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How Choosing the Right MSP Can Maximize the Value of Your SAP Deployment

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Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide: Service Integration & Asset Management

The IT service management market is changing. 

In this 13-page buyer’s guide, Computer Weekly discusses:

  • How technology commoditisation, open source and software as a service are changing the service management software market
  • The essential steps an organisation must take to multi-source or bring in-house IT services
  • The practical considerations of implementing an effective service integration and management strategy

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  • Your 3-step guide to delivering better digital services

    Siloed services and operations teams can no longer keep pace with the technological demands of today’s digital-first world.

    That’s why 78% of organizations are turning to technology service operations, an approach that unifies IT service and IT operations management for better delivery of digital business services.

    But how can your business move down this path without being struck by unexpected service costs?

    In this guide, you’ll discover 3 approaches for expanding technology services while still reducing costs.

  • Why compliance-as-a-service is essential for MSPs

    According to a recent study, around 23% of businesses are unhappy with the quality of their current managed IT services and are seriously considering seeking new MSP partners.

    In their role as IT service providers, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) provide a diverse set of important services to their clients.

    Read this white paper to see how an MSP can provide comprehensive security services to their SMB clients while having the peace of mind needed to focus on growing as a business.

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  • How to boost resilience and the employee experience

    When a leading technology services and consulting company began to struggle with issues such as application sprawl, they sought out a solution that could unify their toolsets to manage their customer and employee support services. Browse this case study to learn more.


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  • Deliver more reliable digital services by knowing what supports them

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  • Security as a service for MSP peace of mind

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  • IT managed services: What to know before you buy

    Like most IT purchase decisions, managed services are not a decision to be taken lightly. That's where this guide will help. Access your copy of this exclusive "Before-You-Buy" Guidebook on IT Managed Services to get a closer look at the latest market factors to consider before signing off on new IT management services.


  • Elevate your service with a modern, unified ITSM platform

    Atlassian customers NRMA and Dominos discuss how they streamlined service management using Jira Service Management, reducing costs and improving efficiency. Read this blog post to learn how a modern ITSM platform can help you reimagine workflows, empower teams, and deliver elevated service.


  • The state of cloud security

    According to Gartner, by 2023, 70% of all enterprise workloads will be deployed in cloud infrastructure and platform services. In this report Gartner looks at the state of cybersecurity, leveraging relevant data to map out how different providers are performing. Download the full report to learn more.


  • Overcoming the challenges SPs face creating a 4G/5G core platform

    In this exclusive webinar, explore the challenges service providers face creating a 4G/5G core platform, and how the use of reference architectures and other tools aid in the management of dual-core features, functions and services needed for the deployment, operation and delivery of 5G services.


  • How to achieve self-healing IT infrastructure with AI

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  • With ServiceNow, parking solutions provider accelerates field service success

    Schiedt & Bachmann is a leading parking solutions provider but needed to scale up its digital services as it expanded its global subsidiaries and needed to manage 5,000 customers and almost 11,000 car parks worldwide. Watch how ServiceNow and Schiedt & Bachmann made it all happen in this short video.


  • Economic analysis of specialized security services

    To meet their unique security needs, many organizations are turning to specialized security services, such as those provided by Palo Alto Networks Cloud-Delivered Security Services (CDSS). So, what does investing in such a service look like? For an economic analysis of CDSS, explore this Forrester “Total Economic Impact” report.


  • What you need to know about CX in the GenAI era

    To state that the customer experience is critical for business growth is an understatement. In a recent survey, almost 70% of respondents claimed they would switch brands simply based on customer service. With that much on the line, ensuring your CX team is fast, efficient, and empathetic is the key. Watch this webcast to learn about this trend.


  • 3-step roadmap for ensuring less frustrated customers

    According to research, 41% of customers have contacted an organization’s customer service department over the past three days, and 63% have reached out in the last seven. However, many consumers find themselves frustrated by a handful of issues. So, how can you best combat these problems? Browse this guide to learn more.


  • 5 steps to transform your accounting practice

    Disruption is occurring across the accounting sector, driven by small business owners that crave one-on-one experiences, heightened service levels and a collaborative approach to business management. Accounting companies are responding to this


  • Multi-Cloud Management

    In this e-guide, we take a closer look at how some organisations are overcoming the challenges of multi-cloud, and – in turn – reaping the rewards of expanding the range of suppliers they source services from.


  • Siloed no more: Concrete benefits of aligning ITAM & ITSM closely

    Discover 5 instances in which combining ITSM and ITAM processes, data, and insights make sense to maximize your company’s operational efficiencies and improve service delivery.


  • Worldwide Cybersecurity Consulting Services 2024 Vendor Assessment

    In this IDC MarketScape study, IDC assesses the following cybersecurity consulting offerings: cybersecurity strategy planning and program transformation services, security architecture assessment and design services, and cyber-resilience consulting services.


  • Why customized cloud brings better cost efficiency

    What's the key to avoiding paying for cloud services you don't use? Customization flexibility. Watch this brief video to see how Rackspace prioritizes custom solutions with the ability to add and drop services on an as-needed basis, keeping you financially and functionally flexible.


  • See what led FutureSafe to choose Checkpoint Harmony SASE

    FutureSafe is a managed security services partner (MSSP) that provides a curated, best-in-breed stack of cybersecurity products and services to managed service providers (MSPs) and their clients. Download this case study to see what led FutureSafe to choose Checkpoint Harmony SASE to meet evolving risks.


  • 4 benefits of remote troubleshooting as an OEM

    If you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with customers worldwide, it can be challenging to provide after-sales services in a timely manner. Learn how remote troubleshooting solutions can save time, cut costs, support sustainability goals and streamline customer service in this white paper.


  • Why (and how to) leverage complete managed SIEM?

    To discover the features and benefits of a complete managed SIEM service, tap into this overview.


  • Maintain critical services with centralized remote connectivity

    State and local governments have a vast array of services they need to support their constituents with. In this brief, learn how centralized remote IT connectivity helps you manage and maintain all of these critical services—without requiring additional staff or infrastructure.


  • How network technologies can help transform public safety

    Emergency services depend on digital and connected technologies to help quickly provide life-saving assistance, deal with emergencies, and bring order to chaotic situations. In this e-book, learn how Cradlepoint helped 5 different emergency service departments stay connected.


  • Competitive Advantage through AV Managed Services: New Business Potential for MSPs

    It’s clear that hybrid working models are here to stay. So, as employees continue to work in the office, it has become critical for organizations to have versatile AV systems that can help enable collaboration and operate across multiple meeting room configurations. But how can this best be done? Browse this article to learn more.


  • The Atlassian Approach to ESM

    Technology is evolving at a frenetic pace, and organizations are required to move right along with them. Enterprise service management (ESM) can help organizations keep up with this change. But what is ESM and how can you utilize it in your organization? Download this whitepaper for tips and tricks, examples, and best practices.


  • Agri-food leader achieves security with managed cybersecurity deal

    Agri-food leader Agri-Marché improved their cybersecurity by partnering with GoSecure for managed security services. GoSecure delivered Managed Extended Detection and Response, Vulnerability Management as a Service, and Security Information and Event Monitoring. Read the case study to learn more.


  • Accelerate app development with Red Hat OpenShift on AWS

    Accelerate application development across hybrid cloud with Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS. This turnkey platform simplifies cloud-native app building, deployment, and management with integrated tools and AWS service integrations. Learn more about this solution in the full white paper.


  • Infographic: Comparing 3 managed Kubernetes service providers

    Kubernetes can be difficult for an enterprise to handle on its own. However, there are a variety of managed service options available today that can handle these tasks. In this infographic, we compare the three major managed Kubernetes service providers: Red Hat OpenShift, Rancher and DigitalOcean Kubernetes.


  • 6 customer service channels you need to support

    Where should you allocate resources to most effectively engage with current and potential customers? In this expert e-guide, Scott Sachs of SJS Solutions weighs the pros and cons of the 6 main customer service channels: Chat/video chat, phone, email, social media, customer self-service, and mobile.


  • Reduce costs while delivering seamless customer service

    Today’s customers want fast, seamless, and convenient service. However, achieving an enhanced experience requires automated and streamlined processes that can effectively solve customer issues. So, how can you meet these expectations while also decreasing your cost to serve? Dig into these resources to learn more.


  • Keeping up CX with cloud contact center solutions

    When this home retailer began to struggle with the limitations of their on-premises contact center system, they sought out a cloud-based solution that could offer them the self-service capabilities and omnichannel services they needed. That’s when they found InflowCX. Browse this white paper to hear the full story.


  • GoSecure’s security suite in action

    With 74,000 active members, Nova Scotia Pension Services Corporation (NS Pension) has to handle a large volume of highly sensitive member data, putting them at increased risk for cyberattacks. Download this case study to learn how GoSecure provides insights to help NS Pension improve its security posture.


  • Research highlights edge computing software & services potential

    Schneider Electric's Edge Software & Digital Services Program aids IT providers in creating recurring revenue through managed power services. It includes training, incentives, and support for partners to monitor critical infrastructure and resolve customer issues. Discover how to get certified and unlock new revenue streams.


  • Intent-driven cross-domain service orchestration with Nokia Digital Operations Center

    Myriad new revenue opportunities, from IoT, to private 5G, to “digital services” depend on new business models and the ability to quickly and inexpensively combine communications capabilities with those of industrial and commercial verticals. Discover how Cross Domain Service Orchestration can enable this and unlock incremental revenues.


  • Cloud support is not the same as managed services: See why

    While the cloud has revolutionized how organizations operate, how they receive cloud support differs. Some organizations turn to cloud support, while others choose managed services. But they are not the same thing and serve much different purposes within the organization. Read on to learn about the differences and see which is right for you.


  • Focus: Securing the cloud

    While cloud services' benefits of quick deployment and flexible scalability at a lower cost have driven enterprise adoption, security concerns continue to be a key factor in determining the extent and style of cloud adoption.