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Storage Systems & Storage Management Track: The Truth about Virtualizing Storage
In this presentation transcript, Marc Staimer, Founder and CDS, Dragon Slayer Consulting, will explain the practical benefits of storage virtualization, including how to assess your environment to determine the cost-effectiveness of virtualization.


Containers and storage 101: The fundamentals of container storage
In this e-guide we look at the basics of Docker storage and backup, key containers capabilities in storage vendors' offers and how containers can be incorporated into the private cloud environment.


Storage Magazine: Storage Gets Smarter
Storage magazine's May issue explores smart storage systems, looks at enterprise file sync-and-share (EFSS) and examines today's storage certification options.

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The future of storage
In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine emerging technologies in storage such as helium disks and DNA. Ransomware is becoming more sophisticated and the attackers more tactical. And as the EU's top court challenges the UK over surveillance, we ask what this means for data privacy after Brexit. Read the issue now.


Tiered Storage: A More Efficient Storage Architecture
Data growth keeps storage admins up at night. Learn how you can rest easy with the best modern tiered storage systems.


Object Storage vs. Block Storage vs. File Storage in the Cloud
Inside this exclusive guide, explore a breakdown of object, block and file storage, including the pros, cons, top use cases and considerations for each. Discover which one, if any, is the right fit for your unique cloud storage needs.


Storage trends 2016: Storage priorities, cloud appliances and NAS vs object storage
This guide offers a collection of our most popular articles on storage-related issues from the first few months of 2016.


Storage Buyer's Checklist: Solid-State Storage Arrays
In this expert Essential Guide, check out solid-state storage array options, purchasing considerations and access a buyer's feature checklist. Make a better decision today!

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Is a Storage Cache or Tiered Storage Best for VDI Performance?
In this guide, discover the key differences between tiered storage and cache. In addition, you'll learn the top use cases for each to help you determine which one you should be leveraging in your virtual environment.

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Storage Magazine * January 2010: vSphere and Storage
In the January 2010 issue of Storage magazine online, we turn our attention to vSphere. This VMware release included many features designed to ease the storage burdens that server virtualization can cause. Our cover story tells you how each feature works. Plus, read how Ford Motor Company solved capacity planning challenges.

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