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Computer Weekly - 8 March 2022: Using technology to protect human rights
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EZINE: In this week's Computer Weekly, we investigate how technology is being used to tackle human rights abuses worldwide. We offer a step-by-step guide to disaster recovery in the cloud era. And we examine the vital, and successful, role of digital and data in the UK Covid-19 vaccine roll-out. Read the issue now.
Posted: 07 Mar 2022 | Published: 08 Mar 2022

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How to Streamline Workflows for Companies That Need Payer Data
sponsored by Change Healthcare
WEBCAST: Many companies need information from healthcare insurers for their own businesses. Often, however, they must ask their customers to supply the required data—or they need to build and maintain connections with many different payers. The result? Data retrieval that can be unreliable, nonstandard, and far too time-consuming.
Posted: 06 Dec 2022 | Premiered: Nov 10, 2022

Change Healthcare

Computer Weekly - 2 March 2021: The most influential people in UK technology
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EZINE: In this week's Computer Weekly, we reveal our annual list of the 50 most influential people in UK IT, and talk to this year's winner, NHS Digital CEO Sarah Wilkinson, about an unprecedented year of challenges. Also, we examine the best software patching strategies and see how the pandemic has affected women in tech. Read the issue now.
Posted: 15 Mar 2021 | Published: 02 Mar 2021

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Exploring Provider Perspectives on Patient Engagement in the New Era of Healthcare
sponsored by Relatient
WEBCAST: The patient experience has become a critical element in the delivery of healthcare. Despite the importance of the patient experience, organizations often still struggle with delivering what patients actually want; rather than what organizations believe they want.
Posted: 12 Dec 2022 | Premiered: Nov 9, 2022


Putting Integrated Quality and Risk Insights into Focus
sponsored by Ability Network, Inc. (Inovalon, Inc.)
WEBCAST: Explore the current landscape of siloed quality and risk programs and how innovative healthcare technologies are now empowering health plans to improve outcomes and efficiency through an integrated approach.
Posted: 21 Dec 2022 | Premiered: Dec 21, 2022

Ability Network, Inc. (Inovalon, Inc.)

How Esse Health Built a Scalable Model for Value-based Care and Increased Health Equity with Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring
sponsored by CareSignal
WEBCAST: How can executive leaders deliver enterprise-wide virtual care solutions to high and rising-risk patients to improve clinical and financial outcomes? Hear from Esse Health's leadership to learn how Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring has helped them face and overcome those challenges, including recent staffing shortages.
Posted: 05 Dec 2022 | Premiered: Jul 12, 2022


Digital Transformation - How Automating the Back Office Delivers Consumer Trust
sponsored by Avaneer
WEBCAST: This year, there's been a lot of conversation about digital transformation, interoperability, and the rising administrative costs in healthcare. What if all three challenges could be addressed by digitizing the back office?
Posted: 06 Dec 2022 | Premiered: Nov 4, 2022


Leveraging Longitudinal Patient Health Data for the Healthcare Experience
sponsored by Verato
WEBCAST: Every healthcare organization wants to create the best healthcare experience for its patients. Ensuring patients get the right kind of care at the right time, plus optimal patient engagement outside of the clinic or hospital walls, is essential for guiding patients along the care continuum and yielding good clinical outcomes.
Posted: 19 Dec 2022 | Premiered: Dec 16, 2022

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CW Innovation Awards Project of the Year: StratMed
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EBOOK: Named Project of the Year in the Computer Weekly Innovation Awards APAC 2022, StratMed's Integer platform is facilitating data exchanges between healthcare providers and their suppliers to improve transparency in India's healthcare supply chain.
Posted: 31 Mar 2022 | Published: 31 Mar 2022

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Calculating Your Total Cost of Ownership
sponsored by Concord Technologies
WHITE PAPER: If your company has embraced cloud computing, but held back on cloud fax, it's time to reconsider. Download our new white paper, On-Premise vs. Cloud Faxing: Calculating Your Total Cost of Ownership, and learn exactly what you're paying for on-premises fax, and how you can eliminate those costs and improve business operations.
Posted: 12 Jan 2023 | Published: 12 Jan 2023

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