying expertise levels can all contribute and make an impact when creating apps. This resource explores code-friendly platforms in app dev. Read the resource here.
Posted: 05 Feb 2020 | Published: 05 Feb 2020


Evolution of Modern Digital Workloads
sponsored by UK Cloud
WHITE PAPER: How does modern application development compare to traditional methods? This e-book, Evolution of Modern Digital Workloads, contrasts the history of application development with its current state, so developers can learn from their predecessors as their strategies evolve. Read the e-book here.
Posted: 05 Feb 2020 | Published: 05 Feb 2020

UK Cloud

The App Factory: A Slow Movement Towards Rapid Change
sponsored by F5 Networks
WHITE PAPER: Organizations are feeling pressure to digitally transform their app delivery and – to be honest – it can feel a little chaotic. This E-Book helps you step back, with a brief overview of the history of DevOps combined with an assessment of the current state of app delivery. Learn about your options for application services. Read the E-Book here.
Posted: 05 Feb 2020 | Published: 05 Feb 2020

F5 Networks

5 Reasons Why Using Spreadsheets for Open Source Management is a Recipe for Disaster
sponsored by Fossa
WHITE PAPER: Management of open source is a growing concern that many organizations are struggling with handling effectively. Most organizations start off managing all of their open source dependencies in a spreadsheet. In this white paper, discover 5 reasons on why that can be a recipe for disaster.
Posted: 04 Feb 2020 | Published: 04 Feb 2020


CISO’s Guide to DevOps: Learning to Cooperate with DevOps
sponsored by ShieldX
WHITE PAPER: Today’s CISOs are under pressure to establish data security protocols while enabling an agile development environment. The following guide is a checklist designed to help CISOs with the issue of incorporating security into DevOps. Read on for tips and tricks on improving how you work with DevOps.
Posted: 27 Jan 2020 | Published: 31 Oct 2018


Life, Pension, and Annuity Companies
sponsored by Appian
WHITE PAPER: The existing technologies at most life, pension, and annuity companies are slowing insurers down. Insurance organizations can consider combining existing systems with a low-code platform. Low-code help streamline operations, allow for digital transformation, and help ensure compliance regulations are met. Read more about the combination here.
Posted: 24 Jan 2020 | Published: 24 Jan 2020


Why My Startup Needs a Mobile App?
sponsored by CMOLDS
WHITE PAPER: When thinking about app development, outsourcing provides a viable solution for companies who don’t have the capacity to build an app in house. Access this white paper to further explore the reasons why your business should consider outsourcing a mobile app.
Posted: 22 Jan 2020 | Published: 22 Jan 2020


Know your Risk to Make Strategically Smart Decisions on Application Security
sponsored by WhiteHat Security
WHITE PAPER: The number of applications in any given organization is growing fast – and so is the number of vulnerabilities. So how can an organization adopt a risk-based approach that still allows for a rapid application development lifecycle? In this white paper, learn how to align security and business goals to keep application development fast – and secure.
Posted: 09 Jan 2020 | Published: 09 Jan 2020

WhiteHat Security
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