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Microsoft Dynamics GP Enterprise
sponsored by Microsoft
SOFTWARE DEMO: Receive a free demo from Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains), a comprehensive business-management solution built on the highly scalable and affordable platform of Microsoft technologies.
Posted: 01 Jun 2007 | Premiered: 01 Jun 2007


Symantec Web Gateway 5.0 Trialware
sponsored by Symantec Corporation
TRIAL SOFTWARE: In an age of ever-changing Web practices, organizations need to be ready to protect themselves against a variety of attacks. By downloading this helpful trial, you can protect your important data against multiple types of Web-borne malware, data loss and increase its flexibility.
Posted: 10 Jul 2012 | Premiered: 10 Jul 2012

Symantec Corporation

Actuate Rich Information Applications Platform Tour
sponsored by Actuate
SOFTWARE DEMO: Discover how Actuate enables organizations to make interactions and service a better, more convenient experience for their customers.
Posted: 07 Jan 2008 | Premiered: 03 Jan 2008


Demo: Adaptive MFA
sponsored by Okta
PRODUCT DEMO: With cybercriminals looking for any means of infiltration, access management has become of the utmost importance for security. Different means of managing access have come about, including multi-factor authentication. Tune in to this demonstration and see if Okta’s multi-factor authentication is the right fit for your organization.
Posted: 12 Aug 2022 | Premiered: 12 Aug 2022


8x8 Voice For Microsoft Teams Demo
sponsored by 8x8, Inc.
PRODUCT DEMO: 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams can give your Teams users a voice with global calling plans and more with 8x8 Direct Routing. Watch this video to unlock key features of 8x8 Voice for MS Teams, product demonstration, and more.
Posted: 24 Feb 2022 | Premiered: 24 Feb 2022

8x8, Inc.

5-MIN Demo: SaaS Data Protection
sponsored by Veeam Software
PRODUCT DEMO: It is your responsibility to protect your data stored on SaaS platforms – how can you mitigate the risk of losing control over your Office 365 data so that your data is always protected and accessible? Watch this product demo to understand how Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 can help you confidently secure your Office 365 data at scale.
Posted: 27 Jul 2022 | Premiered: 27 Jul 2022

Veeam Software

Expereo Cloud Acceleration - Demo
sponsored by Expereo
PRODUCT DEMO: Watch this demo to fully understand Internet connectivity and how Expereo leverages software defined networking to help their customers optimize performance to the Internet and cloud destinations.
Posted: 11 Jan 2022 | Premiered: 12 Jan 2022


Quick Start Guide to Test Drive EDB BigAnimal
sponsored by EnterpriseDB
PRODUCT DEMO: EDB’s BigAnimal test drive lets you explore the powerful world of fully managed Postgres for 14 days, allowing you to get started with no AWS or Azure setup needed. Access this info sheet to learn about this test drive that includes a fully managed Postgres DB environment on top of access to EDB’s world-class Postgres expertise.
Posted: 24 May 2022 | Premiered: 24 May 2022


Demo: Protecting Your Cloud Data
sponsored by Veeam Software
PRODUCT DEMO: Watch this video for a real-life example of how your organization can use native backup and recovery services straight from the cloud to help modernize your data protection.
Posted: 03 Aug 2022 | Premiered: 03 Aug 2022

Veeam Software

CDP Demo: Connecting web, mobile, in-store and contact center experiences for retail
sponsored by Treasure Data
PRODUCT DEMO: See how the Treasure Data CDP helps retailers deliver seamless, personalized experiences across ecommerce website, mobile app, store and contact center in this brief demo.
Posted: 01 Oct 2021 | Premiered: 01 Oct 2021

Treasure Data