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How Shipping Tech Firm Delivers Performance to Customers

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Improve customer experience with good customer data

Getting solid data involves a two-way exchange: customers need to be willing to offer their information to get personal service and marketers need to act effectively with that data to justify relinquishing consumer information.

The key to encouraging customers to share their data is to generate loyalty and improve customer experience.

In this e-guide, learn how you can build customer loyalty and improve customer experiences via quality and effective customer data collection and analysis. As a bonus, gain access to how companies like 7-Eleven, Walgreens, and Mazda are improving customer journeys by enabling mobile loyalty programs.

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    Better understanding of the customer is vital for businesses.

    In this 14-page buyer’s guide, Computer Weekly discusses: 



    • Putting the customer first and reaping the rewards 
    • How machines delve deep into the customers minds
    • Using AI add insight for clever customer service

  • Infographic: Top 10 ways to improve Customer Experience

    As customer expectations increase, so does the need for both excellent customer service and customer experience. There are many methods to improve CX -- some complex and costly, others relatively simple and inexpensive. But how do you know what's right for your organization, and where should you start? Here are 10 initiatives organizations can use to improve the customer experience.

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    Find out you can deliver seamless customer experiences while reducing costs in this short video, where ServiceNow walks you through a day in the life of a member of a successful CX team.


  • Call center leader’s 5-step guide for performance management success

    In today’s world of sharing, customer experiences have never been more important. 72% of customers share their good experiences with others, and 13% of customers tell at least 15 people if they have a negative experience with a company. So, how can you ensure positive customer service every time? Access this article to learn more.


  • Reduce costs while delivering seamless customer service

    Today’s customers want fast, seamless, and convenient service. However, achieving an enhanced experience requires automated and streamlined processes that can effectively solve customer issues. So, how can you meet these expectations while also decreasing your cost to serve? Dig into these resources to learn more.


  • Customer operations: 51-page ultimate guide

    Customers want answers to their issues and requests yesterday. So, how can you empower your teams to deliver proactive service? Check out “Customer Operations for Dummies, 2nd ServiceNow Special Edition,” your guide for fueling seamless customer experiences.


  • Are your customers falling through the CX data cracks?

    In this blog post, discover how with the 8x8 Customer Interaction Data Platform (CIDP), you can gain the insights needed to address these questions and optimize your customer’s experience while simultaneously making customer-facing teams more knowledgeable and effective.


  • How you can keep up with the customer experience evolution

    The customer experience has changed significantly in recent years due to digital disruption. This ongoing change puts more pressure on customer service leaders than ever before to ensure that customer engagement stays high while costs are kept down. Read on to learn how your organization can navigate these challenges and continue to grow.


  • Stop, collaborate and listen to improve customer service

    There has always been high turnover in customer service jobs, and one unfortunate reason is that workers simply don’t have the right collaboration tools to resolve customer issues. According to Forbes, businesses are losing $62 billion per year because of poor customer service. Read on to learn about a platform that ends that cycle.


  • Customer data platform: Harmonize your customer data

    It’s critical to create a meaningful customer experience on the first go around. However, siloed data makes that difficult to do. So how can you take control of your disparate data sources to strengthen CX? Read this e-book to understand how you can deliver a seamless and personalized CX by enabling a unified view of the entire customer journey.


  • First call resolution: 5-step guide for ensuring effective CX

    When 71% of today’s customers report that they believe that a quick response from a customer service team drastically improves their experience, it has become critical for organizations to revamp their contact center efforts to prioritize speed, quality, and efficiency. Dig into this article to learn how this can best be done.


  • Solving the Contact Center Labor Shortage: How Outsourcing Can Help Improve CX

    In the tech sector, labor shortages are plaguing many organizations. Whether it’s cybersecurity or other roles, the battle for talent is real. However, what is not looked at is the labor shortage in the contact center. Why is this critical? This team directly impacts your customer experience, and ultimately, future sales. Read on to learn more.


  • Customer service technologies emerge bloodied but unbowed from Covid-19 pandemic

    The pandemic caused many businesses to reassess their approach to customer experience. Customers were changing their behaviour, their channels, their brands and suppliers and organisations had to adapt. Download this exclusive e-guide and read more about the transformative impact of the pandemic on customer service and experience.


  • How the right technology empowers better B2B customer experiences

    In this e-book, learn how a modern digital ecosystem can help you improve visibility, scale, and reach—so you can connect more meaningfully with commercial customers, and give them experiences that keep them coming back to you.


  • Top 5 IT imperatives for supporting EX and CX

    With the right tools, you can improve employee productivity with automation and increase customer satisfaction with reliable services. Discover in this eBook how your IT team can help your organization deliver a cohesive and accelerated customer and employee experience.


  • How IT can boost employee and customer experience initiatives

    Discover in this e-book how your IT team can help your organization deliver a cohesive and accelerated customer experience.


  • Customer service insights in the GenAI era

    In the age of GenAI, when your forward-facing responses may not always have the human touch, how can you maintain this balance? Download this eBook to explore the 5 key factors to ongoing CX success in the age of GenAI.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to customer and employee experience management

    Businesses are facing new challenges to meet the expectations of customers and employees. In this 14-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at the benefits of the experience economy, the customer service implications of always-on mobile users and how digital platforms can engage customers across all channels.


  • 6 success stories: How cloud communications can help you win

    This case study explores how 6 companies used RingCentral's cloud communications solutions to improve customer service, boost agent productivity, and enhance collaboration across distributed teams. Learn how RingCentral can transform your customer experience.


  • 6 customer service channels you need to support

    Where should you allocate resources to most effectively engage with current and potential customers? In this expert e-guide, Scott Sachs of SJS Solutions weighs the pros and cons of the 6 main customer service channels: Chat/video chat, phone, email, social media, customer self-service, and mobile.


  • Extending passwordless security to customers

    Passwordless security is seen as a secure means of attaining to enterprise identity management. PingOne for Customers Passwordless is designed to solve the challenges of delivering passwordless experiences to customers by combining a cross-section of technologies. Read on to learn more.


  • How you can improve call center productivity in the AI era

    When it comes to call center agents, the threat of AI coming for their jobs has been widely discussed and published in articles all over. However, AI should not be considered a replacement. It’s a tool to empower your agents to resolve cases faster, make better informed decisions, and ultimately, make your customers happier. Read on to learn more.


  • Customer experience insights guide

    According to a recent study, every year $98 billion is lost by companies failing to provide “simple” experiences that customers want. This report provides a complete breakdown of the current state of customer experience, looking at the key trends defining the modern customer’s demands. Read on to learn more.


  • Account-based marketing: Why ABM should matter to you

    Ask any CEO what they want, and they’ll likely tell you it’s more customers. That is easier said than done—or is it? With so many tactics to create new opportunities, the time to act is now. Watch this webcast to learn how account-based marketing (ABM) keeps customers engaged and spending with you.


  • Pros and cons of major CRM providers

    In this issue of Computer Weekly, as the UK votes for a new government, examine the digital policies in the manifestos of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties, and hear what IT trade body TechUK would like to see for the tech sector from the next administration. Read the issue now.


  • Why EX is the key to improving your CX

    Discover how to improve customer experience by elevating employee experience. Unify communications and contact center solutions to boost productivity, enhance the customer journey, and achieve business goals. Read the full e-book to learn more.


  • Top Channels Travelers Use to Connect with Airlines: Insights for Executives

    With 69% of today’s customers who have contacted the same airline before and after the pandemic reporting that their interactions are now different, it has become critical for airline companies and other travel organizations to enhance their support efforts. However, doing so is easier said than done. Browse this guide to learn more.


  • Make your customer experience your top competitive asset

    With so much competition in almost every industry, the customer experience has become the key differentiator for customers. This means that businesses must ensure that their CX strategy and processes are built to enhance the overall experience. Without the right platform, this can be a challenging task. Watch this webcast to learn more about it.


  • The 15 call center metrics you should be tracking right now

    It’s a fact that the customer experience directly affects your bottom line. Recent research shows that organizations with a high performing call center and excellent customer service earn more revenue and profit than those that don’t. But how do you know how well your call center is performing? Read on to learn what you should be checking for.


  • AI Academy guidebook: Put AI to work in customer service

    Find out why AI is essential in transforming customer service. In this guidebook you'll learn what AI can do to delight your customers and increase efficiencies in your contact centers, as well as the steps you need to take for your organization to succeed in this transformative journey.


  • Deliver better customer experiences by solving the CX trilemma

    A successful customer experience (CX) includes three elements: resolution, rapport, and relevance, and integrating these are crucial. Download this consumer report to discover the best practices for solving this CX trilemma, and the best ways to excel in all 3 areas.


  • Customer experience maps vs. customer journey maps

    Customer experience management is a set of processes a company uses to track interactions between a customer and the organization across every touchpoint. In this infographic, learn about the main differences between customer experience maps and customer journey maps, and why they are key factors in the operation of CXM software.


  • 5 customer experience revelations for the GenAI era

    Discover in this e-book 5 revelations about today’s customer service experience that CX leaders need to prepare for in the GenAI era.


  • The 5 key factors to CX satisfaction in the GenAI era

    In this infographic, find out the 5 key factors to keeping customer experience a top priority in the GenAI era.


  • Embracing Your Customer's Uniqueness to Win

    Tune in to this TechTarget webinar for a close look at how to attract more new buyers and bind existing customers through a focus on customer centricity that goes far beyond modeled personas.


  • Stories from the Field on Intent Data Implementation

    When leveraging intent data in marketing and sales strategies, how can you set your organization up for success? Discover tips and secrets for doing so in this webinar, which features four Customer Success leaders from TechTarget.


  • Looking to improve CX? Why contact center insights are the answer

    Today, many organizations have many goals for improving their customer experience efforts. However, meeting these goals is easier said than done. So, how can organizations do so without stunting their growth or breaking the bank? Tune into this webinar to learn more.


  • The state of customer experience and personalization

    As economic pressures force consumers to be more money conscious, organizations recognize the stakes. In this Talkdesk Research Report, 303 global responses were collected among CX professionals employed by Retail and eCommerce organizations with more than 200 full-time employees. Read on to learn more.


  • Customer expectations are changing: What to do about it

    For companies to be successful, they must achieve the delicate balance of finding ways to reduce costs while still delivering seamless customer experiences that stand out versus the competition. Today, focusing solely on customer engagement is not enough. Customers also want easy problem-solving with minimal effort. Read on to see how to offer it.


  • Sanofi’s MDM Journey: Rapidly Enabling a Global Customer 360 Solution (Replay)

    In this webinar, Sanofi’s Head of Customer MDM will share its journey to achieving a Customer 360 solution through MDM and data engineering. Tune in to learn how, in just 2 years, Sanofi was able to increase ROI, simplify data management and governance, reduce risks, streamline operations, and lower TCO.


  • How you can reduce customer churn by 38% with ServiceNow

    Discover in this white paper how the Now Platform can help you reduce customer service costs while delivering seamless experiences by connecting your teams, systems, and digital workflows on a single platform


  • How to increase your contact center’s ROI

    At the enterprise level, some contact centers are tasked with handling thousands of customer interactions on a daily basis. Because of that volume, a digital transformation project involving your contact center can be highly complex. However, it doesn’t have to be. Read on to learn about a solution and a partner that can help you make it happen.


  • Achieve customer satisfaction in the age of e-commerce

    This retailer’s 140-year history is built on the strength of their brands, their team and their strong commitment to drive fashion forward for good. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of these principles. Download this case study to see how Qualitest helped this retailer achieve a ten-fold increase in customer satisfaction.


  • How Sentry Insurance saved $1M in training & support costs with Whatfix

    In this video, Sentry Insurance talks about how Whatfix helped them to build personalized, in-app learning across Workday and seven other internal and customer-facing systems, including customer administration, policy management, claims, and a customer portal.


  • A Computer Weekly e-Guide to CRM

    We take a look at the fundamental do's and don'ts of Customer Relationship Management. Including examples of how companies are utilizing it to their advantage and how to avoid making mistakes in the world of building bridges with your customers.


  • Contact leader’s 6-step guide to ensuring good CX

    Creating positive, lasting experiences for your customers matter, and in order to keep up with the changing world of customer service, it’s crucial that your contact centers have the best tools to do so. So, how can this best be done? Browse this article to learn more.


  • The future of contact centers: Trends & possibilities

    Contact centers are evolving with the rise of omnichannel communication, IoT, self-service, and AI. Learn how virtual contact centers can help you connect with customers, empower agents, and leverage analytics to deliver excellent service. Read the full blog post to discover the future of contact centers.


  • CX loyalty programs: How to ensure engagement

    Retaining a consistent customer base is something that all businesses can struggle with. This was the case for this prestigious luxury hotel chain, who was challenged with fostering high levels of customer experience, engagement, and satisfaction. Dig into this case study to learn more.


  • Your essential guide to CX satisfaction in the GenAI era

    In this essential guide to GenAI-supported CRM, find out the 5 key factors to keeping customer experience a top priority in the GenAI era.