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How to Optimize Cloud Operations for the Best User Experience

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Top 2023 cloud workload protection platforms

The adoption of cloud workload protection platforms (CWPPs) is rapidly increasing as more organizations migrate their workloads to the cloud, embrace cloud-native technologies, and accelerate cloud IaaS spending growth.

In fact, most organizations want to use cloud security to prevent breaches (31%) and detect and respond to cloud threats (30%). And last year, the global CWPP market recorded revenue of over $3 billion, representing a year-over-year growth of 47.9%.

Explore the key capabilities of CWPP solutions and the top vendors in the market today in this analyst report.

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  • 12 Top MSSPs in North America and Latin America

    Struggling with the shortage of IT professionals, many organizations have enlisted the help of an MSSP.

    If your company is considering doing the same, then you need a thorough understanding of the MSSP landscape.

    Enter this Frost Radar report, in which Frost & Sullivan compare twelve top-performing MSSPs in North America and Latin America.

    On the Frost Radar, MSSPs like AT&T Cybersecurity, SecurityHQ and Trustwave are plotted according to their growth performance and their ability to meet customers’ evolving needs.

    Download the report to understand how these MSSPs stack up against each other.

  • How QTS won F&S’s best-in-class data center services in NA

    In today’s connected world, data centers (DCs) are the core of the digital economy. However, building and operating DCs is capital-intensive and highly challenging.

    Through its customer-minded truck-to-rack simplicity and affordable total cost of ownership, QTS won best-in-class for DC services in North America.

    Explore the best practices that earned them the prestigious award in this report from Frost & Sullivan.

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    Check out this analyst report to discover what makes Cobalt Iron’s Compass solution North American Data Backup Product Leadership Award material.


  • Today’s top companies for global personal communications

    Each year, Frost & Sullivan rigorously assesses multiple nominees for their best-in-class, New Product Innovation Award. This year, Logitech was given the coveted award for their Logi Dock collaboration dock. Access this report to learn why.


  • Ensuring the best meeting room experience

    As offices prepare to re-open, organizations are expanding their investments in collaboration technology to support a hybrid workforce. Download this white paper to discover what it takes to ensure the best experience for your meeting rooms.


  • Digitally transform your workplace for hybrid success

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  • IT leader’s guide to telephony and Teams

    Today, 54% of organizations have standardized on Teams and that number is expected to increase to 75% by 2025. However, many of these companies experience trouble with connectivity and have difficulty with the Microsoft cloud phone system. Access this infographic to learn how you can upgrade your telephony system.


  • Enhance Your Video Conferencing Investments with a Flexible Audio Product Portfolio

    As we settle into the era of hybrid work, it’s abundantly clear that video conferencing will remain a key tool to connect distributed teams. Tap into this Frost & Sullivan white paper to learn how you can enhance your video conferencing investments with a flexible audio product portfolio.


  • CW ASEAN: Defend against disruption

    In this month's issue of CW ASEAN, we take a closer look at how industrial control systems operators are improving the visibility of ICS environments without jeopardizing operations, addressing security vulnerabilities and enhancing cooperation between IT and operational technology teams. Read the issue now.


  • Your guide to reimagining the workplace

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  • How cloud & SD-WAN are revolutionizing retail

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  • Optimizing Offices for Hybrid Work with Logitech Select

    As offices evolve in a hybrid world, organizations can benefit from utilizing technology and services that enable them to become more responsive to changing conditions, and can optimize the office experience for everyone. Access this white paper to find potential methods that can help your organization optimize hybrid meeting spaces.


  • How integrated telephony can enhance Teams

    As hybrid and remote work continue to change how organizations collaborate, many are looking for ways they can centralize their communications platforms. For example, over 20% of Microsoft Teams users report that they plan on adopting telephony services for external calling. Access this guide to learn more.


  • How you can maximize your Teams investment

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  • Unified Communications Trends and Challenges: How to Stay on Top

    This e-guide discusses the top trends affecting the unified communication's (UC) market as well as potential UC and IP telephony challenges. Learn what you can do to tackle these issues and stay ahead of the competition.


  • Audio for Effective Collaboration in a Hybrid World: 4 Ways to Make It Happen

    Tap into this Frost & Sullivan visual and interactive white paper to uncover 4 practical steps to leverage audio as a foundational tool for employee engagement and success—empowering everyone to hear and communicate effectively.


  • What Tools are New in the Contact Center?

    This E-Guide takes a look at the latest advanced contact center technologies that can help agents better anticipate customer needs and accelerate the resolution of customer cases.


  • MicroScope's ultimate guide to the digital transformation and emerging opportunities for the channel

    The phrase might be one that gets over used at conferences and in pitches but it refers to something that is really happening and to revenue opportunities that are emerging right now. This e-guide will share some of the recent developments in the channel and the latest thoughts about the issue.


  • Transform your Business with Hosted Enterprise Unified Communications

    Recent surveys found that more than 60% of cloud users have embraced hosted UC because of its ability to reduce the need for hardware/software maintenance, improve IT flexibility and better support strategic business goals. What could it do for you? Download this white paper to learn more on cloud UC and to explore CBTS hosted UC solutions.


  • Design a winning omnichannel strategy with this tool

    Just because customers aren’t dealing directly with a single sales agent anymore, doesn’t mean they don’t crave personalized, human-centric engagement. The million-dollar question is, with so many channels available, which should you be using? In this e-book, explore 4 different channels and their advantages in customer satisfaction.


  • CW ASEAN: Preparing for 5G

    As telcos gear up to roll out the first 5G networks, enterprises are keen to see how they can take advantage of faster 5G networks to support a broad range of applications. In this edition of CW ASEAN, we look at how enterprises in ASEAN are readying themselves for 5G to take advantage of the new technology. Read the issue now.


  • 30 top edge computing companies to watch in 2022

    With the amount of data organizations are generating today, IT leaders should consider edge computing technologies to keep all that data closer to the edge. In this infographic, we point out 30 vendors that are investing heavily in edge technologies to help organisations as they build edge computing ecosystems.


  • CW Middle East ezine April 2018

    The Middle East region is on a path, or even fast track, to becoming a global digital hub. But any country or region heading in this direction will have some fundamentals to get right.


  • CW ASEAN: Connect your people

    Unified collaboration (UC) is transforming the way business is done globally. In this issue of CW ASEAN, we take a closer look at how ASEAN enterprises are embracing UC tools, factors that organizations should consider when developing a UC strategy, and the emergence of startups that have been shaking up the marketplace.


  • Managing mobile UC in a BYOD environment

    This e-guide reviews key tips and considerations to keep in mind when designing mobile UC and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies to keep sensitive information secure while enabling increased flexibility and mobility.


  • Ways to avoid cloud risk & security exposure

    Learn the 3 essential elements you should look for in an integrated solution that can help strengthen security, manage risk and monitor compliance in the cloud while also reducing costs and the risk of human error.


  • Live-video support tools: Changing the game for remote support

    With an explosion of IoT devices and continued growth of IT consumerization, market researchers see an opportunity for vendors with new-age remote support products. Uncover independent analysts' opinions of a live-video support tool and understand how it differentiates from competitors like Apple's FaceTime or Google Hangouts.


  • A beginner's guide to enterprise voice services

    Whether or not your organization has already deployed Teams, it's important that you know all the options to enable enterprise calling with Teams. Read on to learn about 3 different choices for voice-enabling your Microsoft Teams instance and determine which one is the best fit for your business.


  • WAN video conferencing network design requirements for QoS

    This e-guide takes an in-depth look at the critical requirements of the WAN video conferencing network design. Uncover best practices to ensure consistent, high-quality video service delivery across the WAN.


  • Video Conferencing: The Key to Successful DR?

    This E-Guide from describes how businesses of all sizes can benefit from video conferencing technology. View now to learn the increasing role video is playing in not only collaboration and connectivity but also disaster recovery initiatives and maintaining business continuity.


  • Computer Weekly – 14 June 2022: Managing Apple Macs in the enterprise

    In this week's Computer Weekly, with more people working remotely, the use of Apple Macs in the enterprise is growing – we look at how to manage them securely. Our latest buyer's guide examines security in the supply chain. And 10 years on from the London Olympics, we find out how data innovation is revitalising its legacy. Read the issue now.


  • UCaaS vs. PSTN: What fits your company’s needs?

    Today, companies have turned to Unified Communications as a Service platforms, leaving PSTN technology feeling redundant to most. However, on-premises calling solutions and PSTN connectivity shouldn’t be counted out just yet. Dig into the guide to learn more.


  • Support for evolving your phone system

    Whether your employees work remotely or in the office, ensuring they can communicate securely and smoothly by phone is paramount for business success. Dive into this overview to check out some products that can bolster your telephony strategy.


  • Video Conferencing: Best practices to meet user demand and improve collaboration

    This e-guide discusses best practices to develop plans and policies for video conferencing, ensuring you not only meet user demands and improve collaboration, but also deliver measurable ROI.


  • Unify your cloud experience

    Despite the overall success of many applications in the cloud, 72% of IT leaders and decision-makers now report they have moved some back on-premises. But what is the best balance of workload distribution? Access this white paper to learn more.


  • The Social Collaboration Revolution: Keeping Your Dispersed Enterprise Connected

    This E-Guide from explores the market drivers for unified communications and collaboration in the dispersed workplace and details a technology that has set its sights on revolutionizing the world of social collaboration.


  • How to Integrate UC with Mobile Device Management

    This E-Guide from offers best practices for managing mobile unified communications (UC) in a bring your own device (BYOD) environment. Read now for tips and hints to integrating mobile device management (MDM) with your UC systems and features.


  • Middle East IT Priorities 2017

    This year's Computer Weekly and TechTarget IT Priorities survey has revealed that over half of IT decision makers at Middle East based organisations are planning on reducing how much they send of IT staff, despite the growing importance of IT to business.


  • Fintech & the digital customer experience

    In this e-guide, find out how banks such as Malaysia's RHB are keeping up in the digital age, the state of mobile payments across the APAC region, and why some bankers believe retail banking will be fully automated in just a few years.


  • Big Data Analytics: How to work smarter with data-driven insights

    In this e-guide, learn about the state of adoption of data analytics in Australia, how Commonwealth Bank is making analytics tools more accessible to small companies and how SAS is prepping its marketers for the data flood.


  • Keeping Fintech Customers Engaged

    How can you scale your customer conversations and streamline your engagement strategies so that you can build trust and deliver high-quality service, every single time? Read on to learn why stellar customer engagement can be the new differentiator for fintech companies and how you can achieve it with communication APIs.


  • Driving big data & analytics adoption in ASEAN

    In this e-guide, learn how Singapore's central bank as well as universities and research facilities are driving the adoption of analytics and data science, and how SAS is prepping its marketers for the data flood.


  • CX leader’s guide to enhancing telephony operations

    Today, companies must transform their telephony efforts with new integrations to keep up with modern customer service expectations. But how can this best be done? Access this guide to discover more.


  • Video Conferencing Best Practices: Making the Business Case and Key Tips for a Seamless Deployment

    This e-guide discusses key deployment strategies to help unified communications (UC) pros get started. Uncover the physical components of video conferencing systems, interoperability and standards considerations and how organizations should address video management to ensure a solid quality of service (QoS).