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7 Essential Steps to Achieve, Measure and Prove Optimal Security Risk Reduction
WHITE PAPER: Rapid changes within technology, new server and software deployments, and the evolving sophistication of attack methods used to infiltrate systems and steal data create the greatest set of challenges faced by security and IT administrators trying to keep their systems secure and within regulatory compliance. Interested in reducing security risk?
Posted: 20 Oct 2009 | Published: 20 Oct 2009

CIGNA Finds Good Therapy: Builds a More Efficient Risk Management, Streamlined Compliance, and System Security Program
CASE STUDY: CIGNA turned to QualysGuard's on demand Web service appliance to automatically identify and more effectively mitigate system vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.
Posted: 10 May 2008 | Published: 01 Nov 2006

EBAY, Inc. - Securing the World's Online Marketplace with QualysGuard
CASE STUDY: The automation built into QualysGuard immediately allowed eBay to do vulnerability assessments on demand, including rapid scans for the most recent vulnerabilities anywhere in its own network and in partner networks.
Posted: 10 May 2008 | Published: 10 May 2008

Oracle Global IT (GIT) Streamlined Security
CASE STUDY: With QualysGuard Enterprise, Oracle GIT Security can monitor the company’s global vulnerability management process, track remediation, and validate policy compliance.
Posted: 10 May 2008 | Published: 01 Apr 2007

Vulnerability Management for GLBA Compliance
PRODUCT LITERATURE: The QualysGuard vulnerability management and policy compliance solution helps financial institutions to meet many key security guidelines.
Posted: 10 May 2008 | Published: 01 Feb 2007

Online Demo - Vulnerability Management & Policy Compliance Overview
SOFTWARE DEMO: Take a multimedia tour of QualysGuard, the Web-based Vulnerability Management and Policy Compliance solution that pinpoints network vulnerabilities before hackers have a chance to exploit them.
Posted: 09 Apr 2007 | Premiered: 09 Apr 2007