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Pilot Light DR for Amazon Web Services
DATA SHEET: In this paper, discover why cloud-based DR allows for improved application security, and learn about one solution that automates cloud-based disaster recovery for multi-tier, physical, and virtual production apps.
Posted: 02 May 2014 | Published: 02 May 2014

Clone Oracle Ecommerce Stack into AWS for Cloud DR and Dev/Test
CASE STUDY: This case study details how one company took advantage of Amazon Web Services to provide a personalized customer experience on their transactional websites.
Posted: 07 Apr 2014 | Published: 07 Apr 2014

CloudVelocity Cuts Total Migration Time by 66%
WHITE PAPER: Looking to strengthen customer service, QL2 Software decided to move their customer applications to a cloud deployment model. This case study takes a look at what they wanted to achieve and how they met those requirements.
Posted: 15 Oct 2013 | Published: 15 Oct 2013

Best Practices for Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery
WHITE PAPER: This e-guide from defines what you need for effective cloud-based disaster recovery, defining key strategies and detailing management tactics.
Posted: 01 Oct 2013 | Published: 01 Oct 2013

Using Hybrid Clouds for Strategic Agility, Protection and Scalability
WHITE PAPER: Download this resource to examine the use of hybrid cloud platforms to overcome application virtualization challenges. Learn more about the business need for always-on apps and how to develop a hybrid cloud vision.
Posted: 21 May 2013 | Published: 21 May 2013