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The Human Experience of IT Service Management

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Unleash productivity across your enterprise with generative AI

This e-guide examines how generative AI (GenAI) boosts productivity in enterprises, potentially adding $2.6 to $4.4 trillion in global economic value and increasing labor productivity by 0.6% annually by 2040.

But the benefits of GenAI go beyond automating tasks. With the help of GenAI, you can automatically interpret user intent, enhance IT services and operations, and more. Benefits include a 99% reduction in incident resolution times and a 75% rise in service desk efficiency, with AI-driven root-cause analysis and self-healing recommendations. 

Discover how GenAI can elevate your enterprise's productivity in the full e-guide.

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    With 97% of today’s enterprise leaders reporting that they are investing in GenAI in the months ahead, some are asking one major question: is Gen AI actually worth the hype?

    In short, yes. But why? What makes Gen AI such a big deal? What are its benefits and what potential challenges should you watch out for when adopting the technology?

    Dig into this eBook to gain more insight into the Gen AI landscape and discover how you can drive success throughout your organization. Download your eBook now!

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  • eBook Modernise your IT services and operations with AI

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  • Empower CIOs to lead with technology innovation and agility

    As digital and technology leaders, CIOs must provide strategic guidance to help businesses continuously reinvent themselves. This eGuide explores how to tackle technology challenges, optimize IT investments, and drive innovation securely and at scale. Read the full eGuide to learn more.


  • Empowering CIOs to lead

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  • Optimize employee growth and development to fuel business growth

    Optimize employee growth and development to drive retention and business growth. Learn how a unified career hub can help leaders make smarter talent decisions, managers empower employee growth, and employees plan their career journeys. Read the e-book for a dynamic AI-powered approach.


  • For increased brand loyalty, start with improving your CX

    Let’s face it, no one calls into a contact center to tell employees that they are doing a good job. Your customers call in because they have an issue or need assistance. This is why when your agents are trained in compassion and empathy, your organization can reap the benefits of increased brand loyalty and increased revenue. Read on to see how.


  • How AI can help you cultivate growth amid economic uncertainty

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  • Proactive Field Service Roadmap: 5 Key Priorities

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  • How to Have Productive Experiences for Your Employees

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  • Artificial intelligence in ITSM: Finding the right tools for you

    AI functionality is poised to be a game-changer in the ITSM world. But before exploring the possibilities for AI in ITSM, it's important to first understand what AI is - and what it is not.


  • 3 essential tasks to evolve your IT services & operations

    Modernize IT services and operations to boost productivity, reduce maintenance, and accelerate issue resolution. Learn how to define services, gain infrastructure visibility, and leverage community insights in this e-book.


  • Journey to modernizing IT services and operations

    In this three-step guide, discover how you can increase IT service agent efficiency by 66% with real-time IT visibility and AI-assisted recommendations, while increasing productivity by 30% with automated self-service.


  • ITOps & service management: The state of play in APAC

    In this e-guide on ITSM in APAC, find out how to keep IT operations running to empower a remote workforce, the advantages of cloud-based service management tools and how one Australian company is managing IT incidents amid a shorter development lifecycle.


  • Your checklist for generative AI field service use cases

    AI is reshaping field service, cutting manual work, and enhancing technician focus on key tasks. But success depends on a cautious, iterative method, quality data, and apt tech and talent. Read the full paper to learn how AI is reinventing field service and to view a checklist for generative AI field service use cases.


  • Collaboration software in the era of Gen-Z

    In this e-guide, learn how Microsoft is dominating the Software-as-a-Service space thanks to its strength in collaboration software and how the new generation of collaboration software could be stoking communication overload. Also, check out our chart comparing Slack, Microsoft Teams and Spark.


  • Keys for balancing AI and the human touch in customer service

    This report explores using AI to boost, not supplant, human elements in customer service. Recommendations cover omnichannel integration, visual tools, and combining AI self-service with empathetic bots. Discover how to provide a balanced customer experience in the full report.


  • Embedding AI Into Technology Strategy: Five Steps to Impact

    How can you modernize IT experiences AND empower employee productivity? Say YES to both by building an AI-enabled IT foundation. Embed AI into your technology strategy and take the first steps to unlocking new efficiencies and innovation. Get insights on automation and AI from this IDC Spotlight.


  • A culture of belonging is essential in the fight for diversity in the medical industry

    Better hiring practices, open discourse, and accountability will support a culture of belonging and allow for workforce diversity.


  • Overcome the challenges of offering multilingual support

    Communicating with customers means sometimes having to overcome language barriers. However, to source, hire, and train call center agents who speak multiple languages is expensive and time consuming. For small businesses, it’s even more so. But an answer is here. Read on to learn more about the benefits of AI for multilingual support.


  • 3 paths to faster growth with low code development

    Low-code development platforms enable faster innovation and growth by expanding the developer pool. To learn more, read this paper on how low-code development can accelerate your digital transformation.


  • The 4 stages of employee experience platform evolution

    This paper explores how employee experience platforms that make work easier and more productive for employees have become essential to a business' success.


  • How modern CIOs are getting ahead with AI and low code

    In a tumultuous business landscape, organizations are constantly looking for ways to get ahead. In this e-book, you’ll discover how intelligent automation and low-code can boost enterprise innovation and open new revenue streams for your business. Read on to learn why and how CIOs are integrating strategic change within their organizations.


  • eBook 3 ways to expand technology services and still cut costs

    When you bring IT services and operations together on a single AI-enabled platform, you can gain 100% visibility across your estate by automatically mapping your IT infrastructure to digital services. Read this guide to discover three ways you can deliver better IT services more efficiently, while reducing costs.


  • Get the Greatest ROI From Your Strategic Initiatives

    The most effective way to thrive through unprecedented change is to get ahead of it. Read this e-book to learn how you can transform your digital operations and maximize ROI by enabling effective project and portfolio management on a single platform.


  • A Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to Automation and AI in Systems Management

    Automation has the potential to revolutionise your business. In this 14-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at the progress being made in the automation of systems management, the increased efficiency of artificial intelligence and the changes automation brings to infrastructure management.


  • How to break down data silos with the Now Platform

    How can you empower your customers, employees, and partners with modern, consumer-grade experiences? Read on to learn how the Now Platform can help you break down silos, seamlessly connecting your people, systems and processes with enterprise-wide digital workflows while increasing speed to value.


  • Using Empathy to Create More Valuable Content

    When seeking outsourced content creation assistance, 41% of marketers rank finding partners that can empathize with their audience as a top challenge. Empathy drives engagement; so, how can you integrate more of it into your organization’s content for B2B buyers? Find tips in this 13-page e-book by TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).


  • Manage and Mitigate Enterprisewide Risk with ServiceNow Partners

    Discover how ServiceNow and its partners help enterprises manage and mitigate risk across the organization. Read these customer stories to see how they achieved quantifiable results like $2.6M in annual savings and 70% productivity gains. Read the full case study to learn more.


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    Digital businesses prioritize AI for growth (C-suite view it as a top investment). This IDC infobrief explores how a secure digital platform empowers AI for a competitive edge. Most companies are still building platforms, while leaders leverage AI for significant benefits.


  • Analyst report: How to maximize AI value with a digital platform

    As companies enhance digital capabilities, maximizing AI value is critical. This IDC report explores how a digital platform approach can help organizations drive business impact through AI, improve customer experience, and achieve better outcomes. Download the full report to learn more.


  • Prioritizing the client experience: Financial service leader’s guide

    Emerging technologies like blockchain, ecosystems, and AI assistants are transforming customer experience in financial services. This report explores how institutions can leverage a hybrid people and technology approach to improve security, reach new clients, and empower agents to build stronger relationships. Read the full report to learn more.


  • Leveraging AI for employee engagement & business wins: A report

    AI is transforming the employee experience by enhancing productivity, collaboration, and career management. This report explores how organizations can effectively implement AI to boost business success while addressing cultural, data, and training challenges. Download the full report to learn more.


  • Computer Weekly – 14 February 2023: Where next for NHS IT?

    In this week's Computer Weekly, as NHS Digital is folded into NHS England, we consider what the merger could mean for the future of NHS IT. We find out how data science and analytics has become an increasingly important function for John Lewis. And we examine the importance of building empathy into metaverse applications. Read the issue now.


  • Explore artificial intelligence in ITSM and the tool options

    Artificial intelligence in ITSM is the way of the future. Dive into this comprehensive buyer's guide to discover if you have the right conditions in place to introduce this multifaceted technology, and learn guidelines to help you choose the most suitable suite of products.


  • How AI can drive operational and HR workforce efficiencies

    Discover how to harness AI for savings in your organization by reading this eBook, written for HR leaders, and view tangible advice for enacting usage of GenAI to streamline operations and automation to utilize digital workflows and lower labor costs.


  • The secret to driving growth and reducing costs in HR

    In today’s ever-changing economic environment, many HR Leaders are looking for new ways that they can optimize costs while also creating efficiency and driving growth to deliver exceptional employee experiences. But can this be done? Browse this white paper to learn more.