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Automating Your Hybrid Cloud at Scale

Innovation and adaptability are critical for success in today’s digital world. To become more agile and responsive, many organizations are adopting cloud technologies. In fact, 89% of organizations now have a multi-cloud strategy in place, and 80% have a hybrid cloud strategy.

Even so, cloud environments also bring new operational challenges. Due to their distributed architecture, cloud environments necessitate new approaches to security, compliance, and governance.

Discover in this e-book how cloud automation—applying IT automation to cloud technologies—can help you overcome the operational challenges associated with moving to the cloud and managing these environments at scale.

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  • It’s Time to Modernize with Hexaware and AWS

    There are several factors to consider when selecting a cloud service provider to run and modernize Windows Server workloads. With end of support for Windows Server, this forced decision point creates a unique opportunity for you to think about the future state of your business, evaluate options and alternatives, and determine which path is right for you.

    Download this eBook to learn:

    • How Hexaware can help you transition and transform your technology.
    • How Hexaware can help mitigate any cloud migration challenges and deliver the solution you need.

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  • Why migrate to AWS?

    On average, migrating to AWS delivers:

    • 20% average infrastructure cost savings
    • 66% increase in administrator productivity
    • 43% lower time to market for new features
    • 45% fewer security-related incidents

    This eBook explores how your organization can migrate and modernize on AWS to achieve critical business advantages such as higher productivity, faster time to market, and a stronger bottom line. It also covers key benefits of cloud migration, why now is the best time to migrate, and how your organization can realize the associated benefits of migrating to AWS with solutions from AWS Partner AllCloud.

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  • Inside MLC Life Insurance's cloud journey

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  • 4 steps to find a faster route to the cloud

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  • Securing your cloud migration

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  • Comprehensive guide: Migrating SQL Server to AWS

    Migrating SQL Server workloads to AWS needs careful planning and testing. Utilize AWS with SolarWinds SQL Sentry and Database Mapper to speed up migration. Discovery, analysis, validation, and support ensure reliable cloud data platforms. Consult the full guide for safe migration insights.


  • German Personnel Creates a SaaSplatform from Scratch -Leveraging AllCloud's Expertise for a Smooth Migration

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  • Best practices for maximizing your cloud potential

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  • Top 5 Use Cases for Splunk Enterprise Security

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  • Cloud Migration: How to do so safely and securely

    In this e-guide, we take a closer look at what enterprises need to consider before pressing play on their cloud migration plans. Not only to ensure their move to the off-premise world goes as smoothly as possible, but also to make sure it brings the maximum amount of benefit to their business.


  • CW Innovation Awards: Flybuys cranks up cloud for service efficiency

    In this case study, learn about Flybuys' migration to the cloud, how they integrated security from the start and developed a change management plan to ensure key stakeholders were proactively engaged.


  • IT Project: Migration to cloud

    The benefits of using cloud are well-known, but the challenges and barriers enterprises come up against during their move off-premise can be wide, varied and unexpected. Knowing how best to negotiate these issues can help speed up the process of shifting workloads and applications to the cloud immeasurably.


  • Comprehensive monitoring for hybrid cloud environments

    SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability offers a unified platform for hybrid IT monitoring. Gain insights across networks, infrastructure, apps, and databases. Eliminate tool sprawl, reduce alert fatigue, and deploy flexibly on-premises or cloud-based. Trusted by 96% of Fortune 500. Discover more in this solution brief.


  • Top 10 ASEAN IT stories of 2022

    Despite challenges, those in ASEAN have taken things in stride as they press on with digital transformation, whether it is empowering citizen developers or building cloud-native applications. Here are Computer Weekly's top 10 ASEAN IT stories of 2022.


  • Public cloud in India: A guide to building digital resiliency

    In this e-guide, read more about the rise of India as a cloud powerhouse, what major suppliers are doing in the market and an expert's take on the importance of having a cloud operating model to drive business outcomes from cloud initiatives.


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    In this e-guide, we take a closer look at what enterprises need to consider to make moving to the cloud as seamless as possible, while sharing some success stories of big name enterprises that have already successfully done it.


  • Cloud services: Simplify management and gain efficiency

    How can you alleviate the pressure on IT teams and close skills gaps to simplify cloud management for your business? Cloud services could be the answer. By supporting your business with consistent management, cloud services enable you to focus valuable resources on innovation instead of maintenance. Download this white paper now to learn more.


  • Leading the Future of Personalized Healthcare

    Digital innovations are empowering healthcare organizations to make breakthrough improvements in process efficiency as well as clinician and patient experiences. Read this eBook to learn how you can unlock the power of data to drive better patient outcomes, reduce hospital costs, and more.


  • Why should you migrate your contact center to the cloud?

    The recent push for cloud migration has a lot of customer service leaders questioning what it means for their contact centers and other legacy systems. However, if you’re not keeping up with these migration trends, you’re falling behind. Browse this guide to learn more.


  • SAP cost optimization: Strategies for navigating uncertainty

    Discover in this e-book how you can unlock cost savings in your mission-critical SAP landscape while maximizing operational resiliency.


  • AWS migration success story

    Machine tool manufacturer Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH (SW) completed a mammoth migration project to AWS, enabling them to utilize optimized serverless apps and a seamless infrastructure as a service. Explore the details of the case study.


  • Modernizing the Mainframe: Preserve IT Investments, Manage Risk

    Fragmented data, exceeded budget, data risk—these are 3 challenges common to mainframe modernization. To avoid these challenges and facilitate a smooth transformation, many organizations utilize a tool or service. One such service is Application Migration Methodology (AMM). Read this white paper to understand AMM’s 5 steps.


  • Explore what’s possible with AI

    IDC projects that, by 2025, AI spending in the U.S. will grow to $120 billion. So, how are businesses harnessing the power of AI, and what results are they unlocking? In this 19-page e-book by AWS, learn how 8 startups are gaining a competitive advantage by leveraging AI.


  • CW APAC: Expert advice on hybrid cloud

    In this handbook on the adoption of hybrid cloud in Asia-Pacific, Computer Weekly looks at what's holding businesses back from making effective use of hybrid cloud.


  • What the future holds for cloud management in APAC

    In this e-guide, we dish out useful tips from APAC organisations that have successfully migrated to the cloud, the thinking behind their approaches to cloud migration and what they are doing to not only keep the lights on, but also raise their game in areas such as cloud data management and cloud security.


  • Top 10 ASEAN IT stories of 2021

    From adopting DevOps practices to rolling out award-winning credit processing platforms, ASEAN organisations have what it takes to be on the cutting edge of digital transformation. In this roundup, we recap the top 10 ASEAN IT stories in 2021, including the opportunities and challenges that organisations in the region have faced over the past year.


  • Retail personalization with AWS

    There’s no doubt that personalized recommendations in retail can accelerate growth and deliver meaningful customer experiences. In fact, retailers who leverage its power are seeing a 5–15 percent increase in revenue and a 10–30 percent increase in marketing spend efficiency. Read on to learn how you can boost personalization.


  • Top 10 cloud stories 2018

    While cloud has established itself as the preferred way for many enterprises to consume IT resources, organisations in some vertical markets have taken markedly longer to come round to its charms. With this as a backdrop, Computer Weekly takes a look at the top 10 cloud stories of 2018.


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    In this Essential Guide, we examine the impact of Covid-19 on Asia-Pacific businesses, and how they have responded from a technology perspective by driving initiatives spanning digital transformation, business continuity, cloud, cyber security and remote working.


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    In this week's Computer Weekly, a government taskforce on post-Brexit regulations has recommended changes to GDPR in the UK – we examine the implications. The NHS has launched a new data strategy - we look at what it means for your medical records. And we ask how to avoid the performance problems that affect private cloud. Read the issue now.


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    In this handbook, Computer Weekly looks at how Australia's bushfires impacted its telecoms networks and the increase in SD-WAN adoption in Asia-Pacific


  • CW APAC – Trend Watch: CIO trends

    Organisations have plenty of technologies to keep track of when digitising their operations. In this handbook, focused on CIO trends in the Asia-Pacific region, Computer Weekly looks at IT predictions for 2024, how India's space missions will propel tech and Australia's advances in cyber security.


  • Top 10 ANZ IT stories of 2021

    From using machine learning to restore public confidence to startups that are making a dent in the DevOps space, ANZ organisations have been punching above their weight on the global technology stage. In this roundup, we recap the top 10 ANZ IT stories, including the opportunities and challenges that organisations in the region have faced in 2021.


  • A Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to Datacentre Management

    Only 31% of IT decision-makers surveyed said that they had a repeatable, optimised or managed strategy in place. Take a look at this vendor-neutral buyer's guide to see how the experts are predicting cloud computing will impact your data center in the next 3 years.


  • 64-page e-book: Ultimate guide to software firewalls

    Between expanding attack surfaces and proliferating, sophisticated threats, organizations in every industry face complex obstacles on the path to stronger cloud application security. To learn how leveraging a software firewall can help you protect your business’s cloud apps, dig into this comprehensive guide.


  • Launch into the cloud quickly with containerized deployments on AWS

    Preparing your organization for the cloud requires a level of security and agility that some enterprises find difficult to maintain. Check out this data sheet to examine how your enterprise can safely and swiftly launch into the cloud leveraging containerized deployments on Amazon Web Services (AWS).