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What is an API marketplace?

Axway’s Amplify Enterprise Marketplace is an API marketplace solution designed to help organizations maximize API adoption and consumption for greater business value.

This solution brief details the benefits of an API marketplace, including potential new revenue streams and total observability over your APIs.

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  • Cloud & software spending guide for 2024

    More than 70% of organizations are planning to increase their cloud and software spending in 2024, despite economic uncertainty, according to this Forrester Planning Guide for 2024.

    This data-driven report dives into anticipated spending across technologies to help you prioritize your investments while staying on budget and simultaneously meeting the expectations and needs of the business.

    Dive into the Forrester report here.

  • How to develop High-Value Offers (HVO)

    In this e-book, explore how, through a shift in thinking and close collaboration between teams, Sales and Marketing together can develop High-Value Offers (HVO) to deliver stronger, more impactful engagement with the accounts that matter most.

    Download the e-book here for safekeeping.

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  • API management guide: How to create a holistic approach

    As the use of APIs grows, it’s more important than ever to have a holistic approach to managing the way you use APIs. With the right API strategy in place, you can generate new products and sources of value faster, gain insights into API usage and maintain control over access and security. Access this API management guide to get started.


  • The B2B Buyer Persona Framework

    In this B2B Buyer Persona Framework, explore how B2B buyers differ from B2C personas, B2B functional and emotive attributes, and much more. Save the exclusive Forrester framework here.


  • Drive API adoption with the right services

    86% of organizations agree the value of APIs is in their consumption and not in their existence alone, according to Forrester. This Forrester infographic explores how businesses can close the API development and consumption gap so you can unlock increased revenue from API traffic. Access it here.


  • Want better API usage?

    IT departments spend a lot of time managing APIs. However, with a better platform to do it, can you imagine freeing up your team to work on discovering, managing, and optimizing your APIs across the enterprise? Organizations are finding ways to generate new revenue and differentiate themselves through this process. Read on to learn more.


  • API Marketplace Benefits: What, who, and how

    This infographic looks at the benefits of building your own API marketplace using Axway’s Amplify Enterprise Marketplace. Highlights include:Decrease time to value by automating and productizing APIs Align IT and business goals before API development beginsMaster API complexity by operationalizing all your APIsGet your copy here.


  • API Amplify Enterprise Marketplace: Boost API consumption & reduce complexity

    An API marketplace ensures your developers don’t have to go hunting for the right API because its already packaged and categorized in your own marketplace. Afterall, the value in APIs is in their consumption, so why not make that process as easy as possible? Access this eBook to learn more about why you need an API marketplace.


  • Use Your APIs to Generate Profit, Not Peril

    News flash: APIs make up over 83% of internet traffic. You should not be surprised; APIs are profit multipliers. The benefits are clear: omnichannel customer experiences, faster innovation, and new lines of revenue. However, without the right configuration and management, there can be serious risks and vulnerabilities. Read on to learn more.


  • The Trends Shaping the Professional Services Industry

    The world of professional services was once a booming sector. For years organizations enjoyed increased headcounts and profits, but it is different now. With increased competition and higher client expectations, services firms must adopt technology-driven strategies to grow their business. Read on to learn how.


  • Creating The Ultimate Spend-Smart IT Asset Management System

    According to a recent Insight survey, 66% of organizations reported having a large amount of duplicate hardware and software, leading to unexpected costs piling up. Access this handbook to explore the top ITAM challenges and solutions for an effective workflow.


  • Comparing the leading legal operations technologies vendors

    While many legal organizations today understand the benefits of emerging operations technologies, navigating the market remains a challenge. This market guide helps legal leaders identify the best solution for their workflows, comparing the leading vendors across a number of key criteria. Download the report now to learn more.


  • How To Scale Agile Software Development With Product Teams In The Enterprise

    For larger organizations, undertaking an agile transformation means managing dependencies, communications, and outcomes across globally distributed teams—and things can get complicated fast. Explore key strategies for the agile enterprise here.


  • Writing code vs. API integration

    Instead of writing code from scratch, organizations started composing applications and leveraging APIs, saving them enormous amounts of time and effort. The key to enterprise-level API creation is to leverage an API integration platform. Access this e-book to understand why and how APIs are transforming the business landscape.


  • How to Balance API Risk vs. Opportunity

    For every opportunity, there is usually some risk involved. When it comes to APIs, it is no different. With every API you create, there is risk that needs to be managed. The good news is that when done correctly, your business can create a truly connected, omnichannel experience to improve the customer experience. Read on to learn more about it.


  • Technology stacks: Best-of-breed solutions made easy

    Technology stacks enable your organization to use best-of-bread solutions to solve specific problems, as opposed to relying on a single, one-size-fits-all system that leaves much to be desired. Access the e-book to learn how you can set up your own technology stack for each department.


  • Top knowledge base providers & how they stack up

    Today, many have started to integrate knowledge bases into their organizations.But with so many providers on the market, how can you know which one will best meet your organization’s needs? Browse this checklist to learn more.


  • Introducing The Insights-Driven Targeting Spectrum

    In this report, explore the Forrester Insights-Driven Targeting Spectrum, gain a comprehensive view of 6 sequential capabilities to more effectively target buyers, and discover the best guidelines to ensure evolving levels of data maturity.


  • The top 2 project management certifications

    The Project Management Professional (PMP) and the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exams are a reliable way to help validate your project management skillset. With this exam prep guide, learn how to qualify for the PMP and the CAPM certification and create a strategy to pass the exam. Get started here.


  • Technology Asset Management: Current State and Near-Term Outlook

    According to an EMA survey on IT asset management (ITAM), 35% of organizations say their approach to ITAM is strategic, with a drive to bring all asset classes and types onto a shared platform. Access this report to learn how ITAM is used by enterprises, what role CMDB plays, and more.


  • Unlock innovation with APIs & integration

    This eBook examines how to develop an API and integration strategy that will help your business unlock innovation and solve your most pressing transformation challenges.There are 3 ways this strategy will help you:Simplifying your digital transformationUnlock & accelerate innovationLower the costs & risk of modernizationRead the eBook.


  • Minimize wasted effort with intent data

    When buyers and sellers divide such a limited amount of time across so many digital touchpoints, there’s little time for quality one-to-one interaction—but plenty of chances to screw things up. In this guide, explore the importance of digital touchpoints with Forrester and TechTarget.


  • 6 API case studies for Jitterbit Harmony

    This e-book details 6 real-world stories from Jitterbit Harmony customers, a born-on-the-cloud API integration platform, and how they unleashed the transformative power of APIs and integration. Read the customer success stories to explore the power of Jitterbit Harmony.


  • Your APIs Should Solve a Pain Point – Not Become One

    Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) can be critical to accelerating the technology changes that help enterprises achieve their business goals. As the number of APIs increase, API management becomes necessary. Read this blog to learn how to approach API management.


  • The Keys to Scaling Digital Value

    How does your digital transformation strategy stack up against leaders around the world? Explore insights from this global report.


  • APIs: The answer to your DX questions

    All businesses are facing a paradigm shift in the needs and demands from their customer base. There are many factors that influence this, but as a leader, all you can do is adapt. To keep up with your customers, APIs are critical. However, as API questions arise, your answer lies in multi-function iPaaS. Read on to learn more about it.


  • It's time to open your managed file transfer. It's easier. Faster. More secure. Are you open?

    Managed file transfer is becoming more complex. But that doesn’t change the fact that business payments still need to arrive on time and critical supply orders can’t be wrong. This resource explains how Axway Managed File Transfer is designed to deliver for you no matter the complexity. Access it here.


  • What’s the ROI of SUSE’s SAP solutions?

    This Total Economic Impact (TEI) report from Forrester examines the potential ROI you can realize from deploying the SUSE and Intel Server Platform for SAP environments. Access the TEI report here to explore if SUSE’s SAP solutions are a good fit for your organization.


  • Visibility to Workflow: How IT Leaders Can Discover and See All Technology Assets to Transform Business

    Having visibility over all your assets is essential for making informed business decisions. Access this white paper to explore which discovery strategies can help you get the right data to guide your organization.


  • How to address the complexity of your enterprise tech

    Enterprise technology is getting increasingly complex, which can bog down your organization if you don’t have the right resources or specialists in place.This white paper dives into how the Axway Amplify API Management Platform can help. Access this white paper to get started.


  • IT Asset Management overview: ServiceNow

    IT asset management (ITAM) is more complicated than ever with remote work, highly distributed applications, and patchwork security solutions. How can you simplify all this complexity? Watch this video to learn more about ServiceNow’s single-platform ITAM solution and see how it can help your organization.


  • What’s next for managed file transfer & how to prepare

    The rise of API technology and implementation had led many to ask, is managed file transfer (MFT) on its way out? The reality is that while APIs have become a major player in today’s digital infrastructure, they haven’t replaced MFT as the 2 each have their distinctive use cases. Access this blog to learn more about the state of MFT.


  • The Great Decommission

    Analog lines or plain old telephone service (POTS) are steadily being decommissioned, with the FCC reporting that carriers are on a path to drop POTS lines entirely within 5 years. To avoid getting disconnected, access this article to help find the right POTS replacement strategy for your organization.


  • Alleviate headaches with open API management platforms

    As organizations grow, so too does their API and IT landscape. While this is a good thing, it can also be very complex which can lead to inefficiencies if you do not have the right tools. In this article, you’ll learn 6 key ways in which open API management platforms can bring clarity and efficiency to your IT operations. Read more to find out how.


  • Why your B2B transactions should be moved to the cloud

    Today, business leaders are faced with challenges such as skill shortages, supply chain disruptions, and increased complexity that comes with expansion. With all of this to deal with, many businesses are fearful to move their EDI operations to the cloud. However, moving it to the cloud helps overcome other challenges. Read on to see why.


  • 3 steps for accelerating GBS for organizational success

    In order to enhance the impact of technology and teams, many organizations have started to invest in global business services (GBS), which can enhance and align HR, IT, finance, and other critical functions. But why exactly is GBS so appealing? Dig into this white paper to learn more.


  • Retail: How to achieve connected commerce

    The retail industry has had a turbulent last few years. You need to remain flexible so your business can pivot no matter what disruption comes your way. This e-book details how to leverage integrated technology, like hyperautomation, to innovate at speed by connecting every possible business and IT process. Access the e-book to get started.


  • How to advance in your global business services journey

    By investing in global business services (GBS), you can create opportunities to amplify the impact of your technology and teams, but many businesses are still dealing with hurdles like siloed views and duplicative, manual work. Tap into this infographic to learn how you can empower GBS agents and drive growth for your business.


  • Annual APIs & integration report

    This Annual APIs & Integration Report details:Changes in API utilizationEvolving perspectives on integrationThe use of microservices and service meshWhy technology is essential for sustainabilityAccess the report here.


  • Your guide to SAP application retirement

    As companies grow and add new technologies, they must also deal with legacy applications, data, and hardware. Now, IT leaders must figure out what to do with their prior investments and data. Read on to learn more about data and app retirement best practices and their many benefits.


  • Scenario planning in action: How to navigate uncertainty in the public sector

    With the reality of an extended, uncertain future, local agencies are challenged with detecting behavioral changes and a shifting demand for services. However, when it comes to government funding for this, all bets can be off. To face this uncertainty


  • Do you think like a hybrid integration expert?

    As technology progresses, integration is becoming more difficult. Data is everywhere, and to be a serious integration expert, you always need a real-time picture of the business. To achieve this, relying on older inflexible packaged apps must be phased out, but it is not that simple. Read on to learn how to think like a hybrid integration expert.