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Everything You Need to Know About Office 2016 and Office 365
Use this expert e-book to discover whether the local Office 2016 or cloud-based Office 365 is the right fit for your enterprise. Explore topics such as the different costs of each program, increased file encryption in Office 2016, and the system requirements that it takes to run each Office suite.

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Getting the Message About Office 365
Looking for an alternative to on-premises Exchange? Access your copy of this expert handbook to learn whether Office 365 is right for your business. Discover strengths and weaknesses of the 365 suite, tips on overcoming issues during your migration, guidance on choosing the right plan, and more.

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Microsoft's Suite Office: 365 Migration
This three-part guide explains how to pull off a move to Office 365 with as little difficulty as possible. Read on to learn about the potential complications and figure out the best ways to avoid downtime. Whether it is the 365 MFA function, access to cloud-hosted services, or updated office applications, this guide has you covered.

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What is the Purpose of an Office?
Since remote work became mainstream, 1 out of 3 organizations have seen productivity diminish over time as employees suffer from digital fatigue and loss of corporate culture. But with so many now comfortable with hybrid work models, one question arises: are office spaces really necessary? Access this article to learn more.

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Understanding Microsoft Office 2013 Features, Licensing and Security
Before moving to Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365, IT pros should compare features, licensing schemes and application usage and be aware of emerging Office alternatives.

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Pervasive Visibility in Remote Offices and Branch Offices
This whitepaper discusses the challenges of data monitoring in remote environments and how these challenges can be overcome.


Asset: Office 365 Cloud Offerings Seek Soft Landing Amid Turbulence
Microsoft hopes to fly high with Office 365's cloud-based ECM and collaboration tools, but grounded on-premises customers and overlapping SharePoint product features are disrupting the flight plan. Access this 3-part expert e-book to explore how Microsoft walks the line between cloud and on-premises offerings.

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Transforming the Employee Experience for a Hybrid Work World
Check out this white paper to examine how you can outsource and consolidate your IT services with a single partner to leverage efficiencies that result in a better employee experience.

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HR technology platforms support safe return to the office
HR technology platforms are playing a key role in plans for a safe return to the office. Those plans may soon include preparations for COVID-19 vaccinations. Download this expert guide to learn how you can craft a re-opening plan that ensures employee safety, monitors employee health, and more.

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Microsoft® Office Migration Guide
This essential resource highlights five important reasons to pull off an error-free Office migration, and reviews best practices that can help your organization seamlessly upgrade to the newest Office suite.