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Service Experience: The Next Value Driver for Global Business Services

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Service Blocks – build your own cloud managed service

While cloud promises to deliver on cost efficiency, most cloud vendors offer one-size-fits-all solutions, leading to inefficient cloud spending.

Using a custom solution like Rackspace’s Service Blocks you can access a Lego-like approach to cloud. Build what you want and how you want it, and you have the liberty to add or remove services as you see fit.

Click through to this blog to get insight into how Service Blocks work, and hear from partners that have experienced tremendous success in this custom cloud approach.

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  • Microsoft Teams: Adding phone system services and telecom services

    Microsoft Teams is the fastest-growing business application in the history of Microsoft. A key piece of Teams functionality is the ability to chat and call with other Teams users. However, Teams does not by default include the ability to make and receive calls to/from the outside world.

    Yet, Microsoft offers 3 options to connect Phone System and Teams users to the public telephone network:

    • Microsoft Calling Plans
    • Microsoft Operator Connect
    • Microsoft Direct Routing

    Read this white paper to explore the option of adding phone system services and telecom services to Microsoft Teams.

  • Smoothening the transition to a new IT service

    Support for CentOS Linux is coming to an end next year, which will leave many organizations on the prowl for a new IT service that can provide a flexible, stable, and reliable foundation for innovation.

    But what comes along with any new solution is the dreaded migration phase. Thankfully, Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a variety of simple options for moving, along with surprising benefits you’ll gain once your workloads are up and running.

    Join Red Hat and AWS for a webinar to learn how Red Hat Enterprise Linux on AWS can deliver more value for your organization, including a demo of a migration from CentOS to RHEL.

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    Download this portfolio to learn more about WatchGuard's managed security service solutions, which give MSPs peace of mind through better endpoint management and comprehensive protection across your entire service ecosystem.


  • Want a modern integration service that works?

    Many existing enterprise integration technologies are rigid, expensive to maintain, and too slow to respond to the requirements of your business. This white paper details Informatica’s Cloud Application Integration service, which offers a single, trusted solution to support any integration pattern, data set, or endpoint. Access it here.


  • Exploring cloud Security as a Service options

    There are a number of new cloud-based security products, to help mitigate today’s cloud computing risks. This tip examines Security-as-a-Service tools available and the key features that are most important in a cloud server security platform such as encryption, identity management, configuration and vulnerability management and more.


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  • How cloud communications improve customer service

    Donatos, a pizza company with more than 200 locations, struggled with legacy infrastructure that delivered fragmented mobile experiences and poor in-store Wi-Fi. To solve these challenges, they looked to build a next-generation IT platform. See this full case study to learn how CBTS cloud and SD-WAN solutions helped Donatos achieve this goal.


  • Service Blocks Explained for Business Leaders

    How can business leaders make better use of cloud spending? Custom cloud services. Watch this short 3-minute video to learn about Rackspace's counter-intuitive approach to cloud as service with customization for IT cost savings.


  • Mainframe modernization services: Strengths & challenges

    One business may decide to modernize its mainframe to achieve compliance. Another may decide to do so in order to deliver superior data analytics. Regardless of the driver, any business undertaking mainframe modernization wants a cost-effective, agile solution. Check out this ISG report to explore the mainframe modernization market.


  • ITIL and ITSM: How IT is becoming more service-oriented

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    In this e-guide, we'll take a look at how some of the world's biggest financial brands are moving to the cloud, and share a cautionary tale or two about the mistakes some have made while trying to get there.


  • Channels to Managed Print Services in Europe

    Analyst group Quocirca reviews channel-led managed print services (MPS) programmes.


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    With the cyber landscape brimming with threats, your organization may require some help augmenting your defenses. In this overview, learn about managed services for SIEM, vulnerability scanning and much more.


  • How MDR, MSSP and SIEM-as-a-service stack up

    MDR, MSSP, SIEM-as-a-service: Which one is the right fit for your security operations? To help you make an informed decision, this 16-page e-book compares the approaches. Dive in to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each security strategy.


  • How CFOs Can Reshape Service Organizations in the Never Normal

    In today’s highly variable environment, service organizations grapple with managing increased project complexity and retaining staff while controlling costs. Watch this video to learn how Unit4’s ERP can help CFOs gain visibility and control to enhance employee experience and power digital transformation.


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    Discover how integration platform as a service (iPaaS) connects applications and data across cloud and on-premise. This guide explains iPaaS benefits like fast integration and reduced costs. Learn how leading iPaaS technologies enable digital transformation by providing a single platform to integrate any application.


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    In this ESG white paper, discover the secrets to maximizing your return when evaluating as-a-service consumption and agile infrastructure options for on-premises IT.


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    As-a-service IT can deliver significant business benefits like higher revenue, cost savings, and efficiency gains. This article overviews IDC research on how Dell APEX Cloud Services provide a cloudlike experience that improves agility and utilization. Read now to learn key capabilities driving transformative value.


  • Expand your services with managed power solutions

    This eBook from Schneider Electric guides IT solution providers on adding managed power services to increase revenue. Learn how to leverage software tools for remote monitoring and management of critical infrastructure. Read now to future-proof your business.


  • UPS monitoring, service for edge environments

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    MDR, MSSP or SIEM-as-a-service: Which strategy can best support your business’s unique security needs? To understand how the strategies compare, download this 16-page white paper.


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    While arguably the backbone of modern healthcare, leaders find the intricate nature of managing IT infrastructure, systems and applications often diverts resources away from strategic innovation. In this comprehensive guide, discover how to make well-informed decisions that harmonize with your healthcare organization’s aspirations and goals.


  • Economic analysis of specialized security services

    To meet their unique security needs, many organizations are turning to specialized security services, such as those provided by Palo Alto Networks Cloud-Delivered Security Services (CDSS). So, what does investing in such a service look like? For an economic analysis of CDSS, explore this Forrester “Total Economic Impact” report.


  • The ultimate guide to business service monitoring

    If a cloud service provider has an IT outage, its retail clients may not be able to do business. Traditionally, firms have turned to open-source tools to monitor business services IT. But in today’s complex IT environments, open source is no longer sufficient. Download this e-book to learn how to find the right business service monitoring tool.


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    Are you spending too much on cloud services? Is there a way to optimize your cloud spending and dramatically lower it? Read on through this blog post to learn how to save money by setting realistic service level objectives (SLOs), keeping customers happy while also managing your cloud infrastructure bill.


  • How telecommunication services and law enforcement work in tandem

    Lawful Interception (LI) refers to the legally mandated surveillance of telecommunication services. The UTIMACO Lawful Interception Management System (LIMS) is a monitoring solution designed to help telecom operators and Internet service providers fulfill their legal obligation to Law enforcement agencies (LEAs). Download now to learn more.


  • Analyst report: Comparing mainframe-as-a-service vendors

    Legacy mainframe systems are complex and slow to change, thereby reducing business agility and holding back growth. Tap into this analyst report to learn what ISG perceives as most critical factors for mainframes services and solutions in 2023 and gain a deeper understanding of different mainframe-as-a-service (MFaaS) vendors and how they stack up.


  • UC service management & provisioning automation guide

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  • ITOps & service management: The state of play in APAC

    In this e-guide on ITSM in APAC, find out how to keep IT operations running to empower a remote workforce, the advantages of cloud-based service management tools and how one Australian company is managing IT incidents amid a shorter development lifecycle.


  • DRaas and the key decision points in DR-as-a-service

    In this e-guide we look at the key decisions you'll need to make about the blend of DRaas your organisation wants, which of the key cloud providers are best for which elements of DR service delivery, the pros and cons of moving elements of disaster recovery to the cloud and which to keep closer to home, and the 12 key steps to DRaas deployment.


  • A comparison of Azure, AWS, and Google cloud services

    AWS, Azure, and Google are all huge names in the cloud space, offering everything from big data in the cloud to serverless computing options and more. Read on for a vendor-neutral comparison of these three providers to determine which combination – if any – best fits your organization's infrastructure requirements.


  • What makes a great managed security service provider?

    With an increasingly challenging threat landscape, being a successful MSSP can be a struggle. Making sure customers stay safe is critical to the success of your business, which is why understanding what makes a great MSSP is crucial for you to be able to make informed choices that will prove beneficial to the company.