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CloudBees CD/RO Capability Guide
sponsored by Cloudbees
EBOOK: CloudBees CD/RO streamlines software delivery by automating deployment pipelines and ensuring governance. The platform is customizable for various user roles, enhancing SDLC management. Explore how CloudBees CD/RO can enhance your software delivery in this full E-book.
Posted: 22 Feb 2024 | Published: 22 Feb 2024


The Power Of 16th Generation Dell Poweredge R960 Servers With Intel Xeon Scalable Processors
sponsored by Dell
INFOGRAPHIC: Discover in this detail-packed infographic how your organization can boost Oracle Database performance by moving from older servers to 16th Generation Dell PowerEdge R960 servers with Intel Xeon Scalable processors.
Posted: 22 Feb 2024 | Published: 22 Feb 2024


Portnox Video 1
sponsored by Portnox
WEBCAST: Why should you consider shifting to passwordless authentication at your organization? This webcast, featuring insights from 3 leaders at Portnox, unpacks common challenges with password-based authentication and explores how you can sidestep obstacles by leveraging passwordless with certificates. Watch now to unlock the guidance.
Posted: 22 Feb 2024 | Premiered: Feb 22, 2024


Asana Helps Danone Roll Out Their Global Digital Transformation
sponsored by Asana
CASE STUDY: Danone, a global food and beverage company, has operated for over a hundred years. Kicking off its second century of business, the company aimed to begin a global digital transformation with a focus on sustainable, efficient operations.Read this case study to learn about the impact of Asana on Danone’s digital transformation initiatives.
Posted: 21 Feb 2024 | Published: 21 Feb 2024


One Of The Largest Remote Patient Monitoring Implementations And Evaluations In The US: Clinical, Claims, And Staffing Analyses
sponsored by Lightbeam Health Solutions
CASE STUDY: Leveraging Lightbeam's Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring solution, Midwest Health System transformed its care management program from manual outreach to dynamic, automated messaging. The digital-first program led to a 5x increase in care team efficiency and $53 million in total cost savings for CHF, COPD, asthma, and post-discharge populations.
Posted: 23 Feb 2024 | Published: 23 Feb 2024

Lightbeam Health Solutions

The Ultimate Guide to Data Product Management
sponsored by Monte Carlo Data
EBOOK: For the ins and outs of data product management, access this comprehensive guide. You’ll learn what data product is & how to treat data like a product, data product manager responsibilities, data vs. software product managers, and more.
Posted: 21 Feb 2024 | Published: 21 Feb 2024

Monte Carlo Data

EPM Managed Support Services
sponsored by US Analytics
PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Read this product overview to discern the flexible, economical options to administer and support your EPM applications available to you through US-Analytics’ managed support services.
Posted: 26 Feb 2024 | Published: 26 Feb 2024

US Analytics

Vendor Landscape Matrix (abridged)
sponsored by Wolters Kluwer
ANALYST REPORT: Business performance management (BPM) enables your organization to plan, monitor, and execute on your strategy. This BPM Vendor Landscape Matrix compares the top solutions on the market side-by-side, so you know which one is right for your business. Dive into the report now.
Posted: 22 Feb 2024 | Published: 22 Feb 2024

Wolters Kluwer

State of Software Security
sponsored by Veracode, Inc.
RESEARCH CONTENT: 71% of organizations have security debt, with 46% of organizations having persistent, high-severity flaws that constitute critical security debt, according to Veracode’s State of Software Security for 2024. Dive into the report here.
Posted: 24 Feb 2024 | Published: 24 Feb 2024

Veracode, Inc.

5 Principles of Ransomware Resistant Cloud Backup
sponsored by SkyKick
WHITE PAPER: The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) created principles for ransomware resistant cloud backups, which assess the resilience of a cloud-based backup service in the context of the rising ransomware threat. Access these 5 core principles in the following paper.
Posted: 23 Feb 2024 | Published: 23 Feb 2024