Health Care Services Industry Reports

Engaging Payers with Providers by Design
sponsored by Allscripts
WEBCAST: Payers increasingly need their providers to solve gaps and opportunities in care that affect revenues, quality ratings, and margins. These flood the providers, swelling overhead, eroding margins. To connect is easy, to merit attention, hence action, is not. Providers perceive most benefits accruing to payers, and so hesitate to engage.
Posted: 06 Dec 2022 | Premiered: Nov 18, 2022


Volume to Value: 5 Considerations for Providers in 2023
sponsored by Relatient
WHITE PAPER: 2022 hit the healthcare world with powerful challenges. In tandem with strain on operational margin, providers are also under pressure to meet consumer expectations for optimal experiences. This rise of consumerism in healthcare is striking.
Posted: 27 Jan 2023 | Published: 27 Jan 2023


4 Keys to Engaging Your Community in Your Digital Strategy
sponsored by Gozio Health
WHITE PAPER: The intent of a well-developed digital strategy is to attract and engage all healthcare consumers—patients, visitors, employees, and more. How can you ensure your digital strategy truly meets the needs of your community and ensure engagement once solutions are launched?
Posted: 10 Jan 2023 | Published: 10 Jan 2023

Gozio Health

Digital Transformation - How Automating the Back Office Delivers Consumer Trust
sponsored by Avaneer
WEBCAST: This year, there's been a lot of conversation about digital transformation, interoperability, and the rising administrative costs in healthcare. What if all three challenges could be addressed by digitizing the back office?
Posted: 06 Dec 2022 | Premiered: Nov 4, 2022


Designing Innovative Care Delivery, Payment Models
sponsored by ZS
WEBCAST: Alternative care delivery and payment models are key to making the transition to value-based care, and ensuring these models provide the right incentives is critical. How do payers and providers collaborate to get it right? This panel will explore what it takes to design innovative care delivery and payment models.
Posted: 06 Dec 2022 | Premiered: Nov 17, 2022


Case Study: Achieving Integrated Quality and Risk Program Excellence
sponsored by Ability Network, Inc. (Inovalon, Inc.)
WEBCAST: best practices for undertaking a unified analytics strategy and hear about one health plan's journey to fostering organizational change in support of an integrated program.
Posted: 16 Dec 2022 | Premiered: Nov 22, 2022

Ability Network, Inc. (Inovalon, Inc.)

How Telepsychiatry Transforms the ED
sponsored by Iris Telehealth
WHITE PAPER: Every year, 4.9 million people seeking care in the emergency department have a primary diagnosis related to a behavioral health condition. With such high demand for care, helping these people get the treatment they need is crucial – for patients and hospitals alike.
Posted: 15 Dec 2022 | Published: 14 Dec 2022

Iris Telehealth

Securing Connected Care - IoMT, IoT, OT and IT Asset Visibility and Threat Mitigation
sponsored by Armis
WEBCAST: Digital assets are enabling new and innovative opportunities for care delivery, and accelerating transformation across healthcare. But for CISO's these assets represent an ever-expanding attack surface and raise questions of ownership and responsibility.
Posted: 15 Dec 2022 | Premiered: Oct 27, 2022


Improving the claims adjudication process for payers
sponsored by Consensus Cloud Solutions
WHITE PAPER: Payers and providers who can automate data collection and improve data integrity will be well-positioned to optimize claims adjudication. As a result, providers will receive their authorizations – and their payments – faster.
Posted: 25 Jan 2023 | Published: 25 Jan 2023

Consensus Cloud Solutions

Boost Your Bottom Line: The ROI of CC&C
sponsored by Tiger Connect
WEBCAST: In today's climate, healthcare organizations are balancing staffing shortages, increased fatigue and rising operational costs with the pressure to deliver quality care with modern technology that optimizes care delivery and increases profitability. Fortunately, Clinical Communication & Collaboration (CC&C) platforms can help.
Posted: 10 Nov 2022 | Premiered: Sep 23, 2022

Tiger Connect