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ESG: Revisting a Software-Based Approach to Network Security
ANALYST REPORT: The shift to the cloud is not a singular movement. In fact, security is often a subsequent addition to these environments. As a result, many organizations face a sprawl of network security tools. To alleviate this issue, software-based, virtual, and containerized next-generation firewalls can be deployed. Download this report to learn more.
Posted: 20 Apr 2021 | Published: 31 Mar 2021


10 Things to Test in Your Future Next-Generation Firewall
WHITE PAPER: How can you determine if the features of your new next-generation firewall are what your organization needs to grow and move forward? The answer is simple: you test it. In this white paper, explore 10 points to consider and actively test in your current security infrastructure as well as your future next-generation firewall.
Posted: 15 Apr 2021 | Published: 15 Apr 2021

Cloud Security 101: Best Practices & Self-Assessment
EGUIDE: In this eguide, review best security practices in the age of cloud, and read through two cloud security quizzes from industry experts.
Posted: 13 Apr 2021 | Published: 16 Mar 2021

CASB, CSPM, CWPP Emerge as Future of Cloud Security
EGUIDE: In this eguide, learn about the emergence and the future of Cloud security tools that will help bring successful and securely protected cloud environments.
Posted: 13 Apr 2021 | Published: 16 Mar 2021

TOPICS:  Cloud Security

Multi-Cloud: A Blessing or Curse? What Security Teams Need to Keep in Mind
EGUIDE: In this eguide, read through a glossary of terms related to multi-cloud security, discover the risks of single vs multi-cloud security, and gain insight into different multi-cloud security strategies.
Posted: 13 Apr 2021 | Published: 16 Mar 2021

Securing Multi-Cloud Environments with VM-Series Virtual Firewalls
WHITE PAPER: Today’s complex multi-cloud environments can pose serious security concerns for underprepared organizations. Read this white paper to learn how Palo Alto is helping organizations embrace cloud-agnostic network security that boosts application threat prevention.
Posted: 24 Mar 2021 | Published: 24 Mar 2021

TOPICS:  Cybersecurity

Your Hybrid Infrastructure Is Under Attack
WHITE PAPER: In a recent survey, 85% of IT pros selected hybrid cloud as their ideal operating model. However, these clouds come with their share of complexity. Namely, they require a high level of interconnectivity, which increases the risk of malware attacks, or worse. Don’t delay – Leverage this white paper to learn how to secure your hybrid environment.
Posted: 15 Mar 2021 | Published: 10 Nov 2020

The Enterprise Buyer’s Guide To Iot Security 5 Must-Haves To Look For In A Best-In-Class Iot Security Solution
EGUIDE: 46% of organizations are already embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) – and Gartner expects that number to rise dramatically in coming years. This e-guide provides an exclusive look at the IoT threat landscape and offers expert guidance for choosing the best-fit security tool to protect your IoT devices – read on to get started.
Posted: 15 Mar 2021 | Published: 12 Mar 2021

TOPICS:  Cybersecurity

Data Center & Hybrid Cloud Security
EBOOK: Data Center & Hybrid Cloud Security helps you rethink your approach to security to better protect your data and workload in the on-premises data center and across multi-cloud environments. Download the 83-page chapter book today.
Posted: 15 Mar 2021 | Published: 12 Mar 2021

TOPICS:  Security

Secure Transformation: Replacing Remote Access VPN With Prisma Access
WHITE PAPER: Today’s workforces are largely remote– and organizations that don’t enable a 100% remote workforce likely embrace a hybrid model. So, given the state of today’s workforces, are VPNs still relevant? Read this whitepaper to learn more about the limitations of VPNs and discover how to future proof your remote access security strategy.
Posted: 09 Mar 2021 | Published: 08 Mar 2021

TOPICS:  Cybersecurity

Buyer's Guide: Cybersecurity
RESOURCE: Keeping up with new attack techniques, and effectively defending against advanced threats, is perhaps the biggest challenge facing security teams today. This Cybersecurity Buyer's Guide provides an approach for organizations to use when evaluating cybersecurity protection strategies.
Posted: 29 Nov 2017 | Published: 29 Nov 2017

Firewall Buyer's Guide
WHITE PAPER: Your network is more complex than ever before and because of this complexity along with your security infrastructure, your ability to respond to cybersecurity challenges may be hindered. Read this Firewall Buyer's Guide to uncover 10 considerations to keep in mind when choosing a firewall to advance your security posture and incident response.
Posted: 28 Nov 2017 | Published: 28 Nov 2017

Buyers Guide: Network Security Management
WHITE PAPER: When it comes to network security, organizations often repeat processes. In this buyers guide, access 10 features your network security management should include and the benefits of network security management. As an added bonus, quiz yourself to determine if it's time to move to network security management.
Posted: 28 Nov 2017 | Published: 28 Nov 2017

Comprehensive Data Security In The Cloud
WHITE PAPER: In this white paper, learn about some common cloud and SaaS application threats, as well as the 3 step guide to protecting your data in this new environment.
Posted: 30 May 2017 | Published: 30 May 2017

Protect Yourself From Antivirus
WHITE PAPER: Traditional antivirus (AV) is no longer the solution to preventing endpoint breaches—it's the problem. Access this resource to learn why traditional AV no longer offers meaningful security value for your organization, and see how to get started protecting your endpoints without AV.
Posted: 21 Sep 2016 | Published: 21 Sep 2016

Buyer's Guide to Cybersecurity Solutions
WHITE PAPER: Risks are evolving, and so are solutions. Learn how to evaluate and select the best technology for your organization.
Posted: 10 Dec 2015 | Published: 10 Dec 2015

TOPICS:  IT Management

Application Usage and Threat Report
WHITE PAPER: Find out the biggest threats, as well as the most important tactics to defend your organization, in this annual report.
Posted: 10 Dec 2015 | Published: 10 Dec 2015

TOPICS:  IT Management

Breaking the Cyber Attack Lifecycle
WHITE PAPER: This white paper discusses the modern landscape of cybersecurity, and how enterprises can detect and prevent attacks at every stage of the attack lifecycle, and remain agile in the face of advanced attacks.
Posted: 10 Dec 2015 | Published: 31 Mar 2015

Live Webinar: Strategies That Work for Advanced Persistent Threat Prevention
WHITE PAPER: Join this exclusive live webcast on July 10, at 11 AM GMT to take an in-depth look at the state of ATP prevention today and find out how your organization can keep your sensitive data and applications safe.
Posted: 16 Jun 2014 | Published: 10 Jul 2014

Modern network security for modern threats
WHITE PAPER: This exclusive paper discusses the current state of network security and examines a set of flexible solutions that account for changes to applications, threats, and users, providing air-tight security.
Posted: 14 Mar 2014 | Published: 14 Mar 2014

Taming the Integration Nightmares of a 1,000 App Enterprise
WHITE PAPER: Access this informative white paper today, which highlights an innovative integration approach that will enable you to significantly boost business agility and cost control.
Posted: 26 Dec 2013 | Published: 28 Jan 2014

Cybersecurity Imperatives: Reinvent Your Network Security With Palo Alto Networks
WHITE PAPER: In this valuable resource, discover a security platform designed to keep up with today's ever-evolving threat landscape, which offers optimum network security without lowering network performance or reducing business productivity.
Posted: 26 Dec 2013 | Published: 31 Aug 2013

Palo Alto Networks in the Data Center: Eliminating Compromise
WHITE PAPER: This resource explores best practices for data center network security. Learn how to protect your business without compromising flexibility and application availability.
Posted: 20 Apr 2012 | Published: 20 Apr 2012

A Pragmatic Approach to Network Security for Virtualized Computing Environments
WHITE PAPER: Organizations often struggle when it comes to virtualization technologies, especially in providing adequate network security for modern computing environments. In this paper, explore the common challenges organizations face today and uncover a framework and best practices that organizations can use to address them.
Posted: 16 Apr 2012 | Published: 16 Apr 2012

The Application Usage and Risk Report
WHITE PAPER: This Application Usage and Risk Report from Palo Alto Networks provides a global review of enterprise application usage by summarizing network traffic assessments conducted in 1,636 organizations worldwide. View now to uncover key findings so that you can build effective strategies to mitigate the risks inherent in certain application.
Posted: 16 Apr 2012 | Published: 01 Dec 2011