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CW+: Quocirca report: Web retailing - keeping the orders flowing

Whether it is selling books, groceries, gadgets or tickets, the volume of orders being taken online continues to grow. Ensuring that customers receive a prompt and personal experience, whilst remaining assured about security, is essential to the ongoing success of online retail. One of the key challenges for retailers is the management of the applications that provide up-to-date information about what’s on offer to customers and handle their orders—especially when there are peaks in demand.

This paper discusses how online retailers can better prepare their applications for a future of increasing, but often irregular, demand. It should be of interest to those tasked with managing online retail applications and those that manage the revenue streams that rely on them.

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  • Computer Weekly buyer's guide to mobile app development

    The development of mobile applications dials into myriad new opportunities for businesses.

     In this 14-page buyer’s guide, Computer Weekly discusses:



    • Developers at the mobile edge 
    • How organised thinking builds app success 
    • Smart security

  • Biometrics in the enterprise: An opportunity or an ethical minefield?

    Biometric technology is nothing new, but as it becomes cheaper and better quality, tools such as facial , voice and fingerprint recognition are coming into everyday use. Supporters promise a new level of security with a technology that many smartphone users are already familiar with. But there are plenty of concerns too, not least around the privacy and ethical issues of using systems that could bring fears of mass surveillance, especially when allied with emerging artificial intelligence methods.

    The UK government is pushing ahead with a biometrics strategy, but negative public responses to police forces trialling facial recognition shows the minefield politicians have to tread. HM Revenue & Customs was forced to delete voice recognition data from five million UK taxpayers after the Information Commissioner found they had been collected unlawfully. Banks are increasingly using biometrics to reduce identity fraud, but are taking a cautious approach to test public satisfaction. There are also worries that some biometric methods unfairly bias against certain ethnic groups.

    So is biometric technology ready for use in the enterprise, to help improve IT security? IT leaders need to be aware of the concerns, but in this e-guide we take a look at some of the potential – as well as the risks.

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  • CW+: Quocirca report: Mobile application momentum – why write mobile applications?

    With the seemingly un-wavering boom in sales of smart mobile handsets, the opportunity for developing and selling mobile applications more sophisticated than ringtones and games is ever more appealing.


  • Weak links – Strengthening the information supply chain

    Analysts Bob Tarzey and Rob Bamforth argues the case for a systematic approach to securing the information supply chain.


  • CW+: Quocirca report: Telecoms re-invention - optimising the online customer experience

    As networks, devices and media converge, telecoms companies have increasingly complex catalogues of products and services on offer to customers who are, in turn, becoming more aware that they can easily switch to other providers.


  • Computer Weekly Buyers Guide: Mobile Technology

    As CIOs face increasing demands from end-users for access to mobile technologies, organisations are realising that mobile technologies can create profitable business opportunities.


  • 5 steps to consistent customer engagement

    In this 13-page buyer's guide, ComputerWeekly looks at the challenge facing organizations in delivering an online experience to customers that goes far beyond just a website. Additionally, explore critical actions CIOs should undertake to improve customer experience.


  • Retail IT - A Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide

    Competition has never been so strong and retail organisations are finding they cannot afford to stand still.


  • 8 businesses reveal how they mastered data analytics

    Progressive organizations are turning mountains of machine data into unique business insights—in real-time. Read this white paper to learn how several big names in business are turning their machine data and analytics strategies into huge profit.


  • How to take an Agile approach to mobile app development

    This Computer Weekly buyer's guide looks at how to take an Agile approach to mobile app development. Discover how to gain a competitive edge by accelerating mobile development, turning mobile users' expectations to your advantage, and building unique, differentiated mobile experiences.


  • CW+: Quocirca report: Digital Britain – opportunities and risks for UK businesses

    Digital Britain is the UK government’s strategic vision for the UK digital economy. While social inclusion and rights protection are major themes, the plans will also have a significant impact on businesses.


  • CW+: Quocirca Report: Telecoms re-invention – death of the traditional telco

    The communications provider landscape is evolving as the demand for data—in fixed locations and on the move—outstrips the still growing demand for voice communications.


  • Computer Weekly – 13 February 2018: On the path to diversity in tech

    In this week's Computer Weekly, after the UK celebrated 100 years of women's suffrage, we look at what more needs to be done to encourage greater diversity in IT to help tackle the ongoing skills shortage. We examine how mobile app developers can improve security. And we look at the role of containers in storage architecture. Read the issue now.


  • Case Study: How John Lewis Conquered the Web

    Bill Goodwin tells the inside story of John Lewis £40m website redevelopment project, assesses the technical and business challenges faced and its impact on the business.


  • Digital leaders in the UK 2019

    This report from management and technology consulting firm BearingPoint is intended to give an assessment and provide a constructive analysis of UK companies' digital maturity, hence the nature of the statistics provided.


  • A Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to Enterprise social networking

    Companies are discovering the many advantages of communicating through social networking platforms. In this 14-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how they can revolutionise collaboration, the options available for retailers and the pitfalls of communication overload


  • Boost Productivity Through Integrated Collaboration

    This paper explains how integrating next-generation workplace technologies is the key to increasing collaboration and communication between staff.


  • The digital enterprise: Moving from experimentation to transformation

    This in-depth report from the World Economic Forum explains how companies can make sure their digital transformation projects are a success.


  • CW Buyer's Guide: Consumerisation

    This guide to consumerisation of IT condsiders what the proliferation of consumer technology in the workplace means for the IT department and how it can empower employees to boost resourcefulness and productivity.


  • Getting to know you

    The pressing need to effectively engage with outsiders has turned identity and access management (IAM) into a business priority, say analysts Bob Tarzey and Rob Bamford.


  • CW+: Quocirca report: Communications technology – be prepared to be flexible

    Communications needs for many organisations are changing rapidly. Internally, there are always new technologies appearing and changes in working styles to deal with but there is now, increasingly, the influence of more social and consumer choices affecting the officially deployed systems.


  • CW Buyer's Guide: Tablets for business

    In this 11-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at the use of tablets in business and how the effect of mass adoption of tablets in the enterprise could be far more significant than either the desktop or laptop computer.


  • Stay proactive: Digital disruption is shifting CX needs

    Digital disruption is changing the market as we know it forever. Businesses can find solace in this, though, as the increasing use and reliance on mobile devices delivers us valuable insights into improving CX. Read this white paper to find out how.


  • Smartphones: Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide

    The smartphone has transformed communication between mobile workers and their offices but at a cost.


  • IT Priorities 2014 Special Report

    Computer Weekly editors draw on their expertise to explain the main technology trends for IT in the UK and across Europe in 2014.


  • The secure use of cloud-based services

    Attitudes to cloud-based services vary, but over time there has been increasing uptake as the benefits are recognised by more and more businesses. Those in the vanguard recognise that there is ground work to do; certain security measures must be put in place to enable safe use of cloud-based platforms and applications.


  • How to control abuse of social networking on mobile devices

    The numbers of employees using some form of mobile technology while working has soared. The benefits to the organisation are well documented; employees are more contactable, will probably extend their working days and should be more productive.


  • How Zillow, Domino's, Yelp are driving unique business insights

    Download this e-book to explore how companies like Zillow, Domino's and Yelp are driving new, powerful and unique business insights.


  • Turning machine data into real-time business answers

    Splunk has prepared a massive collection of case studies to show how a singular dashboard with built-in machine learning (ML) technologies can have a positive effect on any company in any industry. View these case studies now if you have any reservations at all regarding ML and data analytics effectiveness in your industry.


  • CW Buyers Guide: Mobile Device Management

    Computer Weekly looks at mobile enterprise management tools in this 9 page Buyer's Guide.


  • How to manage a mobile phone fleet

    The expectations, working methods and tools used by employees in all organisations have changed as a result of advances in communications technologies.


  • Insurance Industry IT: What's costing you dearly?

    Its time to replace badly automated insurance business processes with more flexible systems, say analysts Rob Bamforth and Clive Longbottom.


  • Targeted cyber attacks in the UK and Europe

    This research from Quocirca examines the perceptions and experiences related to targeted cyber attacks across 600 European organisations.


  • Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)

    Ensuring that all the stakeholders' information needs are met  requires a holistic approach to managing information – the creation of a GRC platform, say analysts Clive Longbottom and Rob Bamforth.


  • Taking the pulse of the cloud computing market

    Archana Venkatraman looks at the figures behind the take-up of cloud technology and finds enterprises are taking a cautious approach to cloud in this Computer Weekly research report.


  • CW+: Quocirca Report: Mobile expense management - taking the big picture view

    Managing mobile costs is a challenge for all organisations, especially as responsibilities and budget authority may often sit in several places—IT, finance, personnel, managers and, of course, the employees themselves.


  • Using ICT financing for strategic gain

    Analysts Clive Longbottom and Rob Bamford offer advice to smaller businesses on financing and leasing of ICT hardware and software


  • Smarter, connected meeting spaces

    This report from analyst group Quocirca explains how to use smart technology to make meetings more effective.


  • Mastering multi-channel journeys – making engagement pay

    This research from Oxygen8 assesses how businesses communicate with customers and how those customers want businesses to communicate with them, and offers advice on how to achieve it.


  • Surviving the expenses nightmare

    This short paper will look at the top ten issues employees struggle with when it comes to that all important end of year final demand for expenses from the finance department, and explores how an on-line expenses management system could alleviate these issues.


  • Mobile Expense Management

    Analysts Rob Bamforth and Clive Longbottom advise businesses on ways to manage the cost of mobile communications.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to employee self-service

    In this 13-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at why IT departments should adopt new ways of delivering applications to employees and how to ensure they use the technology effectively.


  • CW buyer's guide: mobile device management

    The Computer Weekly buyer's guide examines how to formulate a strategic policy for mobile device management (MDM).


  • Financing IT change

    Companies that are embarking on big IT strategies have to seek out robust stable partners with the commitment to offer finance packages that will underpin and support the strategy to completion, argue analysts Rob Bamford and Clive Longbottom.


  • A Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to Client Access

    In this 13-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how to orchestrate the variety of devices in use, how to achieve efficient workforce mobility, and the pressure on operating systems caused by cross-platform access.


  • Domino’s Pizza:  Datacentre Transformation

    Colin Rees, IT Director at Domino’s Pizza explains how a project to move the company data centre into the cloud has transformed its online business.


  • Smart phone, smarter service.

    Quocirca analysts, Rob Bamforth and Clive Longbottom, offer advice to businesses on exploiting smart phones as a channel to reach customers and clients.


  • Using mobile phones to manage mobile workers’ expenses

    The tool of choice to the highly mobile workforce is the  mobile phone. From customer contact and records keeping, through calendaring and scheduling to mapping and news feeds, the  mobile phone is usurping the laptop as the main point of technology for the road warrior.


  • Are you making optimal enterprise collaboration purchases?

    In this 10-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly highlights what the IT leader needs to know to decide on the future of the organization's communications strategy.