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Survey results: Understanding cloud end-user pain points

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Are you one eDiscovery away from a budgetary meltdown?

Public clouds are offering deep data storage at cents per gigabyte. While this may be a great financial draw at first glance, there are hidden costs with many cloud offerings that make it very hard to know exactly what the costs of recovering required data would be. 

When combined with poorly implemented means of identifying files and records that are required, the costs of eDiscovery can be so expensive as to have a severe impact on a business’ bottom line.

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  • Computer Weekly Buyers' Guide: Cloud Computing

    Companies that use an on-demand supplier are also buying access to highly secure enterprise datacentre facilities, skilled staff specifically trained to support given applications and infrastructure, scheduled back-ups, built-in redundancy and easily shared applications for supporting cross-organisational business processes, to mention just some of the benefits. Cloud platforms also provide relief for in-house test and development teams with resource constraints.

    This seven-page Buyer's Guide to Cloud Computing details the kinds of cloud offering that CIOs and senior IT professionals will need to take into account as they plan future outsourcing, hosting and application strategies.


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    Computer Weekly's monthly buyer's guides aim to give you the information you need to make the best IT buying decisions for your organisation. Written for senior IT professionals, the guides are packed with market information, case studies, and the guidance you need to develop a business case.

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