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IT Priorities 2018 - What's happening in security?
In this video, Computer Weekly's editor-in-chief, Bryan Glick, discusses what's happening in security according to our 2018 IT Priorities survey taken by over 250 IT decision makers and managers.


Endpoint Data Management: Protecting the Perimeter of the Internet of Things
This crucial webcast discusses how your organization can protect its perimeter and keep your endpoint data safe.


Prevention Is Your First Line of Defense from Ransomware. But What If Prevention Fails? (VIDEO)

StorageCraft Technology Corporation

The Critical Security Controls – Moving Beyond the Checklist Mentality
The "Critical Security Controls" (CSC) guidelines are designed to help organizations move beyond a "checklist" mentality by making security an integral part of, instead of an adjunct to, the operations and management of systems and networks. Learn more about the CSC guidelines and how they can help your organization.


Security University: Security Analytics
Learn how to develop a customized program that delivers insightful, actionable security analytics. Key points of emphasis include defining success, identifying needs, developing and integrating data sources, and ultimately analyzing information and using it to make smarter security decisions.

TechTarget Security

Security University: Cloud Security
Learn strategies for how to positively influence the security of cloud computing projects in your organization.

TechTarget Security

Podcast: Security across your enterprise mobile devices: What you need to know
This exclusive podcast discusses the current state of mobile security, examining the major issues seen today in the mobile working environment and what your organisations can do to overcome them.


Windows Azure Platform Security Essentials: Module 1 - Security Architecture
In this video module, Graham Calladine, Security Architect with Microsoft Services partners with the Security Talk Series to describe the security features of the Windows Azure platform, resources available to protect applications and data running on the Microsoft cloud and SQL Azure security and authentication options.


KPN focuses on Information Security with HP
View this brief webcast to gain insight on an information security solution one organization chose to defend against today's highly motivated hackers, and how they're benefiting.

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Enhancing End-to-End Cloud Security: Part 3
This brief video explores the security options to secure cloud data centers, devices, data and more and then explains the future developments that will make the cloud even more secure. View now to enhance end-to-end cloud security.

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