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Case study: T-Systems’ experiences with PROJECTnow integration

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Project Portfolio Management 101

As your business adopts new technologies and processes to stand out in the evolving marketplace, ensuring strong project portfolio management (PPM) becomes crucial.

This white paper presents a PPM deep dive, exploring PPM issues, strategies and tools.

Continue reading to discover 3 core elements of an important aspect of project portfolio management: resource management.

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  • Why are too many organizations failing in their strategic initiatives?

    In a recent ServiceNow survey, just 30% of respondents indicated they were able to achieve expected business outcomes for more than 70% of their strategic initiatives. However, 42% failed to achieve outcomes for more than half of their strategic projects.

    Those are striking statistics, but what’s worse is they’re consistent over many years. Things aren’t getting better. Clearly a new approach to strategic planning is needed.

    Discover in this e-book how strategic portfolio management (SPM), a discipline that has strategic planning at its core, can help you overcome this strategic project gap by connecting all aspects of strategy, from the initial setting of priorities to the achievement of objectives.

  • ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management: Economic Analysis

    Strategic portfolio management (SPM) allows organizations to gather their enterprise-wide documentation into a single platform for easier access, organization, and resource management.

    This Forrester Total Economic Impact Study explores the economic benefits of ServiceNow SPM, using real-world use cases and statistics to provide an accurate estimate of what an organization could expect when adopting the solution.

    Download now to see how ServiceNow helped customers achieve an average ROI of 365%.

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  • And the SaaS CSAT award goes to…

    ServiceNow clinches the 2023 SaaS CSAT Award for Field Service Management, per IDC. Leading in customer satisfaction in the SaaS Path Survey, it outperforms in FSM with a trusted brand, easy implementation, and superior features. With 59% of firms upping FSM investment, the full IDC report details ServiceNow's top-tier solution.


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  • Why ServiceNow was named a governance, risk, and compliance leader

    ServiceNow has been recently named a Leader in the Forrester Wave: Governance, Risk, and Compliance Platforms, Q4 2023. But what does this actually mean? Find out in this deep-diving ServiceNow blog post.


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    Manage the lifecycle of your products and their components with Aptean PLM Lascom Edition. Streamline innovation, improve time to market, and maintain quality. Learn more about this comprehensive PLM solution in the full product overview.


  • With ServiceNow, parking solutions provider accelerates field service success

    Schiedt & Bachmann is a leading parking solutions provider but needed to scale up its digital services as it expanded its global subsidiaries and needed to manage 5,000 customers and almost 11,000 car parks worldwide. Watch how ServiceNow and Schiedt & Bachmann made it all happen in this short video.


  • Manage and Mitigate Enterprisewide Risk with ServiceNow Partners

    Discover how ServiceNow and its partners help enterprises manage and mitigate risk across the organization. Read these customer stories to see how they achieved quantifiable results like $2.6M in annual savings and 70% productivity gains. Read the full case study to learn more.


  • Modernize ERP systems and accelerate transformation

    Modernize your ERP systems and accelerate transformation with ServiceNow's low-code workflows and GenAI capabilities. Optimize ERP processes, transform ERP innovation, and unlock value faster. Download this eBook to learn more.


  • Estimate the business value you could achieve with ServiceNow

    Backed by research conducted by Forrester, this value calculator tool allows you to get a precise estimate of the business value you could achieve with ServiceNow. Access the calculator now, and gain access to a monetary evaluation of how ServiceNow could help your business.


  • Improve risk management by connecting business & IT

    Organisations that invest in resilience during times of uncertainty are better able to seize opportunity when it arises. In this eBook, discover how you can optimise operations, reduce costs and risk and boost resilience by connecting business and IT on a single platform. Learn more about Integrated Risk Management from ServiceNow in this ebook.


  • Aligning risk & service models for operational resilience

    Integrating an entity hierarchy into risk management aligns with CMDB and CSDM for risk visibility. Maturing from tactical to service-centric, it includes third parties, enhancing accountability and transparency. Read to build a robust framework aligned with business services and infrastructure.


  • ServiceNow Finds the Smarter Way to Segment Using Illumio

    ServiceNow is a premier cloud platform for IT service management. When they identified the need to address a flat network and properly secure their domain controllers and core services, they knew it was time to refine their network segmentation strategy. Leverage this case study to see how Illumio’s Secure Cloud platform delivered value.


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    Discover how ServiceNow Field Service Management and partners optimize field services, boost technician productivity, and enhance customer experiences in this e-book. Uncover key capabilities and use cases to transform service operations, among other points.


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  • Business Value of ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

    To empower your employees to do their best work, you need to streamline their experiences, from onboarding to offboarding. Read this e-book to learn how you can create efficiencies and lower costs across your organization by unifying HR service experiences with ServiceNow HR Service Delivery.


  • Low-code app development explained in under 5 minutes

    How can you develop high-quality applications more quickly at your business? By adopting a low-code development approach, ServiceNow argues. To learn about a platform that can support low-code app development at your organization, watch this video.


  • 5 tips for digital transformation success: Tackling digital risk

    Read Digital Transformation & Risk For Dummies, 2nd ServiceNow Special Edition to learn how you can manage and tackle digital risk with a single platform that unlocks a common language between business and IT.


  • Optimizing cloud costs through visibility and automation

    FinOps teams need to align tech efforts with budget limits. ServiceNow Cloud Cost Management offers a unified platform to monitor hybrid cloud expenses, budget effectively, optimize resources, and deactivate unused services. Discover how to enhance your cloud efficiency and expenditure by reading the full content.


  • Prepare to meet evolving risk and compliance mandates

    To meet government disclosure mandates, firms require integrated risk and security programs. With a centralized platform, ServiceNow helps identify threats, contain incidents, ensure compliance, and report material events within required timeframes. Case. Read more about how ServiceNow enables robust risk management and expedites reporting.


  • IAM: ServiceNow + AlertEnterprise partnership

    Thanks to their relationship with ServiceNow, AlertEnterprise’s workforce identity and access management solutions are more efficient, effective – and secure. Discover the impact of the partnership and its integrations with AlertEnterprise Guardian in this series of videos.


  • 3 pillars for transforming risk & compliance management

    Enterprises have to overcome the current impedances to effective risk management: organizational silos, manual work, poor UX, and disparate systems. Read this paper to understand 3 pillars for evolving your compliance and risk management strategy, as well as a checklist for how ServiceNow can assist in this process.


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    To overcome the challenges of expanded digital infrastructure and limited resources, IT teams need to harness the power of automation. ServiceNow uses cutting edge predictive intelligence to support and augment your IT teams. Watch this video now to learn more about ServiceNow’s approach to IT.


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    Discover in this e-book how ServiceNow IT Asset Management can help your organization automate the end-to-end technology asset lifecycle with a strategic workflow, and the financial benefits to which you can look forward.


  • How to achieve IT Asset management excellence

    In this short video, learn how ServiceNow’s ITAM solutions can help your organization optimize software, hardware, and cloud costs while also reducing risk.


  • How can you reassess digital priorities in the face of constant change?

    Discover in this white paper how ServiceNow can help you succeed with features such as strategic and continuous planning, empowering your organization to perform at a higher level while outmaneuvering continuous disruption.


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    Organizations are seeking ways of implementing AI to augment their workforce, but many are struggling to develop their own practices. This blog post explores How Microsoft Copilot and ServiceNow Now Assist enhance employee and IT admin choice and flexibility through the power of AI. Read on to learn more.


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    The beginning of your ESG journey can feel daunting, but smart technology decisions can make the road much smoother. To get ahead of your sustainability goals, explore this ServiceNow guide to the top ESG trends and opportunities.


  • Dropbox Controls Spending with ServiceNow & Genpact

    Dropbox cut its procurement cycle time by over 50% by adopting ServiceNow and partnering with Genpact for consulting and implementation. Read this case study to see how this company replaced disconnected, manual processes with a streamlined, automated system providing transparency and efficiency.


  • How to build a risk-informed, resilient business

    Discover how to build a risk-informed, resilient business that can adapt to change and uncertainty. This e-guide explores the risks businesses face and how an effective management solution can help you seize hidden opportunities. Read the full e-guide to learn more.


  • Drive seamless CX experiences while reducing costs

    Discover in this e-book how ServiceNow customers continue to persevere— do more with less—while still managing to improve customer satisfaction.