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Improving Endpoint Security and Signature-Based Detection
Discover how to enhance malicious code and behavior detection by combining signature-based detection with machine learning. Hear from experts Michael Cobb and Karen Scarfone about how to improve malware threat detection and 10 questions to ask endpoint security vendors.

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A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to zero-trust security
Zero trust is a conceptual architectural model that uses microperimeters and microsegmentation to secure corporate networks. In this 12-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at why trust should be considered a security risk and the need for additional authentication strategies to have an appropriate level of security.


Authentication Best Practices: On and Off the Cloud
Two-factor authentication vs. multifactor authentication: Which is better? Access this e-guide to compare the two methods of authentication, and find out whether one is favored for securing cloud credentials.

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Security Think Tank Christmas Special - The most important lessons of 2021
In this special edition of Computer Weekly Security Think Tank, we asked our panel of cyber security experts to share their thoughts on the most impactful cyber lessons they've learned during 2021. Download this E-Guide and find out more about their valuable inputs and guidance.


Protect the Endpoint: Threats, Virtualization, Questions, Backup, and More
Achieving the best endpoint protection, given the rise of mobility and increase in the sophistication of the attacks, is more complicated than ever. Learn from industry experts and get up to speed on achieving the best endpoint protection.

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Top 10 cyber security stories of 2021
Cyber security was once again top of the agenda for IT leaders in 2021, with a barrage of news and analysis making it hard to separate the wheat from the chaff and the genuine insight from the self-promotional nonsense. However, there were some stand-out cyber security stories in the past 12 months that were indubitably worthy of attention.


How Threat Intelligence Can Give Enterprise Security the Upper Hand
Attackers and threats on security are advancing at an alarming rate and many enterprises are not able to keep up. Take a look at this guide to learn more about threat intelligence and how it can be incorporating into your current security program.

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Expert Strategies to Securing a Virtual Environment
This expert e-guide presents three of the most common security problems that IT professionals face in virtual environments and how your business can best overcome them.

TechTarget Security

Towards an Autonomous Vehicle Enabled Society: Cyber Attacks and Countermeasures
Cyber-attacks against autonomous vehicles could have grave implications for safety, privacy, reputation of manufacturers, and public perception.


Security Audit Planning and Preparation: Engaging Early and Often
In this expert e-guide, we explore how you can prepare for and participate in a security audit. Find out what you should do in advance to get ready for the auditor's visit and how to address gaps once they've been identified.

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