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DDoS Mitigation: Types of DDoS Attacks and Security Considerations
Our experts discuss various DDoS mitigation services and what your organization should consider before implementing cloud DDoS protection. Then, uncover the various types of DDoS attacks and the steps to take towards a more secure and reliable future.

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Protecting your organisation from itself
This report from QuinetiQ offers advice on mitigating the risks of cyber breaches from inside your organisation.


How Can Internet Hijacking be Prevented or Mitigated?
In this e-guide learn the benefits of basic cyberhygiene in combating persistent attacks and become more effective in protecting your enterprise's data.

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Royal Holloway: Purple team playbook – threat modeling for security testing
The reality of information security is that it is impossible to completely ensure that an attacker cannot get into the corporate network. Instead, companies should look at how they prepare and react to security attacks by gaining an understanding of how cyber criminals work by combining the talents of red teams and blue teams


Sandnet++ – A framework for analysing and visualising network traffic from malware
This article in our Royal Holloway Security Series looks at Sandnet++, a framework for analysing and visualising network traffic from malware


What Is The Next Step For Next-Gen Antivirus?
Enterprises need new strategies and more intelligent investments to holistically protect their valuable data from adversaries today and in the future. Get the paper today and protect your organization against tomorrow's attacks.

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5 endpoint security best practices
With an endpoint security policy in place, organizations can ensure corporate assets and data remain protected even when devices outside of their four walls access them. To get started writing a policy customized for your company, here are five universal endpoint security best practices to consider.


Jargon Buster Guide to Post Quantum Cryptography
This Jargon Buster will help you to understand the key concepts of quantum computing and why businesses should be acting now to ensure they are able to encrypt sensitive data in a secure way in a post-quantum era.


Intergrated Mobile Security for Small and Midsize Businesses
This resource demonstrates how small and medium-sized business can combat the rapidly growing threats inherent in mobile computing. Read now to learn how cloud-based mobile protection can offer robust mobile protection while delivering noticeablecost efficiencies.

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Can Lady Gaga and Madonna get people to take security seriously
What does it take to get people to pay attention to cyber security? A celebrity law firm hack may hold some answers. Read more in this PDF.