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Comparing the leading value stream management vendors

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Image analytics: Key things to know for success

For today’s companies, processing and categorizing images and other content with only special optical character/mark recognition forms and scanners can be a tedious and time-consuming task.

To combat this, many have turned to image analytics for more efficient organization and management. But what exactly is image analytics? How can you leverage them in your everyday business functions and what are the benefits?

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  • The Great Decommission

    Analog lines or plain old telephone service (POTS) are steadily being decommissioned, with the FCC reporting that carriers are on a path to drop POTS lines entirely within 5 years.

    To avoid getting disconnected, you can implement new technologies like a wireless provider offering POTS over LTE, using an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA), or a Managed Facilities-based Voice Network (MFVN) solution.

    Access this article to help find the right POTS replacement strategy for your organization.

  • The Downside of Tight Coupling in Business Operations

    When organizations create workflows, many times they are so focused on increased efficiency and control that the interdependencies of systems become so tightly coupled together that business functions can lose out on flexibility, scalability, and resilience.

    In this blog, you’ll take a look at tight coupling as it applies to organizational processes such as dependencies between software components, rigid organizational structures, and the downsides of centralized decision making.

    Read on to learn more about having the right balance of autonomy and interdependency and make sure that your organization’s workflows are optimized for best practices.

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  • Achieving channel growth by recruiting influential MSPs

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  • How TeamViewer helped one hospital save time and improve security

    NW London CCG was facing many challenges when it came to support, cybersecurity gaps, and centralized management. They needed a remote connectivity tool that offered instant access to servers and devices, while still being fully compliant. Download this case study to see why they chose TeamViewer, and uncover the results realized from the switch.


  • Best Practices For Minimizing Technical Debt

    Where does tech debt come from and why is it so critical to address? In this infographic, learn how to assess your tech landscape and set your sights on a modern, unhindered future state. Read expert tips on developing a strategic roadmap and implementing IT solutions for long-term success.


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  • DAP Marketscape 2024: Whatfix Named a DAP Leader

    As digital transformation continues to challenge organizations, many are looking for ways that they can innovate in order to meet new expectations. To achieve this, some businesses have turned to digital adoption platforms (DAPs). But what exactly is a DAP? What are its benefits and challenges? Dig into this report to learn more.


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    When it’s reported that $652K per application can be unlocked annually for organizations that integrate digital adoption platforms (DAPs), it’s no wonder companies have started to consider implementation. But what exactly is a DAP? What are the benefits and KPIs to know before purchasing? Dig into this report to learn more.


  • Optimizing mixed device work environments: Pros & cons

    Mixed device environments introduce complexity and challenges for IT, including higher costs and support issues. Learn how to optimize digital work experiences and manage a mix of PCs and Macs in this in-depth e-book.


  • Enterprise Strategy Group findings on digital employee experience

    Enterprise Strategy Group reports that nearly 90% of IT respondents said digital employee experience optimization is among their top three most important technology priorities for the next 12 months. Download this infographic to learn how to discover the optimal digital employee experience for your organization.


  • Userization explained by Greisy Flores: How Whatfix transforms digital adoption

    In this video, Greisy Flores talks about Userization i.e. making technology more human-friendly. She talks about how Userization is increasing the efficiency of software users while reducing the IT costs for organisations. Further, she explains how companies can transform their digital adoption process with Whatfix!


  • Whatfix named a Customers' Choice by Third-party Analysts for DAP

    This report synthesizes peer insights and reviews to create an aggregate client perspective that complements its expert research for technology decision makers. Read this report to understand the analysis of Whatfix.


  • How Sentry Insurance saved $1M in training & support costs with Whatfix

    In this video, Sentry Insurance talks about how Whatfix helped them to build personalized, in-app learning across Workday and seven other internal and customer-facing systems, including customer administration, policy management, claims, and a customer portal.


  • 10 must-haves when choosing a digital adoption platform partner

    Struggling to pick the right digital adoption platform (DAP) for your organization? This guide can help! Whatfix will walk you through how to analyze user needs to build better products and to identify the must-have features in a DAP. Learn how to find the perfect fit for your company.


  • The Growing Cost of QuickBooks

    For businesses that are just getting started, QuickBooks has some obvious benefits— it's inexpensive and it covers the basics. As companies grow, however, they need more than basic accounting software. Making that transition isn't easy.


  • A Four-Level Maturity Model for Finance

    Today, manufacturing and distribution companies face more pressure than ever to improve efficiency and reduce costs while still getting superior products to market quickly. However, poor technology can be the reason you don’t achieve your goals. Browse this guide to learn more.


  • And the SaaS CSAT award goes to…

    ServiceNow clinches the 2023 SaaS CSAT Award for Field Service Management, per IDC. Leading in customer satisfaction in the SaaS Path Survey, it outperforms in FSM with a trusted brand, easy implementation, and superior features. With 59% of firms upping FSM investment, the full IDC report details ServiceNow's top-tier solution.