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FIFO Solutions for Increasing Clock Rates and Data Widths

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How SAP Business One is designed for small and midsize businesses

For SMBs tuned in to growth, profitability, control or any combo of the 3, it has never been a better time to implement an enterprise resource planning solution (ERP) from Sapphire Systems.

Check out this white paper to learn the key capabilities of the SAP Business One ERP solution and discover how working with Sapphire Systems will help your business move forward faster.

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  • Download this contact center management cheat sheet

    Keeping up with the ever-growing amount of acronyms and technologies in the contact center sector is a constant challenge. 

    Fortunately, you can use this pocket guide to contact center management terms to ensure that you are up-to-date with the terminology you need to know.

  • Can Hitachi Content Platform meet these 3 records management regulations

    The Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) is a highly efficient, object storage solution designed to support large scale repositories of unstructured content.

    With its compliance mode, the HCP is designed to meet security industry requirements for preserving records in a non-rewriteable, non-erasable format.

    Access this e-book to learn about the Assessment Report from Cohasset Associates, Inc. which will assess the functionality of HPC relative to 3 key regulations to see if it can meet the recording and non-rewriteable/ non-erasable storage of electronic records and supports the requirements for an audit system.

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  • Open Group technical document: The Single Unix Specification

    This document is designed for users, developers, and implementors of open systems. It provides complete infor mation on what’s new in the Single UNIX Specification, Version 4, including POSIX.1-2008,with comprehensive reference material on every aspect.


  • Who will win the world's biggest cloud contract?

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine the $10bn Pentagon cloud contract – codenamed JEDI – and ask why it is taking so long to choose a supplier. We discuss with IT chiefs how AI will transform technology leadership. And we look at how to improve your email security. Read the issue now.


  • Using a cloud data platform to drive deeper customer insight

    Perhaps no industry has more to gain from efficient data collection than advertising, media and entertainment. But how can businesses use this data to create insight in a timely manner without violating government regulations like the GDPR or CCPA? Check out this white paper to learn how to unlock the value of your data, quickly, with Snowflake.


  • Tactics for Faster Clock Speed

    To speed up IT, CIOs must go beyond standards-based approaches and carve-outs, and equip their teams to be adaptive. This essential report from the membership group CEB explains how.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to CIO leadership

    In this 14-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how the age of the customer requires IT leaders to focus on both the business technology and IT agendas; why IT leaders need to use blogging and social media to raise their profile and build influence in their organisations.


  • Cloud options investigated

    Arriva interim head of IT readiness Stuart Curley offers some tips on procuring cloud services in this PowerPoint presentation for Computer Weekly's CW500 club for senior IT leaders.


  • Maximizing ML job success with Qubole

    Machine learning programs require a fast, reliable data architecture. If your data pipeline or data lake isn’t properly optimized, it can cause serious downtime and keep your ML initiative from reaching its KPIs. Check out this white paper to learn how Qubole is able to optimize the performance and cost of your machine learning initiatives.


  • 3 key use cases for AI in IT services

    It's time to move IT beyond the traditional "better, faster, cheaper — pick any two" conundrum. With the help of AI, virtual agents, and machine learning, organizations can tap into these technological innovations to improve operations across all three variables. Read this ebook to learn how.


  • 5 frequent HPC challenges and how to solve them

    Do you know the obstacles to achieving true high-performance computing?This white paper identifies five key barriers to HPC performance that can lead to hidden losses and ways to overcome them.


  • Analyst's take: Invest in time and attendance applications to cut costs

    Companies should consider investments in time and attendance applications as a low-risk, low-cost way to reduce payroll costs and improve productivity.  Companies that already have time and attendance applications should consider maximizing the breadth of their deployment or extending it to other workforce-related functions.


  • IDC Finds Substantial ROI for Enterprises Using PagerDuty for Digital Operations Management

    In order to keep digital services running around the clock, teams need to be able to solve problems faster—or, ideally, in real time.


  • Be prepared for ransomware in 5 steps

    Access this data sheet to learn the 5 steps you can take to maintain a constant state of recovery readiness, as keeping your backups safe and ready for rapid restoration can save time and keep your business out of harm’s way.


  • Get ready for ransomware attacks

    Access this data sheet to learn the 5 steps you can take to maintain a constant state of recovery readiness, as keeping your backups safe and ready for rapid restoration can save time and keep your business out of harm's way.


  • How fast can your IT security team respond to phishing attacks?

    Reducing the risk of phishing attacks is a race against time – defenders must respond before their own users are to open emails and click on malicious links. In fact, Aberdeen’s research show that defenders have a median of 134 seconds to respond. Continue to uncover the remaining key data points related to this phishing attacks research.


  • Managing IT projects for business change. Dealing with trouble.

    Jeff Morgan and Chris Dale offer advice on managing unanticipated events that can disrupt IT projects in this extract from their book, Managing IT Projects for Business Change.


  • Report: Microsoft Pricing & Sales Tactics

    This report provides the actual discounts obtained in hundreds of Microsoft deals for products like M365, O365, SQL Server, Dynamics, Azure and more. Learn typical discount ranges in real deals plus how to jump the curve to get even more, 3 tactics Microsoft reps and resellers use and how to counter them, and more.


  • Solution brief: Modern endpoint security approach

    According to incident response teams, 68% of cases they investigate are caused by malware. The costs and manpower required to remediate these issues is rising, and organizations need a modern approach to protecting their endpoints. In this solution brief, dive deeper into Malwarebytes’ modern approach to endpoint protection and response.


  • Step-by-step guide: How to implement DCIM from scratch

    Inside this step-by-step guide, learn how to get started with DCIM tools without getting trapped in a total data center overhaul. Find out how to prepare for and implement a new DCIM tool and get tips for setting deployment goals in terms of capabilities, timelines, and business value.


  • Take application performance and delivery to the next level

    Digital workspaces have expanded beyond the traditional corporate network creating complexity for IT. Basic load balancing alone no longer ensures applications will work without disruption. In this infographic, learn how you can take application performance and delivery to the next level with the help of Citrix ADC in AWS Marketplace.


  • Finance and Accounting vs ERP Software: Which is best for you?

    What is difference between finance and accounting software and ERP systems? Find out in this infographic, which explores the features of both to help you decide which of the 2 systems is best for your organization.


  • Adaptive IT

    The CEB, a member-based advisory company, which represents major IT users, explains adaptive IT – a new model developed from feedback from CIO's worldwide – in this presentation.


  • How to improve your Oracle database management and monitoring

    Whether you’re running Oracle Enterprise, Standard, Exadata, or EBS, you are probably looking for a quality database performance monitoring and management system. Read on to learn how SolarWinds’s Database Performance Analyzer integrates with Oracle and gives you access to real-time performance management, historical analysis, and more.


  • Provide 24/7 service without adding costly human overhead

    Download this white paper to learn how the IT service desk demonstrates how the internal CX is influenced by the journey through interaction touchpoints, and why achieving this often requires a redesign of company culture, new technology, and modernized processes.


  • Managed SD-WAN: How retailers can keep up with business needs

    View this infographic to learn how a managed SD-WAN can help retailers deliver new capabilities as needs change, support changing work and business practices, and keep it all secure.


  • Toxic call centers: 5 ways to replace negative feelings with positivity

    No matter who you talk to, everyone agrees: a toxic call center is hurtful to customers, employees, and your bottom line. Download this eBook to learn why some call centers can feel downright destructive, and 5 steps your business can take to replace those negative feelings with positivity—and success.


  • 10 reasons to consider migrating to new server technology

    Next-generation server technology offers significant benefits on older technology, promising to reduce costs, improve manageability and increase flexibility.


  • Analyst's take: Kronos time and attendance applications achieve greater return on investment than Oracle products

    Most companies have pay rule environments with some complexity, such as multiple states and shift differentials or collective bargaining agreements.


  • Solution brief: Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

    According to a study, close to 60% of endpoints harbor hidden threats. These threats can disrupt productivity and cause financial and legal damage. In this solution brief, explore Malwarebytes’ Endpoint Protection and Response (EDR) platform and uncover its key features and benefits.


  • Why employee & customer engagement are so closely linked

    RingCentral recently conducted a global survey of 2,000 customer-facing knowledge workers and customer support employees to learn more about the connection between employee and customer engagement. Download this 18-page eBook to explore the results, and see why experts say the 2 are inextricably linked.


  • Results from last year's security attitude survey

    Each year, CrowdStrike conducts a Global Security Attitude Survey to better understand the current state of incident detection and response. The industry ideal is set at the 1-10-60 rule: 1 minute to detect, 10 minutes to understand, and 60 minutes to contain. Read the research results and see how close organizations came to this benchmark.


  • A complete guide to negotiating with Microsoft

    In this 28-page guide, discover actual discounts obtained in hundreds of Microsoft deals for products like M365, O365, SQL Server, Dynamics, Azure and more, 4 elements that are crucial to building a case to get a great deal, the best ways to avoid over-buying or under-buying, and more.


  • The hidden costs of insider threats

    Whether it’s careless users, disgruntled employees or compromised accounts, the cost of insider threats is on the rise. The infographic provides a closer look at the statistics and insights regarding the dangers of insider threats. Download now to learn more.


  • CW APAC - March 2020: Expert Advice: Security Operations Centre

    In this handbook, focused on the security operations centre in the Asia-Pacific region, Computer Weekly looks at these challenges, runs through the variety of SOCaaS options available and offers steps to create an effective team.


  • E-Book: Virtualizing Your Infrastructure - Selecting Server Hardware for Virtualization

    Choosing the right server hardware to maximize virtualization benefits is an important investment. To gain the high consolidation ratios you're after, you need powerful-enough hardware to support your workloads and applications. In this expert ebook, explore the hardware consideration to keep in mind as you virtualize.


  • DNS: What today's network security teams need

    This technology overview explores how real-time and historical passive DNS data allows security analysts to enrich and refine existing threat data to transform threat feeds into actionable, relevant threat intelligence.


  • How to combat ransomware

    Ransomware is a rapidly growing and increasingly disruptive form of malware. In fact, it’s estimated that a ransomware attack strikes every 14 seconds or so. In this edition of Global Threats by VMware Carbon Black, explore and dissect what defines a ransomware attack, how they work, and best practices for mitigating them.


  • Ransomware: 4 ways to protect data now

    Discover 4 ways you can protect your data from ransomware.


  • How to approach cost governance for AWS

    The best way to circumvent cloud costs is to understand how exactly your organization is using the public cloud. With Cloud Governance for AWS, you can access key insights, including cost tagging, spend reporting, and more. Read this guide now to learn more about cost governance for AWS.


  • What end-to-end automation really looks like

    When you look to automate parts of your business, you shouldn’t have to be looking at preexisting bots that seem somewhat similar to what you’re looking for. Inside this white paper, discover the 6 key areas where automation should fit your business processes and create real value for your enterprise.


  • 10 capabilities to look for in managed detection and response

    Multiple point products and defense-in-depth strategies are no longer sufficient to protect companies that operate in today's cyberspace. Learn 10 capabilities to look for in a managed detection and response (MDR) service to help you stay protected in today's evolving threat landscape.


  • Automating vulnerability management: Examples & use cases

    The vulnerability management lifecycle is a time-consuming set of tasks, making it a perfect candidate for integrating automation into the process. But how should organizations go about this? This white paper provides a set of examples and uses cases for what to do. Read on to get started.


  • Why does it take so long to identify & mitigate a breach?

    Each year, cybercriminals find novel ways to bypass existing security measures and disrupt workflows. In order to effectively protect sensitive data, security approaches need to be an endless, ongoing effort as well. But identifying the indicators of an attack or compromise is tricky. Download this white paper for tips to get started.


  • 3 key benefits of countering ransomware with Cohesity

    Cohesity counters ransomware attacks and helps your organization avoid paying ransom through its comprehensive, end-to end, multilayered approach. Access this data sheet to learn 3 key benefits of using Cohesity to battle ransomware through its prevention, detection, and response components.


  • Refresh your hardware

    In this e-guide, read more about the adoption of hyper-converged infrastructure across the region, the benefits of device-as-a-service offerings in managing employee and endpoint devices, as well as what you can do to extend the lifespan of your hardware.


  • Enable real-time team communication with push-to-talk

    Learn about a platform designed to take push-to-talk beyond the boundaries of radio, allowing employees to communicate reliably and in real-time from anywhere and on any device.


  • 4 steps to troubleshoot network and application performance issues

    In this world where organizations communicate, conduct business, and collaborate almost constantly, the cost attributed to application or network downtime is quantifiably significant. In this white paper, uncover 4 steps that can help you quickly and efficiently troubleshoot network and application performance issues.


  • Supercomputers: A Computer Weekly guide

    This special Computer Weekly report analyses the market for supercomputers, peripherals and applications, the supercomputer community, developments in technology, and offers a country by country comparison.