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Top 2024 Forecasts for the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Sectors
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EGUIDE: After the big changes in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries in 2023, the new year promises continued challenges and more innovation.
Posted: 14 Feb 2024 | Published: 15 Feb 2024

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CW Innovation Awards Project of the Year: StratMed
sponsored by TechTarget
EBOOK: Named Project of the Year in the Computer Weekly Innovation Awards APAC 2022, StratMed's Integer platform is facilitating data exchanges between healthcare providers and their suppliers to improve transparency in India's healthcare supply chain.
Posted: 31 Mar 2022 | Published: 31 Mar 2022


Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Health Plan Operations When Used Correctly
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EGUIDE: Health plans must fully understand artificial intelligence tools before using them to assist with coverage determinations or administrative tasks.
Posted: 16 Apr 2024 | Published: 16 Apr 2024

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Meta-analysis: 70% reduction in HAPI incidence across 19K+ patients with this monitoring system
sponsored by Smith + Nephew
WHITE PAPER: This meta-analysis tracks results across eight studies covering more than 34,711 patients, 19,136 of whom were monitored using the LEAFâ—Š Patient Monitoring System.
Posted: 01 Aug 2023 | Published: 16 Feb 2023

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America's Amphetamine Problem, Beyond the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
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EGUIDE: Drugs used to treat ADHD have been lacking for months now, leading to problems with access to prescription amphetamines and creating questions about the cause of the massive shortage. Download the article to know more.
Posted: 19 Jul 2023 | Published: 19 Jul 2023

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Recognizing lawsuits against manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices
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EGUIDE: Understanding the surge in litigation against drug and medical device manufacturers is crucial for navigating legal complexities and ensuring patient safety.
Posted: 03 Apr 2024 | Published: 04 Apr 2024

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The Growing Popularity of Enterprise Imaging in Healthcare
sponsored by AGFA Healthcare
EGUIDE: Learn from KLAS research director Monique Rasband about the importance of enterprise imaging for big providers and healthcare organizations as they consider their systems as an EHR for images.
Posted: 16 May 2018 | Published: 16 May 2018

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The Emergence of Digital Transformation in Healthcare
sponsored by ServiceNow
EGUIDE: Download this e-guide to learn why technology isn't infallible for patients and healthcare organizations and has the potential to change the healthcare industry for the better.
Posted: 29 Aug 2019 | Published: 27 Aug 2019


Public Cloud Providers Push for Health IT Adoption
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EGUIDE: Unmoved by the benefits of shifting some of their operations to the public cloud, some healthcare providers are letting cloud providers bring their services to them. Uncover how some offerings, like Microsoft Azure, blend the private and public cloud so that you can gain the benefits without losing control.
Posted: 27 Jun 2017 | Published: 27 Jun 2017

Why Healthcare Ransomware Attacks are a Growing Threat to Health IT
sponsored by Cisco Umbrella
EGUIDE: There are several factors that leave hospitals vulnerable to ransomware attacks, including the use of legacy systems and the fear of financial penalties due to a data breach. Discover some of the reasons why healthcare systems are experiencing more frequent and costly ransomware attacks.
Posted: 31 Aug 2017 | Published: 31 Aug 2017

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